Peasant’s Quest – Version 1.71 + Incest Patch – Update

Release date: 20 July 2019
Genre: RPG, 3DCG, Adventure, Sexy Girls, Big Tits, Big Ass, All Sex, Blowjob, Anal, Hardcore Sex, Doggystyle, Warrior, Monsters, Giantess, Monster Girl, Fantasy
Censorship: No 
Language: English
Size: 1.9 GB



It’s an Adult RPG game set in a medieval fantasy world, where you play a farmer’s son on his quest to make a name for himself, and perhaps rescue a few damsels in distress along the way.


– A new character, Hilde. (Oh, and some male giants, but who cares…)

– 3 sex scenes for Hilde (+1 variation), 1 new scene for Frida.

– New maps: Giants’ village, Cave goblin…err, cave? + new floor for Frida’s house.

– 6 New quests

– 1 New potion: potion of strength

– 1 New craftable drink (Mead)

– New enemies (Cave goblins)

– You can now change your name at the major’s desk

– Made Mia Werewolf scene available as spirit potion point for “No cuck” players

– Fixed several quest that wouldn’t complete in the quest log (this only applies to new players unfortunately, for existing players the will still show as open. But it has no practical affect on gameplay)

– Fixed several minor bugs.

Incest Patch:

54 thoughts on “Peasant’s Quest – Version 1.71 + Incest Patch – Update

    1. I also can’t save I only have a .exe Were do I need to create the folder and the name of the folder?

  1. I got a problem the game won’t start , a window pop and close after 5 seconds

  2. ok i find a solution but you need other game with saves for example “Gates The Opening”.
    You have copy the first save, file, etc, and then paste in folder create when you extract the game.
    Then you start the game and you can save because the game create a new folder with all the saves.
    Hope that helps

    1. i’ve find something more easier , we just have to create with the .exe a folder “www”

      1. yeah i did that also but i don’t know why until i did the copy the game didn’t save anything

  3. For the saves, you need to put the EXE into its own folder, then create another folder named ‘www’ in the folder with the EXE. Lastly you need to make a new folder in the recently created ‘www’ folder and name it ‘save’. Now the game should be able to save just fine.

    Hope this helps

  4. its doesn’t work For the saves, you need to put the EXE into its own folder, then create another folder named ‘www’ in the folder with the EXE. Lastly you need to make a new folder in the recently created ‘www’ folder and name it ‘save’. Now the game should be able to save just fine.

  5. A real shame its near impossible to get the game with a download of 3 hours for something in version 0.33

  6. says the file type is different than before for v041
    “computer asked me if it was safe or not, and I don’t usually get asked for these games”


  8. this game is great so far hope to see more updates from this game =p

  9. Impossible to download with files larger than 300mb by my browser, it always gives an error.

    1. Just replying to post: “I’ve hacked the save to give me 99 HP, etc, but as soon as I get in a fight it goes back to the stock amount and I’m dead.”
      – Using I edited my save again (AFTER I MADE A BACKUP – just a zip file in the save folder)
      I wasn’t adding the amounts correctly I had to (Click) the show data in raw button and also make sure to add:
      – Under – ParamsData – example format – “1”:99.0 – Notice the .0 I added after 99 that made the HP – stick after I saved the new edited save file for download.
      – I did the same thing under – VariablesData – example format – “1”:99.0 for most items and “15”:9999999.0 coin but I left these as they are “34”:100.0,”35″:0.0,”36″:100.0,”37″:200.0
      Be very careful doing this if you try. And I had to unblock the new edited save file (right click properties uncheck check mark to use the new save in the game.

  10. Sad

    I guess no body really plays these games, that’s why no body ever has any answers on game play. 🙁

    Someone has had to get pass that bridge or there wouldn’t be a walk-through (but it lacks the info I need).

    Searched the wide web and nothing – my search-foo must be on the fritz!

    End of rant


      1. Hi rayan,

        Okay, you answered the first part of what I said and you really have played this game:
        “I guess no body really plays these games”

        But I can’t help with your question because of what I said in my post:
        “I’m stuck at electrified bridge, how do you get across, one hit dead!? Anyone? I’ve tried the walk-through – no help.”

        How did you get to the tower and pass the electrified bridge?


  11. Well that sucks, my 0.58 save won’t work in this version! 🙁

    Maybe, I’ll get back to this game.

    1. Oh never mind, my old save loaded after I changed the versionId in the raw code to the new save versionId.

      I play for a while and see if things “bug” because I did that to the old save?

