Download [Android] Rick And Morty – A Way Back Home – Version 3.4 Mobile Porn Game

[Android] Rick And Morty - A Way Back Home - Version 3.4

Release date: 12/12/2021
Genre: 2DCG, animated, blackmail, footjob, Humor, incest, Male Protagonist, mobile game, Oral sex, parody, Sci-Fi, titfuck, urination, vaginal sex, Voyeurism
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 1.1 GB [Win/Mac/Android]


You play as Morty and get to explore the town and meet the residence, establishing relationships as you go.​
Ferdafs Content:
2 New Jessica Scenes.
4 New Morticia Scenes.
2 New Summer Scenes.
1 New Beth Scene
Additional Content:
Day 12: New missionary sex option added to Morticia’s Ballfondlers scene (made by WatsonTouya)
Day 20: Anal option added for Lisa sex event during the arena (requested by PlayboiHotshot69, with some art edits provided)
Day 23: Morticia’s “Towel Fuck” scene now has a finish option to pull out. She also has some additional dialog based on if you’ve asked her to take birth control or not. (requested by WatsonTouya)
Day 26: Rimjob option added to Jessica’s “Hot Tub” scene (requested by, and additional edits provided by, PlayboiHotshot69)
Day 35: New bonus Beth scene during Planetina’s board game (requested by sfoMMA85)
Day 35: New scene with The Summers and Morticia (partially written by wibbled)
Day 36: New scene with Beth and Morty waking up in the morning together.
Compression: I have re-compressed the game using YAC and shaved off another 400mb. Patch will still work fine if you want to stay with the original compression.
“There is now a high/low toggle for family wording for Beth and Summer (in addition to Morticia). If Summer and Morty calling each other Bro/Sis, or Morty calling Beth Mommy, was bugging the fuck out of you, selecting the Low option will significantly reduce this wording throughout the game. Selecting High will keep it at the previous levels.
For PC you can now use number keys 1-9 to select menu choices. Toggleable from preferences, on by default.
Dialog and Choice menu Opacity is now on a slider rather than ON or OFF. New choice added on new game start to set the opacity to half. (requested by WatsonTouya)
Choice menu now has 3 positions, middle (original), bottom, or left. (requested by WatsonTouya)
Day 12: Ballfounders first sex option is now only in replay, so that the scene flows better in normal play.
Day 12: Ballfoundlers: Morticia had 3 options for birth control, reduce to two (yes or no).
Day 22: Beth animation updated. Original was 15fps and looked bad so its been recapped and exported at 30fps.
Day 23: The way images are handled for this scene has been completely changed. Character will now blink through the whole scene, and it is uncompressed. This is sort of a test to see how well this implementation works (answer, its a lot of fucking work, so not sure I want to do it to the whole game… maybe…)
Day 24: Minor fill image added to Summer/Tricia Lesbo scene
Day 33: Morticia’s “Wakeup BJ” scene Morty’s dick made larger in his side image (suggested by wibbled)
Morty Standing Model: Slight adjustment to bare model moving Morty’s groin up a bit to better match with his clothed position. (suggested by wibbled) Also added a bellybutton!
Beth, Summer, Morticia, and Tricia have new arm poses added throughout the game. At some point I want to add a LOT more arm poses, and this is mostly a test to see how much people like/hate/notice having additional arm positions.
Most main characters standing poses will now blink! (requested by WatsonTouya)
Rick now uses his burp animation when he burps!
AutoMenu access has been moved onto the preferences page (now selected at the top of page), instead of the main menu.
Day Selector now appears as a button on the main menu, and has been removed from the Do Over page (requested by WatsonTouya)
Current Day now appears on the main menu. (requested by WatsonTouya)
“Start” has been renamed “New Game” (requested by WatsonTouya)
When saving, Files will now have the Current Day displayed as well. Older saves will need to be opened and “re-saved” if you want this to apply to them.
Skip Ahead added to replays: Summer Sleepover, Tricia Parents, Planetina Solution, Gazorp Arena
Exiting a Replay no longer shows a confirmation box.
Tricia and Jessica have swapped position on the Do Over menu (just a visual thing that bugged me since Jessica has so few choices)
Towel fuck finish option added to Morticia’s do over menu
Wild Summer’s dialog has been revised so that she calls Morty “brother” less often regardless of the incest setting
Text input box on the Do Over page has a background color to make it easier to click
Game exe icon updated! (only for windows, and only available with the full download)
Preferences: Quick menu options have been reverted back to radio buttons instead of states. This was a hold over from tri-state options that no longer exist.
Main menu bar cleaned up slightly. Items now gray-out instead of vanish, and F95zone link removed on android (due to limited space).
Mind Blowers:
Nancy Added to mindblowers.
Unity Moved to Page 2
Stacy’s gallery button removed, her 1 scene is now in others.
Multi character scenes now appear in the gallery of all characters involved in the sex part of the scene (so, some duplicate locations to view the same scene). (Requested by WatsonTouya)
“Hypno Tortoise” moved out of “Other” and place in Beth/Summer/Morticia galleries.
Artwork Contributions:
Improved hug/kiss artwork for Summer and Morticia throughout the game (days: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 22, 26, 27 and 31)
Day 12: Artwork re-formatted for Morticia’s Ballfondlers scene, along with additional visual improvements.
Day 28: Improved artwork of Morty and Morticia Kissing in the alternate Mr. Meesex Scene.
Day 33: Improved artwork of Morticia sucking Morty off in her “Wakeup BJ” scene.
Day 33: Provided animation for BJ
Day 20: Provided anal art
Day 26: Provided rimjob art.
Fixed several typos thought-out the game thanks to WatsonTouya and wibbled for spotting them
Lots of typos and funky sentences cleaned up throughout
Fixed a bug where selecting Cum Out form the Do Over menu would not correctly set the a characters global inside flag to false. Or, in English, if you ever came in a girl, the do over menu could never undo it.
Fixed a bug in Morticia’s Halloween event where she would say she wasn’t taking birth control when you told her to take it

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