Becoming Aria – Version 2.0 – Update

Release date: 22 February 2018 
Genre: Visual Novel, Interactive, Erotic Adventure, Sexy Girls, Small Tits, Beautiful Ass, Erotic Content, Seduction, Voyeur, Blowjob, Handjob
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 1.5 GB


This is Story were you are asked by you current girfriend, Scarlett to dress up like girl and go bar hoping with her brother. You do not know that Scarlett is a witch, she put a spell/curse on you depending on the choices you make. Depending on your decision you make will place onto different paths. Each decision you make will effect what type girl you will be, Stripper,Cat Girl, Bimbo, Coed.and more, but there is only one path back to your manhood!


4 thoughts on “Becoming Aria – Version 2.0 – Update

  1. The gae is 1 gb and 7 i have to uppose there are more scens then the one showed? Is this game complete?

  2. The game is 1.7 gb I suppose there are more scene then ones showed? Is this game complete?

  3. in my opinion a pretty bad game
    played it for five minutes
    -pretty bad look and animations
    -the story is non existent
    -if you choose a wrong path (tbh i m not quite sure if i just decided wrong or the game is just over) the game ends
    in conclusion i played this game for five minutes and ran into ten different endings so you have to skip everything again and choose the right options or you have to save everytime you choose something and wait if its a dead end or not
    gg wp

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