Family Therapy – Version 0.2.0 – Update

Release date: 27 July 2018
Genre: RPG, 3DCG, Date-Sim, Sexy Girls, Blonde, All sex, Voyeur, Blowjob, Doggystyle, Orgy, Animation, Incest, Brother-Sister, Mother-Son, Blowjob, Titsjob, Big Tits, Milf, Family Sex
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 1 GB


You play as a male character (Alex), who lives with his mother and sister, the game begins with the fact that Alex f*ck up his summer))) so he decides to have fun, and in this will help him all the female characters who will meet in the game
I don’t want to spoilered the story strongly, so I will add the information in the process of game development
Game mechanics:
I plan to add to the game system of relationships, this means all decisions taken in the course of the game will influence the attitude of the hero.
Also the game will have some different endings; a few ways to make money; some mini games…
and of course a lot of sex.

78 thoughts on “Family Therapy – Version 0.2.0 – Update

  1. is it possible for you to put links to the patreons for the creators of these games if they have one? Thanks

      1. You are a very hard worker every day there’s always new stuff to checkout wish there was a better way to thank you Alexis112

        1. Thanks, I had an donate button in past but no one donate and I remove it. 😀

  2. Looks like a cool game but can’t really get started. I can get up to the Laundy chore but when I go to leave the starting zone to head into city the screen says “now loading” for about 20 seconds then just shuts down. Anyone else having this same issue?

      1. Well, thanx, i suspected so…but any ideas? Anyway thank you for your time and this site, great job !!

          1. Still a no go, well, will see with the next update i guess. Thanks.

  3. How to use old save file? I don’t want to replay the game for the 3rd time.

      1. Strange, the download and unzip shows no error … but the file is not executable.
        Had the problem never before. And obviously others have the same problem.

        Anyway, I will also wait for the next update. Thanks.

        Btw, great site, many thanks for your effort.

        1. Idk mate, the file after extraction contains a exe file and a document where the password for computer is, unzip it again using Winrar, I zip it with winrar.

          1. I also use winrar. And yes, I can see both files after extraction:
            Computer password!.txt 25.03.2017 15:44 Text file 1KB
            Game.exe 25.03.2017 15:40 Application 661.859 KB

            I tried other folders, other partitions, other permissions, even half a dozen compatibility modes.
            But no chance to run the program…

            It is the only file with which I have this kind of problem. It’s not worth it to spend more time with it. Thanks again for your effort.

            Next time more luck I hope 😉

  4. Yea, there is an error while launching the game.exe Fatal application exit with 3 options abort retry or ignore and neither of them do anything.The error is “ThinAPP has encountered an unexpected error.Click Abort to close the application, retry to deb, or continue to ignore the error.Support info: PID=4580, [email protected], unexpected exception in RelaunchUsingCreateProcess… Thats all the info i have if you can figure out what is wrong.Good luck.

  5. This is not your file the issue, if it works for you and others, no doubt you done it right all along. In fact, it’s the conception of the game exe itself the problem. For reasons i do not know and understand there’s an incompatibility between the app and our computers configuration (antivirus, graphic cards, some drivers….or else i dunno).
    Once again thank you for your site, it is much apreciate !

    1. You are correct m8 , I have Download this game from all the site I know and I have the same problem with the Versions 0.4- 0.5 but not with the version 0.3 …..
      After I tray all ,deactivating the antivirus, update graphic cards, and all the drivers same problem.
      So I thing is the Version of Win 10 that I ran …..

  6. The problem is the exe. The solution would be if someone uploaded it unzipped in a rar. normal

  7. can you use a different website to download such as mega or use torrents as k2s have had many bad review for security such as fraud also the download times take too long for non premium members

    1. Why do you talking this nonsense? K2S is the most trusted filehost and most popular. I will never upload something on mega or torrents.

      1. [–link–] If you belive that haters is your choice but don’t make bad advertise on my website, my users are pleased with k2s/fboom services.
        Don’t share any external links there.

