My New Life – Version 0.8 Fixed + Extras & Walkthrough – Update

Release date: 14 June 2017
Genre: RPG, 3DCG, Erotic Adventure, Sexy girls, Big tits, Big ass, Milf, All sex, Family Sex, Corruption, ADV, Incest
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 1.36 GB


New game, where you will embody the life of a young man. That he has been alone with his sister in the house of his stepmother and his two daughters. You should go to class, work and have a life in this new city. Get to know your classmates and neighbors. With you live hot situations and romantic dates.

Version 0.8 Changelog:

Fixed some bugs
Amy quest fixed. You need restart the ques, if you have started quest talk with dog in Hornett pud for reset quest.( You need lybrary event and save jet to start)
Added New Map Chinatown ( Go to east way of eastown bus no added)
Sleep time Amy added
Sleep time Sarah added
Sleep time Maria when dad is in home added
upgrade Maria quest ( with interactive sex scene)
Upgrade Dad quest.
Nesrot quest start
Beggar Store added (beggar near rachel’s house, you need sarah room keys)
Mini games Aim trainning added (armory in chinatown)


102 thoughts on “My New Life – Version 0.8 Fixed + Extras & Walkthrough – Update

        1. Is not..lot of people buys premium everyday. I use it since 2 years so I can reccomend you to buy a premium.

  1. Bro there is a new version of this game version 0.4.5 with walkthrough can you please upload it. And thanks for all your efforts. Love this Site.

  2. Bro there is a new version of this game version 0.4.5 with walkthrough can you please upload it. And thanks for all your efforts. Love this Site.

  3. Sorry estimated .. but the game brings problems .. the ends of weeks are not an end of weeks .. and Sarah’s event .. when you leave the third card him … it does not appear, at least that goes out hereinafter…

  4. Another thing more … even they are listened to open of doors in the city … I have listened to them enough in the part of the beach

  5. Hey, I saved Jet and made it to cutscene about sarah in bedroom but game froze after Amy appear in bedroom.

  6. Hey, man. I did quest where you save Jet from being raped and made it to bedroom with Sarah and when Amy walked in, Sarah said she gotta go and walk away from my bed toward table, walk left, 2 up, and right where she’ll be at Amy’s right side (Amy is facing south) and game just froze. How can I progress? It happen every time I saved Jet, game kept freezing after Amy walk into bedroom and Sarah tried to leave.
    I also found Putty (Marge’s cat) and went to Marge to return it and proceed to her bedroom, but error “unable to determine width of null” popped up before Marge could continue her titjob. Happen every time I talk to Marge

    I’m playing version 0.5

    1. Most of the time I try to run this game my pc crashes! But sometimes it works, does anyone know what it can be? Could it be some lack of plugin or something?

      1. Logan84,

        You were able to pass the part where Sarah leave after Amy interrupted without bugging? How? Just keep restarting? Also, I have over 14 hours of gameplay and I have not seen Sharon. Where and how can I find Sharon? I look at beach on weekend and don’t see Sharon. Only two dudes in speedo and Mariah.

        1. Sharon stay in the morning on the in weekend in the Beach, after you speak her, she’s ask your phone number

    1. From my experience of playing the game and from reading comment all over the place is that the game is very very **buggy**. I played it once and got miss Taylor’s quest done and when you tried to unlock the door it would say that you had to come back later so when you came back later you were able to go into the house. Later I thought I messed up something with the sister so I restarted only to hit the same bug that you have plus many others have hit before.

      Hopefully this newest version has had a lot of those bugs stomped out already or they just added to them in this update.

      1. The problem with Miss Taylor might not be a bug you might not have enough things done to open that up. I kept having the Miss Taylor is still awake thing but I decided to keep playing and taking Rachel out on dates and so forth and one night it was after a date I decided to try her door again and he went right in. So you might have to do somethings with Rachel for it to work.

        1. Having the same problem, really annoying since i got past the bj part with Rachel, keep getting there and i get either “i should come back later” or “miss Taylor is awake”, tried different times and all. is there any fix to it?
          how many hours of gameplay\ where were you with sarah at that point? feels like this game is half baked.

        2. Is there anyone who has solved this problem? Mss Taylor is always awake. I have done all the things related to Rachel but still having that problem. How can I continue???

  7. during sex, if it is possible to use a “Special” message appears (Error. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read propery ‘width’ of null).

  8. 0.6 has a lot of ntr stuff in it. Just a warning to the people who don’t like that stuff. Sadly almost all of the new content since 0.5 is that.

  9. Apparently, I’m not the only one to get the bug of not being able to start class or leave the school after setting up a potential date with Rachel (you have to call her after class to set up a time, I’m guessing).

    The only solution I’ve found is someone saying that they redownloaded the game again. I’d rather not do that, so if there’s something else out there. I’d like to hear it.

    In the end though, beta is beta and if the fix is to wait for an update, so be it.

    1. I have the same problem,I believe it happened for not having the old update, if someone pass you a save from version 0.5 it worked on 0.6 i belive ..
      but …I do not have friends who play this.

  10. I can’t load my previously saved files from the past update (0.5). Worst yet I can’t save at all in this update and apparently I can’t save anymore in 0.5. Can someone please instruct me how to fix either of these problems!

