Windranger’s Wanderings – Version 1.1.1 [Update]

Release date: 2016

Genre: RPG, ADV, Big Tits, All sex, Erotic adventure, Parody , Side-Scrolling, Monsters
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 349 MB [Windows], 361 MB [Mac]


What is it about? It is a porn parody of the popular MOBA game Dota 2. You play as one of the heroes – Lyralei. She used to live a solitary life as a ranger, but now the world is changing. Local troubles are bad enough to turn into a full-blown global conflicts. Help a forest girl to get used to the rough human relationships and solve local problems. And you will have to decide on what kind of help she will get!

Version 1.1.1 Changelog:

The update comes under the sign of “Lina the Slayer”. You will catch on the joke in process of completing new quests.
The update comes with (feel the rhythm, dude!):
– New 2 quests and 2+ H-scenes.
– Some battle system improvements (more player involvement)
– New Lyralei’s doll on right of the screen (Thanks to Fizzz!) and changing backgrounds
– 2 mini-games (dice game and lockpicking with own graphics)
– TONS of english translation corrections (Thanks to Joakim and a friend who wishes to remain anonymous!)
– Lots of bug fixes and improvements to game stability
There are about 700 new dialogue phrases. It’s twice as much than in prologue.
Hints for new quests:
(1) If you have completed the blacksmith’s quest, there is a chance (50%) to find out strange noises, when Lyralei rents the room in the inn.
(2) After previous quest you could use your new “tool” in the town too. The H-scene(s) in the quest comes with + because I did overdo them just a bit. That’s one of the reasons of update’s delay too. So I’d like to know your opinion.



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