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ViperV - Divine Arms

Her nickname is Siggy.
And she’s also the main character.

In the best timing of all, a neighboring ally suddenly waged war with the Featheration. Your task is to test the prototype Marionette Drive with Siggy by investigating the supposed ally clan who waged war on the Featheration, and vanquishing them in the process.

Will you control Siggy to defeat the enemy or lead her to their trap to enjoy the scene of her being plundered against her will?
Genre: ViperV, hentai, games
Censorship: YES
Language: English
Size: 12 MB

Divine Arms is a tale of celestial personas. Their universe formed when the Stellar Titans Ribolgand Maelia had an epic sexual encounter.

Their sweat formed ice and comets. Their moans produced black holes and radiation. Each clash from their heavenly bodies created super clusters. After billions of light-years of endless intercourse, their climatic big bang basically gave birth to their universe, Maribolgka.

The event also spawned an infinite number of celestial beings.
And these entities have been at constant war with each other.

In the infinite factions, we center the story of Divine Arms to a certain celestial clan known as the Featheration.

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