My Strange Sister – Version 1.0a Final

Release date: 14 October 2017
Genre: RPG, Adventure, Big Boobs, Family, Masturbation, Sexy Girl, Incest, Voyeur, Creampie
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 201 MB [Windows], 200 MB [Mac]



This is a story about a guy who ran away from his family, to study in a different city. More accurately, he fled from his sister, for whom he has feelings which are more than ‘fraternal’. This is a game about B/S incest. And there is plenty of it. Hopefully, this will not be just ‘another’ incest game. What makes it different from the rest?
Firstly, the storyline in the genre of modern urban fantasy. The story takes an important part in the game. As should be expected, there will be several variants of development to the plot, with different endings.
Secondly, we will make interactive and animated sex scenes.
Third, the main character can have different personalities, that will affect the game later.
Lastly. Despite the fact that there is only one female character in this game, we will try to make her as custom as possible. From her appearance to her traits. This will also affect the game-play.


Version 1.0a Changelog:

– Ten neutral, good and true finals
– Added several backgrounds and other pictures
– A new sexual scene on each main route
– Total text size is 60000 words.




3 thoughts on “My Strange Sister – Version 1.0a Final

    1. Any luck on that?

      This game seems pretty neat but I think there’s like 15 different routes or something and I really can’t be bothered making a save for every single decision and hoping it’s a branch point. Especially not when there’s no sort of gallery.

  1. Full Walkthrough – This is from the DEV (I just posted the whole walk-thru, instead of a link, in case the link goes away…….Enjoy)

    My Strange Sister Walkthrough Hints (or how to get the finals)

    Starting from the 0.6x the story will split to the three arcs, which will be almost independent from each other.

    For the first day, optimal route is:
    – don’t spy at her in a shower
    – offer Liz some pizza
    – for vanilla and nerdy pers. check if she is alright
    For this route you can see the erotic dream. Also, you can read the letter at the second day.

    While she sleeping, pick and read the letter (near the lamp, right side of the screen) before you approach Lizzie.
    At the sleeping event you must stop if you see the menu item:
    I must stop now! (press it)
    if you don’t want to get the bad ending. Otherwize, enjoy the sex scene and see the bad ending )))

    If you prefer to see the shower scene, than you can hear the Liz’s confessions about her secret after the you walk with her or give present to her.
    At the second day invite her for a walk. You can get the most erotic scene at the walk with the vanilla personality and if you select that you want to fuck her. If you have chosen other personalities, you will see other events.
    If you act as a good boy at the first day, than she will telling you about her secret after the walk and scene with prophet.

    For the both branches, you can offer you blood for her and enjoy the scene.

    If she dranks you blood and you relationship is high enough, then you got the fellation minigame. After that, you asleep again.

    Then, Brian is coming. There is three possible variants here. If you don’t know about the vampires, he just killing you. If you don’t offer you blood for Liz, but you knows about vampires, then you don’t open the door. If Liz drank your blood, then she prevents you from open the door. She will speak to Brian by herself.

    If Liz went hunting, then she returns home early in the morning. You tell her about Brian. If your relationship is not high enough, then she leaves in a panic. Game over.

    After that, you got a hugging scene. Select “caress her breast” if you want to fuck her, or “tongue kissing” if you love her.

    Then there will be a dialogue on how to deal with Brian. For nerdy personality, first select “Perhaps, there’s a cure?”. For goth personality, first select “Maybe we should get rid of Brian?” or “Can you turn me into a vampire?”. For vanilla “Perhaps, there’s a cure?” or “Can you turn me into a vampire?”.

    After that you will go to college. You can select one of the three main routes here. It’s just your choice.

    Second sleeping minigame.
    There are many improvements in comparison with the last day. You both know she does not sleep. Choose to say hello to her if you are corrupted. How far you can go with her, so she doesn’t take offense on you depends on the level of your relationship. Basically the range is starting from topless petting, ending to fingering her. In both cases, you need to completely fill her scale of pleasure, in order to get a plus to you relationship.

    “Turning into a vampire” route:

    It starts from another dialog’s bunch. First select:
    “Discuss life further.” for the vanilla personality
    “Ask about another vampires.” for the goth personality
    and “Ask what parts of me will change after transforming.” for the nerdy personality to gain a love point.
    Then enjoy the transformation and hunting scene.
    At the sex minigame try to make her cum before you to get another love point (look at her emotion until select the tempo)
    No more choises until end of the route.
    There is a three new achievement on this route, you can’t miss it.

    “Get rid of Brian” route:
    First choose:
    “Maybe we could try escaping” for the nerdy personality
    “Maybe we should try negotiating with him?” for the vanilla personality
    “I think we must kill him.” for the goth personality

    At the next dialog menu select:
    “Discuss Brian’s weaknesses.” for the nerdy personality
    “Where we can find him?” for the vanilla personality
    “Maybe there are some supernatural ways?” for the goth personality
    for the love points.
    “Talk to the mad prophet.” ends this version.
    Select “How to find the Brian’s lair.” to get a new achievement.

