Download [Android] Ballad of Outstanding Bimbo Sorcery – Version 0.08 Mobile Porn Game

[Android] Ballad of Outstanding Bimbo Sorcery - Version 0.08

Release date: 07/10/2023
Genre: 2d game, 3DCG, adventure, ahegao, big ass, big tits, combat, fantasy, Male Protagonist, monster, Oral sex, RPG, transformation, Turn based combat, vaginal sex
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 3.9 GB [Win/Android]


There are two types of people : the one who fucks, and the one who are fucked.
Meet Lothar, who just became a fully fledged Mage, specialized in body transformation; and Illonia, a busty mage that relies more on her body than her magic to end combats. With their respective talents they can safely roam in this sex-crazed world, in search of new partners to follow them in their orgiac adventures ! Make your enemies succumb to their primal lust by altering bodies to their liking and fuck your way through. Or just let them have the upper hand, and who knows ? Maybe they’ll be worth the shot.
But in the end, only you can really decide who will be part of the fun.
-Extended scene with the Watcher, you can now decide to turn Illonia into a futa and have a threesome.
-New scene for the “Relax a bit” skill, a whole new scene with Illonia’s new model
-New animations for the “Tease” skill. Now adapted with Illonia’s new body. Each anim is different depending of her transformations
-Slightly reworked Illonia’s new sprite. She now has rounder boobas and more realistic nipples
-Fixed a major bug preventing everyone to access the memory shard, and the way to unlock scene you missed in the gallery. It’s now working
-Remade the pics for the watcher scene animations, so Illonia stop moving. It looked weird
-Remade the pics for Illonia’s boobs transformation anims. Her pussy was really blank (even if it’s not the focus). It’s now looking much better
-Reworked the lewd crest main quest, so that the Watcher play automatically when making the first step
-Drastically expanded the gallerry, so you can see all pictures and scenes present in the game
-Fixed some old bugs that I didn’t noticed before, where some tranformations wouldn’t correctly appear on the character
-Small fixes and bugs, as always

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