Breeders Of The Nephelym – Version 0.703 Alpha – Update

Release date: 23 May 2019
Genre: Interactive, Erotic Adventure, Fantasy, Breeding, Sex, Furry
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 2.2 GB


Breeders of the Nephelym is an immersive, beautifully erotic 3D adventure game centered around catching and breeding the Nephelym, an enigmatic race of monster-human hybrids.


Added: Hybrid trait, winner of recent poll
Added: Kumiho, hybrid of Foxen and Seraphim
Added: Kusarikku, hybrid of Bovaur and Demon
Added: Ryu, hybrid of Titan and Dragon
Added: Griffin, hybrid of Harpy and Neko
Added: Shortcut cave in Homestead
Fixed: Trait level increasing with auto skip dialogue enabled
Fixed: All streaming issues

67 thoughts on “Breeders Of The Nephelym – Version 0.703 Alpha – Update

  1. Stupid question, how do you actually play it?

    Every time I try it comes up saying I need Microsoft Visual C++ to play it.

    I thought that was a program used for making things not actually running them? Doesn’t seem right to me but I’m probably just being an idiot. Never had a game give me that message before so it seems odd.

    1. It also has current requirements of Windows 7 64-bit and DX11.
      While MSVC++ can be used to build projects, there are some runtime files that various other systems need to function properly. The required runtimes are linked on the patreon page at:

      V0.610A is the current public build as of May 17.

      1. can you help me please I’ve download the game file and I’ve tried all the files and documents but none of them seem to start game, and I’m using a macbook not sure if thats the reason please help

        1. I’d like to, but I don’t know much about Macbooks. As it REQUIRES windows (at least, right now), that might be the issue (and DirectX needs windows)… But it does run on the Unreal Engine, I think. If there’s a mac port of that, it might help.

          Here’s a quote from Unreal’s own FAQ:
          “For developing with UE4, we recommend a desktop PC with Windows 7 64-bit or a Mac with Mac OS X 10.9.2 or later, 8 GB RAM and a quad-core Intel or AMD processor, and a DX11 compatible video card. UE4 will run on desktops and laptops below these recommendations, but performance may be limited.”

          So, it should run if you meet those requirements. It takes a a few seconds for it to boot to the title screen as it very detail heavy. If not, try WINE.

          1. Oh, update from the author’s site:

            Linux and Mac support is planned.

  2. cant capture anything, get fatal error crash if i try to use milk or semen

    1. I have that same problem. I guess we can only hope for the fixed builds of this update.

      1. You can be this will be fixed in the next update.
        As it stands, 0.615A is an early access build which means there could be bugs that remain to be fixed. In this case, one game-breaking bug. Keep your eyes peel for the next build.

        1. I’m checking in with DH every two days. He seems busy (presumably addressing and fixing bug reports) and next will be the Test Version, then the Public Release. It’ll be a little while yet.
          Maybe he’ll push the Test Version around mid-month.

  3. aparece un error al usar la leche de sorro y el semen del lobo para capturarlos se crashea el juego v: alguien me puede ayudar con eso? y no chinguen por ser un comentario en español

    1. wow alguien que tambien habla español cool, oye me recomiendas descargarlo? lo digo porque el cabron que desarrollaba breeding seasons lo abandono y e estado buscando un juego similar, crees que valga la pena? por cierto crees que me puedas echar la mano con el juegp de haydee?

  4. hey, can you help me pls i get this annoying error whenever i try to open the game, and i/ve installed everything in required runtimes already: “dx11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine” i’ve searched google and do a lot of things but it didn’t work. please help me :((

    1. What operating system are you running? *
      Also, what are your specs?
      Are your graphics card drivers up to date?
      You’re not using NVidia Optimus, are you? That causes problems for a LOT of people.

      * The Unreal Engine generates problems with pirated copies of Windows.

  5. Can’t get start after the character selection screen.. how should i fix this..

    1. Wait for the Public Build. Chances are high the creation screen bug has already been reported.

  6. starting to think this game is a prank, now you cant even get past the character creation screen


      DH’s development schedule is as follows:

      Early Build -> Testing Build -> Public Build
      I guess Alexis cocked up on this, not labelling it as a Testing Build Version.