    “Cure Liz” route:
    No choices here. If you already seen the mad prophet, the Liz ask you to go and speak with him. If not, than you see the “internet search” scene, and you will go to the park after that. One achievement present (two if you see the prophet at the first fime).

    If you choose to go with vampiress, it will be end for 0.9x versions. We will make a sexual scene with her in v1.0.

    The sexual scenes in 0.75 can be tricky. The first stage (caressing) is not very obvious. To go furner to secont stage, you must make her cum. To do so, you must:
    1) Have a full arousal meter
    2) Move her one leg, caress her pussy, move another one and fingering her


    “Turning into a vampire” route:
    You can see a VERY large and complex dialogue with Brian here. There are three answers three times, and only one option is available to you each time. The difficulty of the upcoming fight depends on what you will answer. The answers differ for Liz’s personalities. Three correct choices lead to a simple fight (Three correct choises for nerdy Liz leads to bad end with the achievement ). Two – to a challenging, but passable. One or a zero – it is unlikely you will be able to beat Brian on this difficulty.

    “You didn’t teach Liz how to defend herself!” – for vanilla
    “You hid information about vampires and their laws from Liz!” – for nerdy
    “You’re just a coward!” – for goth

    “You intentionally deceived Liz!” – for nerdy
    “In fact, you do not know anything about Liz! You saw only her mask.” – for goth
    “Brian, you used Liz, your not interested in her opinion!” – for vanilla

    “Brian, let go of Liz, she doesn’t like you.” – for vanilla
    “You just like to scoff at those who are weak!” – for goth
    “Brian, let go of Liz, you lost her trust now.” – for nerdy

    “Get rid of Brian” route:
    We make a simply p&c minigame here. Despite the simplicity, many players just take Brian out of the room, which leads them to a bad ending.

    For a good continuation, you must:
    – open the curtains
    – move Brian on the floor (this is not an obligatory step, but he will give you clues)
    – push the chair away
    – push aside the table
    – push aside another chair
    – move Brian under the sun’s rays
    – PROFIT!!!

    In any case, you can just take him out of the room to get two more achievements for different dialogue options.

    “Cure Liz” route:
    Liz offers you to help her with a choice of dishes. If you choose what she likes, you get one point to her attitude. You must choose at least two correct answers out of four.

    “?heese plate” – for vanilla
    “Oysters” – for nerdy
    “Spinach cream soup” – for goth

    “Venison with wild berries sauce” – for goth
    “King shrimps” – for nerdy
    “Beef Stroganoff” – for vanilla

    “Blueberry pie” – for vanilla
    “Pear stewed in wine” – for goth
    “Tiramisu” – for nerdy

    “Strawberry cocktail.” – for nerdy
    “Vanilla cocktail.” – for vanilla
    “Chocolate cocktail.” – for goth

    v0.90 updates

    Vampire route start from the fight minigame. If you wasn’t fail previous dialogue, than it will be pretty easy. Just attack, and defend then Brian defended. If you at vanilla or goth route, then Liz will help you )
    Anal scene is straightforward.
    If you not kill Brian, then he will introduce you to the council. If you kill him then vampiress do it. No more menus until the end.

    To get neutral ending #1 you must have a not more then 11 at the relation meter.

    To get true ending #1 you must have a 12 or more points on the relation meter and Liz must be goth.

    To get good ending #1 you must have a 12 or more points on the relation meter and Liz must not be goth.

    Kill Brian route is also very straightforward. No menus or choices more.

    To get neutral ending #2 you must have a not more then 11 at the relation meter.

    To get true ending #2 you must have a 12 or more points on the relation meter and Liz must be vanilla.

    To get neutral ending #3 you must have a 12 or more points on the relation meter and Liz must be nerdy.

    To get good ending #2 you must have a 12 or more points on the relation meter and Liz must be goth.

    Cure Liz route. Also straightforward to anal. To Liz survived you must have at least 11 points of the relationship AND you had to choose that you love Liz at the beginning of the game.

    To get true ending #3 you must have a 11 or more points on the relation meter and Liz must be nerdy.

    To get neutral ending #4 you must have a 11 or more points on the relation meter and Liz must be goth.

    To get good ending #3 you must have a 11 or more points on the relation meter and Liz must be vanilla.


    Ingame press “shift” + “O” to open the developer console (plz note, it works only in Premium Patrons version. Also, any codes can break your game and saves).

    intimacy = 10 and then Enter
    to set the love points to 10 (It’s enough to open all scenes in this version). You still need to make the right decisions.

    sis_per = “normal” to set her personality to vanilla

    sis_per = “nerdy” to set her personality to nerdy

    sis_per = “goth” to set her personality to goth

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