Elana Champion of Lust – Chapter 2 – Alpha 1.3.4 – Update

Release date: 15 October 2017
Genre: Flash, Animation, Fantasy, Big tits, Group sex, Oral sex, Striptease, Titsjob, Lesbians, Demons, Elf, Fairy, Pixy, Witch
Censorship: No
Language : English, Spanish
Size: 113 MB


Chapter 2 – Alpha 1.3.4 Changelog:

· The guards events during night can appear in the square, the market and the houses.
· There is an image for the second event of the guards during night.
· Elin final image appears in her first event too.
· Moved one image to it’s proper event in the farms.
· You can’t access to Rala’s shop during night.
· Fixed a bug in the button to leave in Rala’s shop.
· Now the 4 final events of the fairies appear once you complete the area.
· Removed first Alaina image from the 2 events of Envy’s chain.
· Now you can see the percentage of the influence of the areas out of the areas.
· Now the training images for Tina are her training images instead of Rala’s.
· Now Tina’s training appears in Tina’s ragdoll and work on the influence fields appear in the influence fields ragdoll.
· Removed one image misplaced of the wise man of the male elves village.
· Now when you move your mouse over a villager you know, the info of her/his level, current influence and influence needed to next level, will show.
· Added a little movement and facial expression changes on the standing animations of Kaeryn’s and Tina’s events.
· Added sounds for Envy’s actions for combat
· Added 1 image for observing events in the tavern.
· Added 1 image for an observing event in the market.
· Added 1 image for an observing event in the forest.
· Updated $10+ gallery.




19 thoughts on “Elana Champion of Lust – Chapter 2 – Alpha 1.3.4 – Update

  1. Can anyone help me please my alpha 0.97 on my mobile phone loads vppp the entire time and won’t go any further. Please help me fix this.

  2. New alpha 1.swf not opening on my android.
    Please help me fix this… is there perhaps a player I haven’t tried.

  3. Guys it’s not working on my android device no matter what flash player I use.
    I really wanna play this game again pleeeease help

  4. Bro, first of all, thanks for the games you provide to us, perv gamers \o/
    can you bring the new version 1.3.3 as well?
    many thanks

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