Rogue-Like: Evolution – Version 0.983f – Update

Release: 29 July 2019
Genre: SLG, Animation, Anal sex, Oral sex, Titsjob, Simulator, Seduction
Censorship: No 
Language: English
Size: 271 MB



This adult game takes place several years after the tv series ends, and features a new student to the school who is immune to other mutant powers (including Rogue’s, of course). My eventual plan for this is to have a fully formed dating sim with a full story mode…

56 thoughts on “Rogue-Like: Evolution – Version 0.983f – Update

  1. Some Values You can Change on the Console Panel

    #Player Stats
    Playername = “Zero”
    P_Male = 1
    R_Petname = “sugar” #What Rogue calls the player
    R_Petnames = [“sugar”]
    R_Pet = “Rogue” #What you call Rogue
    R_Pets = [“Rogue”]
    K_Petname = “sweetie” #What Rogue calls the player
    K_Petnames = [“sweetie”]
    K_Pet = “Kitty” #What you call Rogue
    K_Pets = [“Kitty”]
    P_Semen = 2
    P_Semen_Max = 3
    P_Focus = 0
    P_FocusX = 0
    P_XP = 0
    P_StatPoints = 0
    P_XPgoal = 100
    P_Lvl = 1
    P_Traits = []
    P_RecentActions = []
    P_DailyActions = []

    # Player Inventory Variables
    P_Income = 12 #How much you make each day
    P_Cash = 20 #Modify the Cash

    #Rogue Stats[R] / For #Kitty Stats [Just Change The “R” for “K”]

    R_Love = 500 #[Remenber Lowest=0 & Full=1000]
    R_Inbt = 0 #[Remenber Lowest=0 & Full=1000]
    R_Obed = 0 #[Remenber Lowest=0 & Full=1000]
    R_Lust = 10 #[Remenber Lowest=0 & Full=1000]
    R_LikeKitty = 600
    R_Addict = 0 #How addicted she is
    R_Addictionrate = 0 #How faster her addiciton rises
    R_AddictStore = 0 #stores her base addiction level
    R_Resistance = 0 #how fast her rate falls
    R_OCount = 0 #Orgasm counter
    R_Loose = 0
    R_XP = 0
    R_Cheated = 0 #number of times you’ve cheated on her
    R_Break = [0,0] #minimum time between break-ups/number of total break-ups
    R_StatPoints = 0
    R_XPgoal = 100
    R_Lvl = 0
    R_Rep = 80
    R_Shame = 0 #The amount of shame Rogue generates with her current clothing/action
    R_Taboo = 0 #The taboo level of the location Rogue is at when not with you

    # Sexual Encounters
    R_Action = 3
    R_MaxAction = 3
    R_Caught = 0
    R_Kissed = 0 #How many times they’ve kissed

      1. > Close the Game if it’s open
        > Go to the game folder
        > Renpy
        > Common
        > Open “00console.rpy” [Open it with Notepad++]
        > Search for this line “config.console = False” [Most of the times is at the line 98 but in other games its around 108]
        > Change “False” for “True”
        > Save it
        > Open the Game
        > Press This keys “Shift + o”
        > And the console will open and now u can change the variables.

        This works for every renpy’s games so dont forget it.

          1. Try pressing Shift + O. I read about it in another thread that if you want to put in the console commands you just press Shift + O.

  2. Let me just point out to any new people downloading this “Beta”:
    Kitty hasn’t been fully fleshed out yet. You guys have got to wait for the next updates…..There are a lot of stuff missing.

  3. For when the next update or a fully version or with more different characters? I wait for some answer thanks.

    1. “I just wanted to do a quick follow-up, there was a lot of support in the last post, and I really appreciate that guys. This is a labor of love, but I also want to make sure that you feel your support has been valued, and I couldn’t manage it without you. Several people expressed that they were concerned that if they hadn’t heard from me in a while, that something terrible might have happened with the project, and I know there are other projects where people just sort of wander off. So I want to make this promise to you guys:

      I’m not going to go anywhere.

      I plan to keep working on this project for the foreseeable future, keep adding new things for the characters to do, keep adding new girls to interact with, keep expanding this game to be the best game it can be. If that ever does change, if I ever do get some can’t-pass opportunity, or I get bored and decide to move on to something else, then I promise to announce that to you guys publicly, and to continue working on this project anyway for at least a few months after, trying to tie up loose ends as best as I can and make the game as complete as possible. I’ll give you guys plenty of time to pull up stakes if there’s nothing more to look forward to, but I don’t expect anything like that any time soon.

      The only reasons I would ever cut shorter than that is if I die (hopefully not), or am otherwise completely unable to get near a computer to let you know what’s up (also hopefully not). But I may not post much for a few weeks here and there, just because sometimes what I’m working on is boring technical stuff and I don’t really have anything to talk about and kind of suck at social engagement. ;)”

      1. Thanks Bro, You are amazing, you made a really good job I really try a lot of games similar If I be honest to you this one is the one I really liked. You have very good ideas. I’m so happy with your work and I know that is a hard job to do. I’m so bad with the computer, I have friend be so good in Informatics and I understand your job. I wish you the best and don’t happen nothing bad to you. Thanks a lot and congratulation for your job and this amazing game. Just If I have to give you an idea, I Know in internet you can find freecode maybe you can find sounds for this game. Again Thanks a lot for answer my comment.

  4. Hi, I start playing the game and comes wrongs. I can’t continuo play. I don’t find nothing new, I’m a bit upset with the update. I hope fix all the problems make advance with kitty and make more full the game. I was waiting like months for this game. I don’t see any advance. Sorry I like a lot this game I want a full version more people in the game a fully characters.

  5. Can you make a apk of this game I can’t find the latest version of this game I can only find the old one

  6. If there was any changes made with this update, I certainly couldn’t find them.

    1. Yeah, there’s nothing new about Kitty, aside from her room. And now there’s an annoying text popping up on the screen telling us where Rogue is going every single time.

  7. SO only a intro to emma this time or is ther more content other than her talking to you once after class? If so when and how?

  8. Game is broken, it freezes out of nowhere and then time skip all at once, annoying really.

  9. Dont know what you did, but the game is STILL BROKEN it freezes out of nowhere and then time skip all at once, annoying really. This update went wrong somewhere, a fix would be nice.

    1. Always add what i have, when i cant find the changelog there will be none

  10. hmmm i cannot play the game it always says cannot find the label rogue room test..any fix on this?

    1. Try to use some old versions to start the game, and save at the start.
      Before this open on the save on the new version, for me worked.

  11. i absolutely love this game. <3 My only complaint is that it's still the beta i hope you can release the whole thing soon.

  12. How to save game progress in android version please?lm playing on a smart phone.

  13. is it just me or they say emma stuff got added but when i talk to her it still say not in the game yet i havent been able to do anything with or or even talk to her what am i doing wrong?

  14. how do you change positions/stances? i see rogue in the screenshots having more than just doggy style

  15. If you accept suggestions, I think having more characters like Jean or Storm can be a good one. Or maybe an option to get the girls pregnant (maybe a final stage with that goal).

  16. Okay so I try to use the console commands (Shift +O) on a website that lets you play the game without downloading it but I cannot seem to use them. I would like to play it but the game is way too grindy. Is there anyway to use the console commands on a game that is posted on a website or am I forced to download it because my computer is having some issues with downloading.

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