Game Of Boners – Version 0.012B [Update]

Release: 17 October 2016
Genre: RPG, 3DCG, Adventure, Big Boobs, Blowjob, Anal, Brother-Sister, Fantasy, Monsters, Parody
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 703 MB

This is the map:


It’s another one of those RPG Maker MV game with 3D renders, but I believe Game of Boners distinguishes itself with its gritty story, unique setting and beautiful (static and animated) renders. There is a lot of custom work poured into it, from RMMV plugins and design to music and sound.
It includes voice acting, game maps made by a professional designer and unique game elements. While I put a lot of effort on creating a sexually gratifying experience, my main goal is to make an adult game that would also be fun to play without the adult scenes.
While the game has some similarities to GoT, it is NOT a direct parody of GoT, but it has its own story and own characters. The main theme is exploration. Exploring a fast world. It’s a similar epic dark/gritty story to GoT, set in a relentless medieval world, with minimal magic/fantasy. Just like my first RPG Maker game (SUPERCREEP), there will be a heavy focus on choices and consequences. My main influences for Game of Boners were GoT, Berserk and Witcher 3.
It’s a seemingly generic story about the coming of age of two siblings. You experience their journey from young adults, to adults. They live a life of despair, and go on a journey on becoming the (evil or kind, depending on your choices) rulers of the kingdoms. However, you find out early on that the journey is more sinister than that.
You get to control both the sister and the brother during your gameplay, where each have their own inventory, own followers, their own story and consequences to your choices. You will be able to switch between playing the siblings by sleeping.

Version 0.012B Changelog:

– Added “Status” (back) to the menu, which allows you to check the required EXP to the next level.
– Added a name for each area (appears top left when you first enter a new area/map).
– Added the “Shutdown” command to close the game entirely (especially handy when playing on full-screen).
– Added close to two dozen new (hidden) maps as preparation for the upcoming v0.02 content release, which will focus on the Sister character.

– Changed/Optimized some of the large parallax images (outdoor maps), which decreased the game size and should improve memory usage and load times when transitioning between maps.
– Changed Morality/Corruption Bar. They now show the exact value as well.
– Changed sister interaction with drunk in Portury, West. Now corrupts her if you decide to steal his money.
– Changed the Corruption of the sister. It now starts as ‘neutral’ at a 100 value (requires starting a new game).
– Changed ‘Anaris’ quest, which now gives a better explanation on when to visit the hut.
– Changed “Anaris” quest, where Anaris would hand you a note, if you visit the church after the ‘end of the world’, which was an obsolete scene.
– Changed “Arenna Wants Wood” quest. The quest giver (that appears after interacting with the notice board) will hand you an axe.
– Changed items/tools that were usable during battle, but shouldn’t have been.
– Changed axe/pickaxe/fishing pole durability settings. They break faster now.

– Fixed Memories (which can be accessed by interacting with a bed).
– Fixed background music not transitioning correctly.
– Fixed certain bandits that were not attacking/approaching the player, while the player was in sight.
– Fixed interaction with stool in the barn, that was used for testing.
– Fixed “Guard” during battle. Now it reduces damage, and guard breaks after taking damage.
– Fixed stealing cabinets while playing the sister during the prologue chapter, which is no longer possible.
– Fixed merchant, where you could only sell items from the Gift menu. Now you can only sell after the prologue chapter.
– Fixed fishing, where bait was not being used at all.
– Fixed fishing, where it was possible to cancel the fishing at the moment you failed. Now cancelling makes the fish swim away as well.
– Fixed merchant conversation, where her profile picture would not disappear after asking her to show her tits twice.
– Fixed label of “Old Man Codin” showing “Old Man Duncan” instead.
– Fixed/changed lots of dialogue.…s_v_0.012B.rar

10 thoughts on “Game Of Boners – Version 0.012B [Update]

  1. Hello alexis! 0.2 version of this game is out! Could you please see if it’s possible you can upload it?

    1. I think the captive is the end of version 0.1..
      The version 0.2 is out but for patrons only

  2. Hi is there going to come a new version out of game of boners? if not is there some thing similar RPG game that you can walk around and fight outher people and things

  3. Sub i rely enjoy this game is there going to be an update id realy would love to see what happens in that house and see what comes next

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