  11. For people who have trouble with dialogue with a rashel on the 2nd, just do not go to school on the second day, I did some work to spend the days to arrive on a rainy day, I believe the rain is on the fourth day, On that day I went to school and I had a normal dialogue with Rashel and I can attend class normally.
    Sorry my english, I’m not american

  12. How do I get the mission with jet. I completed all her classes and went to the bookstore and night but it just says that its closed. Im in version 6.

  13. The game has a bug. You can not get past the first day of school.

  14. Why don’t you guys use Mega or Google Drive for the uploads? They’re much faster.

  15. Alexis Can you update the fixed version with the walkthrough please. 🙂

  16. am i the only one who gets stuck when following amys bf into the private rooms area of the nightclub? cannot interact with anything or return

      1. it leaves out a bit of content tho, like the foremans wife, if you cover for her and give your number to her on the beach she will eventually call you and you can go over to her in the mornings for sex, jerking off in the shower will show your sister and step sisters peeking on you randomly(may have something to do with the time and day), and im guessing after you reach a certain point in your relationship with maria she will walk in topless and give you a reacharound.

  17. I can not find more boxes … to be able to complete the stealth mode … in version 0.7

      1. Same here I still can’t talk to the bouncer and follow her BF into the brothel.

  18. Hey guys, how do you solve the angis quest? The guards catch me no matter what within 2 sec and they’re running like they had a move Forward 3x. BTW same prob @ amy

    1. Hi, how did you get Angie’s mission? They still did not give it to me.

  19. Helo just i got prob how do i attend 2nd class after been spot by rachel n medical nurse?
    I been stuck at class n can’t leave the class..plz help me…

  20. Ok guys i need your help.. I downloaded it a couple days ago but i couldnt get to open it (no window opens, no pop-up, no error), i re-downloaded it yesterday (in case smthing went wrong while unziping the file) but still nothing. When i try to start it with task manager open, it shows the name of the game for 5-10 secs but after it disapperars.. Dunno whats wrong, its the first game i download from this site and i have this problem. Has anyone else experienced the same problem in the past and knows any workaround? Thanks in advance.

    1. I’m just like you, I can not find Angie’s mission anywhere, can someone tell me how to get that mission?

  21. can we get the newest verb0.8 of this game? there are still some bugs in this verb

  22. Can’t do again amy quest, I reset as it request, but never starts…

    1. same here but that in the last version and after i played around the city with nothing to do left and the next day after the main character woke up, it all blacked !

    1. go find the thief girl (usually in the corner of south east = down right of the EAST TOWN in the evening till midnight) -> talk to her, she will ask her to find stealth box fỏ her. In walkthrough there’s already a map with check of box’s location.
      Read the nearly end of the walkthrough which had been attached in the file in the download link above.
      Have a nice time playing game !

  23. china town can not find boxes….. i already all box take to jet… but jet always need box…help me

  24. Also About Maria’s quest, (In lab) The game says to talk with maria and i did, when i gone to home I wanted to quit from home amd the game still wants to talk with maria and shes not even home, any solution for this?
    Or should i upgrade to version 0.8? Maybe bug fixed here (im using .07)

    1. I have the same problem as you, but I do not know how this works

  25. i’ve end all training with jet , but nothing happens when i come at night , it’s closed :s

    1. You sure u maxxed all levels 5? (Max end and ability)
      If yes visit her in night not dawn

    2. have you started jet’s event and save her yet ? I remembered in the old ver, after the main protected her and came back from the hospital, she give him her number on the photograph, call her and then go to her house in the night or midnight still oke

      1. i’ve finish the training with jet all endurance/ability but when i come at >night< , i click on the door and it's say : it's closed come back tomorrow"

        1. I have this same problem. Is there another trigger? Like with the teacher where you seem to need to progress sarah’s quest to a certain point in order to enter her apartment?

    1. i remember that one look in your bag if u still have a card to give at your sister

  26. Can anyone give me the saved game? The problem that I have and that happens to me the second time, is that I do not give Angie’s mission when I give all the packages to the thief, could they help me?

  27. My New Life – Version 0.8 new version have save problem can’t save the game any 1 have the same problem

  28. It does not happen when I send the photo to Sarah from the bathroom ….????

  29. In Walkthrough .. could put information on jobs..and their scenes. Thank you

  30. Hello, I have a problem with the interactive sex with Maria after telling the truth, when I finish school the next day, I repeat the action of that pope takes me to his work and I put the screen in black after , Any solution for this?

  31. Hello, I have a problem with the interactive sex with Maria after telling the truth, when I finish school the next day, I repeat the action of that pope takes me to his work and I put the screen in black after , Any solution for this????

  32. Hello, every time I finish school in the afternoon, the mission of the father who takes me to work to meet Warren, I’m completely bugged and I can not do anything in the afternoon, only on weekends, Can you help please

        1. My website its safe, you can buy premium on fboom if you are interested in extreme content [incest,mind control, etc] or K2S [normal content]… or both you decide, but everything its save.

          1. No I mean I’m on PC and when I downloaded the game it wouldn’t open. It tried to open in media player which didn’t work. So I’m wondering what I need to buy or download so I’ll be able to run the game

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