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Genre: 3DCG, ADV, SLG, Flash Simulator, Group Sex, Lesbians, Blowjob, Titfuck, Threesome, Sex Toys
Censorship: None / a patch to remove
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Original (licensed)
License: Freeware
Language games: English
Language: English
Language: English
System requirements (minimum): OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 browser supports HTML5 with installed Adobe Flash Player plugin
400 MB of HDD
Virtual Date with Amy – Introduction and further development of relations with Amy and her friend, the first game of the Tlaero & Phreaky.
Virtual Date with Jessica – Meet, flirt and if you are lucky having sex with Jessica second game of Tlaero & Phreaky
Virtual Date with Keeley – we meet a new colleague and close friend of Kelly with her and her virtues. Spicy game with two girls in the bathroom of the gym is now included in the total game.
Virtual Date with Christine – Christine hottie takes you into the world of sex and forbidden pleasures
Life With Keeley – You were married to Kelly and then came the moment when you need to diversify their relationships. You meet with Christine, a girl from the previous game.
Daydreaming with Keeley – this time, a variety of intimate relationship couples none other than Kelly’s girlfriend – Keisha.
Coffee for Keisha – It’s time to pay attention to Keisha, the girl with whom you and Kelly had fun in the shower.
Dreaming with Elsa – This time, we plunge into the world of erotic dreams and relationships Elsa, the first large-format game from Tla3ro & Phreaky.

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