        1. I mean yeah if you are a premium member this game would be downloaded in 2 mins, however for non premium members it would take 3h40m which is a long time as the speed has a max of 50 KB/s

          1. Well now they’ve dropped it from 50kb/s to 30kb/s so now it will take six hours, it a good thing someone else put it on Mega for it to b downloaded within 3 mins

  8. Hi guys,
    I have the same problem to run the game .exe file.
    I found the version 0.4 unzip, I’m trying to download it.
    The unzip version contains 3 folders and several files.
    See you soon

    1. i noticed that too, i used pictures from previous versions and they worked fine untill you get a bit in and it requires few hours later.png. im pretty sure the picture was there and didnt need replacing but it didnt work reguardless of new version or old

      1. Yes. Game has stopped after cousin pool sex cause lost image(png’s)!! I belive that alexis will find a solution;)
        Btw sorry for my english its not my main language lol

  9. Not sure of the solution, but I have downloaded nearly every game that you post (that I like ) on K2S and noticed most are compressed through at least 3 sometimes 4 pointless folders. /This could be how they are sharing them on this service and I do offer my vote for K2S as while they do take a while to download, I have seldom had a download drop on me.

  10. I think i solved problem. Im gonna try to explain with my perfect english! I hope u can understand me:
    When u see error message for example: failed load image png etc. read the message go to direction and rename image names such as %20 means “SPACE”. With this i could contunie game. Try it fellas;)

    1. That does not work for me. I tried toload and it says: “img/faces/Actor4.png” cannot be loaded. I searched for the image. The file exists but there’s no image :-/

      1. If u have old versions 0.3 or 0.4 copy that image from these versions.

    2. how do you rename the file correctly so it works?????????????

      few hours later
      few hours later
      few SPACEhours SPACElaterSPACE

  11. I got the “img/faces/Actor4.png” problem solved. Downloaded old game version and put file in 0.6 version.
    But i can’t find a way around “img/pictures/few%20hours%20later%20,png”
    My file was already named “few hours later” with the spaces between the words. I tried renaming it multiple ways but nothing.
    Some one please explain word for word how to bypass this. Or link game download with the problem solved.
    Thank you for any help.

      1. Thank you very much kind sir! It works now.
        Can you please help me with something else. Although its different game which i posted a comment there too.
        In “The Artifact Part 2 V0.2” how do you proceed at beginning of V0.2, right after aunt & daughter fight? I get no indication on what to do?

  12. i’m trying to use the laptop and got a error img/parallaxes/!ground20.png can anyone help me with this problem ?

    1. I did not have this problem. The file is named right it should be “!ground20”
      How big is your file? Mine is exactly 1.24mb

      1. Great, any idea on my comment above about The Artifact Part 2 V0.2

  13. after aunt scene i don’t know what to do anyone can send me a walk through ?

    1. Is this after night scene. While you are sleeping aunt comes in and has sex with you. Right after that it says this is last scene of this update.

  14. This is terrible! The game is full of bugs! Now I get an error when aunt visits at night:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘width’ of null

    What the hell is that?

  15. I am stuck on breaking the air conditioning. I go up to the roof and boxes are in the way. Am I missing a tool or something that will break these boxes?

  16. I just cannot move I try wasd everything on my keyboard and I cant move went to settings to configure it put to default nothing works same as when I use wasd movement layout… what the hell???? how do I move?

  17. The game runs very slow for me..I don’t know why
    Someone else have this issue?

  18. I did download but when i play game and try to save but unable save it cuz it said unable find image something like that. I think it bug or missed file.

  19. The game does not work for me. When I try to extract the file nothing is there to extract and when I extract it nonetheless it shows error-operation failed. I downloaded the game again and tried but the same result. Alexis or anyone please help.

  20. The game run slow in the house and it’s impossible to save. It’s realy annying to start over every time.

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