My Sex Quest – Version 0.16c – Update

Release date: 6 August 2018
Genre: adv, slg, rpg, lesbians, sister-brother, all sex
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 552 MB


It’s just the beginning of June. A couple of days ago you graduated from college… Adult life is waiting for you! In the end of summer you have to enter the university. You are 19 and you live with mom and stepfather, but he is always away from home. He has his own business and sends not much money, that is all he does. You have a sister, Alina, she is 20 and your stepsister, Natasha, who is 24.

Change-Log Version 0.16c: 

Removed delay start game
Money max up to $500000
Money bug fixed (Save)

4 thoughts on “My Sex Quest – Version 0.16c – Update

  1. Yet another Russian out to get a buck. I have to give them credit for persistence, though, since they’ve been at it for over a year now and I think it’s the third reboot of their “Teen Sex Quest” (which was supposed to be with underage characters, too).
    So far they haven’t even taken it out of the prologue and people are still giving them money. Which, I have to admit, is kind of telling how naive some people are.
    Oh yeah, and 19 years and graduating college? Sigh, it’s literally the easiest thing to check, couldn’t they get this right? At 19, you’re graduating high school if you’re from early months, or had to repeat a class, or you might be graduating vocational school in German or Russian school systems (or systems based on those), but at best, you’d be a year into an actual college at that age (unless you were a supergenius).
    It’s still a fair premise, but why couldn’t they give us a ~24 year old character and fresh out of an actual college or university and trying to start life on his own?

    1. It might only be a translation error though. Sometimes in eastern Europe, high school is also called college by some people.

    2. A college is just a specific type of school, its only you mericans who are weird and decided to call all tertiary education college.

      1. I’m not American.
        College is tertiary education, period. At the very least, colleges are post-secondary teaching or nursing courses, and you might call a school a college, heck, you could call a daycare facility or nursery a college if you’re so pretentious, but it’s never going to be a college per se.

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