Dangerous Waters – EP 1 – Part 3 – Update

Release date: 12 October 2018 
Genre: 3dcg, animations, 540p, Incest, sex, rape, sexual abuse, infidelity, lesbians, bdsm, violence, drugs
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 167 MB 


Visual Novel, adaptation of my erotic story​


This part 3 is only 5 minutes, it includes two videos 1080p.
Also updated Part 2 to 1080p.


4 thoughts on “Dangerous Waters – EP 1 – Part 3 – Update

  1. Completely worthless and nonsensical at this point. And no, not even some decent images to make up for it.

    Imagine throwing a bunch of random plot points and character stereotypes from other games on this site into a hat, and then after pulling some out you give them to someone that doesn’t speak English very well and tell them to make a game from them. Make sure to throw in a little bit of weird racism too. This is what the first part of that game might look like.

    I’m pretty sure a monkey with a typewriter could have made a more coherent game.

  2. ok, so trying 2 post here, but doesnt seem 2 b working…can some1 please tell me where the rest of this game is?

  3. so only chapter 1? so where’s the rest? n the monkeys were autistic drunks i think…

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