Saturday Night – Version 3 – Update

Release: 11 November 2018
Genre: rpg maker, big breasts, quests, adventure
Censorship: No 
Language: English
Size: 769 MB


-It’s a click&play, no little characters.

-Game with quests and rewards 🙂

-The game is of better quality in full window.

-IMPORTANT check that the “Always run” option is enabled.

Changelog V3:

In this version the difficulty increases slightly.
I added a lot of parameters so that the game is not linear from this version.
PS: it’s only the V3.
-Some items are hidden in the rooms.
-One or more characters can be hidden. “?”
-All objects possessed are displayed. (from version 3)
-The first “bad end” is not finished”
The code found in the “bad end” is the same that VIP room.
A gay scene with animations was put in the game. You can choose to watch or not.
I don’t count the number of image added, between 200 to 300 images and almost 10 more animations.
There is a problem with the translation.
I can’t find my translation files “corrected” = with fewer mistakes :)
The beginning of this version can be badly translated :(
I’ll do a little update in the week and I’ll finish the “bad end”.
For the moment, it is necessary to leave the house and return to the interior to access it.
The old save files had to work without a problem.
If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to send me a message.
Take care of yourself and the people you love.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Night – Version 3 – Update

  1. it does not let me unzip the file. it tells me “the file has an unknown format or is damaged”

  2. I’m having a violent “bug” just after extracting it; (can’t open any file, menu, etc in windows 10)
    I Will investigate but a double check before opening it, just in case.

    I will update this post if that’s an error from me.

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