Download The Senior – Version 0.1.7 – Update Porn Game

The Senior - Version 0.1.7 - Update

Release date: 25 January 2021
Genre: 3DCG, Incest, Adventure, Milf, Big Ass & Breasts, Masturbation, Teacher, Voyeurism
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 640 MB


The idea behind this game came after playing Akabur’s excellent “Princess Trainer” and “Witch Trainer” which, despite being adult games, are great in storytelling and characters.
Changelog 0.1.7:
New Content:
You can now steal items from girls to sell them to Grandpa (so far only Danielle and Diane are available)
Selling items is the same as selling pictures. Use the SMS function on your phone
Added additional scene for Danielle if she catches you stealing her stuff
Diane night scenes
You can now visit Diane’s house during the night
New scenes and animations for Diane’s during night visits
New possibilities for earning money
You can now be caught during night scenes at Diane’s house which will trigger a police chase
You can get fined by the police if they catch you
A lot of new images and animations for police scenes
Added a feature where you can borrow money from Grandpa to pay the fine
Hidden Easter egg (very lewd) but be careful cause you could end up with a serious debt
Chloroform, Viagra, Lube and Electric Lockpick are now changed and have a number of usage per purchase. Example: If you buy Chloroform you will get 3 usages. When you use all 3 you will have to buy more. Simple as that.
Changed the Chloroform. If you use the Chloroform on a girl during sleep scenes she will not wake upno matter what you do to her and you can repeat up to 3 actions during one usage without her waking up which makes the chloroform much more fun to use but since it’s limited and more expensive use it wisely
Changed the Electric Lockpick. So far the electric lockpick didn’t have much sense since you could always use the skeleton key to get the same results. Since now you could actually trigger an alarm (when breaking into Diane’s and Gracie’s house during the night) the electric lockpick have much more sense. Also, as mentioned before, when you buy it you’ll get 3 usages, so use it carefully
Viagra has a use. Yes, you’ve read it right, there is a scene where you can use Viagra if you have it. You’ll have to find the scene for yourself.
Tweaked the SMS system so now when you send a picture or an item to Grandpa you will see the pic in the SMS
Added the debt system. Basically when you sell something (pic/item) to Grandpa he will deduct the payment from your debt if you have one
Town map now looks different during the night so you know it’s night.
Lots of other minor improvements and tweaks

The Senior - Version 0.1.7 - Update The Senior - Version 0.1.7 - Update
The Senior - Version 0.1.7 - Update The Senior - Version 0.1.7 - Update
The Senior - Version 0.1.7 - Update The Senior - Version 0.1.7 - Update

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Comments: 4

  1. DeUglyOne says:

    Still has too many game breaking bugs – including some of those he said he’s fixed.

  2. KlausJD says:

    Sorry but it is as DeUglyOne say. still to many Breakdowns

  3. Valter says:

    I really like this game, but I think it’s too bad that the upgrades in not very often. Looks like the game it was stucked. I can’t wait to see he fucks Allison. She is too hot!!!

  4. elfrik says:

    looks like this was abandoned because there have been no Updates in a long time.

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