Download [Android] We Were Just Kids – Version 0.3b Mobile Porn Game

[Android] We Were Just Kids - Version 0.3b

Release date: 03/04/2023
Genre: 3DCG, big ass, big tits, creampie, Exhibitionism, Female protagonist, lesbian, Male Protagonist, multiple protagonists, Oral sex, pregnancy, Romance, Voyeurism
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 1.8 GB [Win/Mac/Android]


“Too much, and too fast or was that my excuse?”

Our protagonist (Rainn Nichols) has recently moved to New York with her mother following the disappearance of her father into thin air. Our protagonist, Rainnn Nichols, is left with nothing but a paycheck and a vehicle that will not turn over, and must stay in a motel on the wrong side of. It is here that she meets our other main character (Logan Knox) The red-haired guitar player and co-founder of the virtually unknown instrumental metalcore band, We Were Just Kids. It is made up of him, bassist Jason Butler, and drummer Reagan Lee. The story begins with the protagonist joining the group as a student talent showman. Then, the group is thrust into the spotlight for sex, drugs and music.

It’s not always as it seems on the surface. As old relationships are revisited as well as music corruption and a lack of balance within the power dynamics of the industry, as well as the pressures of stardom, all of these issues make it difficult for the band to maintain their unity. Can they handle the pressure of fame or the pressure of sudden fame? Will our heroes be able to maneuver through the weeds? Or will they crumble like those who came before them?
– There’s 205 or so updated/upgraded renders here. Including new animations for all of the sex scenes. Further on the note of animations, some may be a bit wonky, as I’ve been experimenting with keyframes and speeds between them in regard to sex. You’ll probably notice a bit of it in the Lukas/Veronica bathroom blowjob bathroom scene and/or the facial portion of it. All that said, I feel like I’ve got a stronger hold on animations because of it. I don’t expect those kinds of issues to show up in any other release. Funny enough, this segues perfectly into the next point quite well:

– I’ve come across a way to turn Camera Raw/XMP files into LUTs for Premiere. This will result in less of a noticeable color shift between animations and still renders pre and post-animation. There’s still going to be a bit of it due to color space differences (I believe, could’ve easily changed in newer version of Ren’py.), but it should be far less noticeable in the early scenes.

– Code is now to my liking. This should be the final forced restart going forward, short of the unlikely event that something essential needs to be changed.

– The Sports bar scene with Lukas/Veronica is now entirely skippable with all but two questions needing to be answered. I’ve gone over it before, but it was a bad writing choice that’s too late to fix at this point. So, breaking the fourth wall or not, at least you have the option to never see it again. The option to skip oral sex (unless you pull out) can be avoided, as well.

– The Logan Intro scene early on has been updated with a couple of extra renders, and sprinkle of foreshadowing.

– Park scene with Rainn/FMC and Reagan has been somewhat rewritten and shortened. Plays on the same sub/dom tendencies as the original, but is largely more of a small infodump for Reagan. I am aware of the render dimension issue at the end of the scene, will be fixed in the next update.

– As said at the end of the update, I’ll be taking a short break to finish up Move The Chains and get it out, then I’ll decide on a schedule between both VNs. I’ll, of course, update Patreon before and after I make said decision. That said, there may be another update coming soon with smaller, non-immediate adjustments like the normalization of the audio and the credits page.

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