Road Trip Adventure – Version 1.0c + Walkthrough – Update

Release date: 13 April 2017
Genre: RPG, 3DCG, Adventure, Sexy Girls, Big Tits, Blonde, All sex, Blowjob, Doggystyle, Humilation, Lesbian
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 983 MB [Windows], 990 MB [Mac]


In this game you will play the single female character. Her name is Jennifer, and she is the sister of Janette from Camp. Travelling, from one place to another Jennifer will meet certain adventures.
Road Trip will be much different from Camp Game. This story has more dynamic and more flexibility. Plus it some scenes will be (NTR).

Version 1.0c Changelog:

– bug with a shower is fixed where the player couldn’t proceed further.
– objects on the map are fixed. There weren’t displayed properly
– night lights
– small correction in the text
– some event have reprogrammed

Now everything should be fine. Many of the bugs reported here weren’t been found. Most likely it is because people skip dialogues and don’t know where to go. Please check walkthrough in case you stuck somewhere.

PS. If you use the saves from the old versions – most likely you will find bugs. Start a new game.

Version 1.0c Walkthrough:



13 thoughts on “Road Trip Adventure – Version 1.0c + Walkthrough – Update

  1. I know what it means now.
    literally means “cuckold” and shortened as NTR is a hentai genre where in a heroine will be introduced as having a significant other, which may be a husband, a boyfriend, or even a partner in a BST affair. The story will then show the aforementioned heroine being intimate with another man thus provoking jealousy in the audience by proxy.

  2. BST
    Belligerent Sexual Tension, when two parties show hostility to each other in an effort to hide their sexual tension.

    Both have acknowledged their attraction but try to refuse to act on it or choose to ignore it by acting hostile towards each other.
    You can just smell the BST rolling off the two rivals.

  3. Could y’all please post the walk-through in another format besides office? I don’t have it, and I ain’t buying it just to read a walk-through. Thanks.

    1. you can open it with opera or with a pirated office you don’t need to buy it.. even with your wordpad i think you could open it.

    2. You can also get the free (if I am not mistaken). All office programs for free. Just open version.

  4. Can you upload more content with genre NTR ? I really like this one.

  5. Hey, so I’m playing this game on Android. This might sound stupid, but how do I access the second map? I can’t go further without it and I can’t find any option to open it.

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