[Image: GDqgx89e.jpg]

Release Date: January 10th, 2016
Foxy Box is the ultimate in Foxy Boxing… it’s like a manager style nude boxing RPG, with many endings per fight, tons of hot girls to box, bonus content and areas like Sister Silla’s Dungeon and the Pool, and a HUGE store full of content to purchase with coins you earn boxing, like new moves and stat upgrades.

Genre: Games, flash, sport, animation
Censorship: NO
Language: Eng
Size: 34 MB

[Image: NtRk1RQV.jpg] [Image: lGEmtVUO.jpg] [Image: OAr4LDmt.jpg] [Image: qbYFu7AW.jpg] [Image: eqhRZ9sZ.jpg] [Image: OSWINdPZ.jpg]

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