      1. What I did was make a new save in another slot – example 2 then I (BACKED UP MY SAVES) just to a zip file in the saves folder. Then I used I swear I’m not a shill for them, but their site is helping me, so…
        – Uploaded save 2 which in my case version 0.61 NEW save file and clicked on the file unpack button which shows your the raw code of the save file. – (I had to select all mouse pointer from bottom of code window to top, copy and paste into a text file (did this for both saves) and then paste the updated old save with new save versionid line back into the code window. That’s the only way the site would let me edit the code).

        – I copied the line: “_versionId”: 18543046, <-This was in my case may be different for others.
        – And then I did the same thing I did for save 2 to my save 1 OLD 0.58 save but this time I pasted the New save's "_versionId": 18543046, and replaced the old versionid and downloaded the edited save.

        And as always I had to unblock the file (right click uncheck the check mark) and copy and replace the save in the save folder… And it worked. 🙂 No bugs so far and I always have my other saves backup zip file.

          1. Well I had my first freeze up after the new-old save, but after reloading everything was fine again.

            Just a warning if you edit your saves.

  12. after third fight with goblin women game give me a massage: “whoops your fight will be lost, try again.” whats wrong i do, and how i fix that?

  13. why so small updates its palyed in 1 hour only game finish in 1 hour so small update

  14. It might be worth tagging this as ‘gangbang’ and ‘ntr’ because right after you marry Shakala 5-6 goblins have sex with her at once right in front of you.

  15. Is there any propper walk thought for this game as I must say the one I got with doesn’t make sense always?

  16. can any one give me walk though ?? because i think i m only left with victoria’s quest so want to confirm it true ??

  17. Someone can tell me what to do in Ziva’s mission, with the torches off and the colored squares, it is very confusing, whatever I do, I die.

    1. Im in the same pickle as you sadly, stuck in Zivas mission with the temple and colored squares. Id tried looking around but doesnt matter what i do, the second puzzle stumps the hell out of me

  18. if any of you have trouble saving…just go to the .exe file and set it to run as administrator..that includes any shortcut you make or the game will bypass the overwriting need to make another www file as the file already just needs a little nudge

  19. Well I was playing and I can,t find the Gemstone. I looking for in every map. I don,t know if I don,t find one new map or something but I need help with Ziva,s Quest. I spoke in the game with every character and any solution. Another thing I don,t know if a bug or what but I finished Vampires Quest but the major doesn,t give me any money and I have like the quest active. Please somebody answer I played 23 hour.

  20. This game is one of the best Adult RPG’s on-line. The only problem I have is that it’s even on this site. The game is offered through Patreon at a very nominal fee $1 – $5 per month. This pays for the developers time, effort and upgraded equipment. To see that’s it’s been hi-jacked (aka stolen) and posted here really sucks.

  21. Where do I get the the map at
    Where do I get the gigantic spell at
    Where do I get the spy glass at

  22. Running into a number of lockups on 1.41, animated scenes with Beth and Ann. Also when finding spider eggs. How about using(creating) for building new house? Any thoughts?

  23. i have problems whith the download of peasant s quest with the new version nose because i had version 1.53 can be fixed or not

  24. How the hell am i suppose to get past the temples colored square challenge for zivas mission? Im stuck and with the combat system (which is a little ridicules) i cant even find a way past the second set of squares and theres no clues as to where to go and what to do

    1. cancel my last, at 10hrs I completed the whole game. I enjoyed the dragon scene though it would have been interesting to breed a feral dragon 😀 also maybe if you do an add on, maybe make the protagonists daughter succubus fall inlove with her daddy hehe nothing wrong with a little incest fun. the constant crashing is a little off putting. thought it was my hardware but my computer is running fine and having no troubles so I figure its the game. doesn’t start happening until you reach level 9 experience. I managed to make it to level 15 after running out of quests

  25. It seems this game is going to be long. I got special pastry to seduce women in V1.62 and Victoria came to look for me for sex in my rental room. Everi gave birth many kids. But elf and bar girl not give birth yet (just pregnant for so long).

    I can only get foot job dwarf bakery girl. I wonder is this all for 1.62 or any hidden scenes.

    I reached level 22 and all the dungeon ,bear and crocodiles become easy to me.

  26. Hey Awesome game
    but stuck at the Wedding of gaints can’t go forward again again only wedding comes when i go back to Gaint’s Camp any solution to this ?

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