Ethan’s Legacy – Act 03 – Version 4.0 Special – Update

Release date: 24 June 2017
Genre: Visual Novel, Interactive, Erotic Adventure, Sexy Girls, Big Tits, Beautiful Ass, All Sex, Doggystyle, Forced, Hardcore Sex, Family Sex, Mother-Son, Brother-Sister, Seduction, Mind Control
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 1.73 GB



“Use your gift wisely, son…”
“Only you can protect your family..”
That was a few of the last words you have ever heard from your father during the day of his disappearance. The incident left a huge mark on your family and your life, and you have done your best to move on from that point.
This is a story about Ethan’s life and his family after the collapse of Luxem, the company where his father worked before his death. You play as Ethan, gifted with a serum your father gave with his pleading tone, trying to uncover what truly happened and what powers were granted to you.
You will meet allies and enemies, friends and lovers, as you grow with your powers in Your legacy.
What powers did it give? You never knew. But more importantly,
Have you ever used it?

Note from Creator: Hey guys,I’m just explaining the change in direction for the future contents.
First off, I’ve removed the chapter system for the next 3-4 “chapters” and all of them will be grouped in an “Act”. Essentially making the previous 4 chapters (prologue, chapter 1, 2 and 3) the first “act” of the story.
Why did I change the system? Well.. there will be “variables” that persists in between “chapters” for the next act. They won’t affect the story too much(however there will be slight deviations on how the scenes goes).
Does this mean that there will be choices in the next Act? Probably not. But you’ll see a similar “relationship” system that will take account of what you did with each characters. So, if you don’t have enough “relationship” points, some actions like: kissing, sex, etc, Will be blocked completely.
Then, the next thing I want to say is the new acts after this will continue off from the “true” ending from each act. Meaning the next act will start off only from a set amount of points that is predetermined.
The amount of content produced will be similar, it’s just how the content are released is different. Don’t worry about that. 



13 thoughts on “Ethan’s Legacy – Act 03 – Version 4.0 Special – Update

  1. Does this Version have the Extra Content from the Previous Version on this Site?

  2. There’s also a special version of Act 03 Version 0.4. Can you pleeeeeeease upload it?

        1. Also, I played the game and I noticed that the ‘extra’ folder in the ‘images’ folder is missing. So, clearly it’s the normal version.

          1. Ok i will search for that version.

            Edit: I found the version will be here soon.

  3. VengeanceXXX had to shut down the project, but please keep the uploads available.

  4. Ahahahahahaha! wow… The first few chapters (besides the massive spelling mistakes and poor grammar) had a very good story telling (I imagined my own words for the most part because this seemed more like someone’s personal experience than mine). I was fully engaged and at first I hoped to block out other sides of the story cuz half the time it was more like watching a movie than living the world through my own eyes. I found it stupid to know Marcus’ return before hand. But now (Act 3) it’s really awkward to see Gina naked after we’ve become fully committed? and wait for her reaction when I rub her sweet spot before continuing? She’s said, numerous times, that she is very happy to be all mine now. I would imagine seduction is not your strong suit.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’d give this, like say, a 7 out of 10 points overall… But suddenly Act 3 feels like a completely new start… Actually feels like an entirely different story with the same characters with all this lingering fully awkward moments (more like an attempt at trying to tell the story from the start all over again). When the hell will the relationships stop being awkward? If this keeps up… I’m likely to just see things through just to see what happens instead of enjoying the ride.
    To be honest, this is more of an engaging story than fapping material because the hot (or special) moments flip imagines a couple times before having to click again and having no control of when or how it should end. I’m thinking you would do great in some PG story telling that doesn’t require anything besides clicking for actions.
    Don’t let this pull you down though, you have a potential to make some great click to play games.

  5. Good grief! How in the hell did you manage to write the scrips/codes? You need to have ONE play through to open scenes for ONE girl while sacrificing EVERYBODY else, another play through to open different scenes for a different girl and sacrifice EVERYBODY else… Numerous times I got frustrated then just rage quit and ended up with an ugly mess of saves trying to open all the good scenes.
    At least enable cheat codes or something for when you’ve completed the story because rereading/skipping scenes to see the other 80% of the scenes you missed out on gets really tedious.

  6. LMFAO! This was made either by a kid who’s just going through puberty or some virgin geek in his basement… “Do you want to do it?” “yep”, “can I take your shirt off?” “yep”, “can I kiss you?”… This has 0 seduction factor nor any sort of lust involved (besides the… Rapist attitudes with Marcus or the other Ethan, just full blown awkward conversations or questions during initiations.

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