Manuscript: Another Way – Version 0.4.31b [Update]

Release date: 13 November 2016
Genre: visual novel, interactive, adventure, male hero, sexy girls, small tits, monster, tentacles, students, romance
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 266 MB


– A lot of different endings that reveals new aspects of the story and characters.
– Choices that being done by the player during the game affect relationship with the characters.
– Than greater intimacy of the protagonist to the girls then more effectively they fight. And vice versa, any actions of the protagonist will affect attitude of the girls.
– Several story arcs, that are depending of the protagonist nature.
– Development of romantic relationship between characters grows gradually and depends on their personal history and actions.

Despite the fact that the main plot will be a all sex relationship between the protagonist and two girls, we are planning add to the game the various sideplot scenes with different fetishes.

The Curent Version Features:

– Catgirl transformation
– Bunnygirl transformation
– Big breast
– Small breast….4.31b-all.rar


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