Contact Info and Announcement

Contact Email : [email protected]

If you have any REQUESTS or COMPLAINS please feel free to adress them Via email.

Please stop requesting MEGA links or any other hosts than K2S/Fboom.


As you already knew I post all my content using K2S/Fboom.

K2S is used for normal content.

Fboom is used for extreme content.

(Rape fantasy, Violence/hate, Scat-Coprophilia, Drunken, Drugged, Sleeping, Hypnotized Fantasy, Snuff Fantasy, Incest fantasy, Anorexic, Piss-Pee, Vomit, Mutilation,Violent BDSM with blood)

But there are popular games out there that I can’t post even with Fboom so I ask you via a poll if you want to post them with FileJoker and most of you says “yes” as you can see in poll results.


Here is the list of games posted with FileJoker

– A Zombie’s Life – link

– Urban Demons – link  

– Rena – link

– My Sister Mia – link

– General Practitioner – link

 – My Family Tree – link

– Claire’s Quest – link

– Poor Lucy – link

– Slice of Venture – link

– The Wet Beginning – link

– Leaf of Fire – link

I also don’t recommend you to buy a premium account to FileJoker because I will post only these games with it.

You decide if you need Premium on FileJoker.

23 thoughts on “Contact Info and Announcement

  1. dude, Lida’s Adventure new update just released.
    and Sun valley School V2 just released too

  2. does anyone share premium download accounts? or know where to get passwords free? cheers

  3. Does anyone know from what games are the pictures of the girls on the right banner from ? I can’t find most of them

  4. Any chance I can request the game Shades of Elysium created by Khralzar. Was looking around for it on the site but cant find it.

  5. So is there any kind of Patreon I can donate to for this site? I’ve got so many games from here I’d like to give at least something back.

    Especially since a lot of the time the game devs themselves already get over like 5000k a month, sometimes more. Or generally they’re shady devs.

    This site is extremely reliable.

    Then again I suppose if you had a Patreon and anyone copyrighted their game they could probably cause a lot of trouble if you posted it so maybe that’s why. (Or I’m blind and there is one already)

    1. Theres not really a way to donate, you being here is enough for us to know we are doing good :). And thank you for the kind words.

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