      For news, or if you want to support the guy, go here:

        1. Have you got your head stuck up your arse?
          Clearly you just came in at 0.63. The only reason this TESTING version as well as the EARLY build don’t work right is because of the restructuring of the game’s mechanics.

          0.610 Alpha (The last public build) works perfectly. Get that, see that it works and stop being a moron.

  7. Fatal error, this game is prank. Don’t support this guy, he is milking money from patreons.

    1. 0.610 Alpha (The last pusblic build) works perfectly. Get that, see that it works and stop being a moron.

      It’s clear you didn’t even go to his patreon. I dare you to post your garbage there.

      Honestly, people ragging on patreon users is getting old. Stop.

  8. hi i have a problem with the 0.630a when i start a new game i can costomise the character but i cant click on the start buttom
    whats do i need to do ??

    1. You need to wait for the next version. There’s fatal errors in this one.
      This version is borked. Don’t try. Wait until DH pushes another public build.

      1. oke i shall wait for the next update thanks for the quick response 🙂

          1. i did already try the 0.610 version but get a error i put a printscreen link here


            i did try with updates from drivers MSVC++ and also the compatibility on windows 7 and 8

            i think the problem is i did first try the 0.615 version and later the 0.610

          2. Look like it’s saying that it was left idle for too long while trying to load.

            I’ll need some more information.
            1: Did you just overwrite the 0.615 version with the 0.610 Data? That could be it.
            2: Your CPU and RAM count (eg, Intel Core i5-6600K @ 3.50Ghz, 16GB)
            3: Your Operating System and Bit count (ie, Win 8.1 64bit)
            4: Your Graphics Hardware (manufacturer and model)
            5: If you’re running Windows, is it a legitimate copy? BOTN’s engine doesn’t like pirate Windows copies.

            Game Thread timeout waiting for Render Thread seems to suggest that something isn’t up to snuff, or it might be primarily issue 1 above.

  9. i think the problem is number 1 because if i erase the 0.615 files and instal it again it again i still have the save files from the 0.615a and that version was working till the piont that i want give milk to the fox
    and i run on legitimate copy from windows

    but for being sure i made a screen print from my system info

    1. Your saved games are located here:

      In my case, this would be:
      C:\Users\(My User Name)\AppData\Local\BOTN\Saved\SaveGames

      1. To bad still same error ?I think I need to wait till the next public update I hope that will be soon

        1. Sorry, didn’t notice you’re running a notebook.
          The 5010U is a notebook processor (which shouldn’t cause issues).
          You’re running a 64bit OS on 4GB of RAM? Generally not that good an idea.

          Not sure if this is built on UE4 or UDK, but here’s what it says about UE4:
          Desktop PC or Mac
          Windows 7 64-bit or Mac OS X 10.9.2 or later
          Quad-core Intel or AMD processor, 2.5 GHz or faster
          NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or AMD Radeon 6870 HD series card or higher
          8 GB RAM

          I’m going to assume your CPU has integrated graphics (as is standard on notebooks & laptops) instead of a Graphics Card like those listed above. Integrated Graphics has been reported to cause issues with UE4 games. It worked ONCE, right? No reason why it doesn’t work now. If 0.610A worked before, the fact that it doesn’t work now is very, very odd.

          … Only now do I see I should’ve asked for your DXDiag’s System page (but nothing else) as well as your Graphics capabilities.

  10. He’s sorted the problem with the game crashing out, but here’s a lowdown.

    You can fiddle with the character creator and it won’t crash.
    You can start a new game.
    There is a sprint function.
    The Female Breeder’s run animation has changed slightly, as has her jump animation.

    You can’t do much of anything else.
    There’s no Dickstones.
    The town is now empty.
    This means you can’t even capture anything.

    At the very least, he can start rebuilding the game now and not worrying about the crashing.
    Still recommend 0.610 Alpha for actual playing.

    1. Well atleast he is updating it pretty frequent, so hopefully we will have town folks soonish. Thanks for info btw!

  11. So apparently no one has read his Patreon?
    He specifically states this TEST build is ONLY to TEST the run jump and zoom animations.
    The reason nothing is there is because he didn’t put it in.
    To actually play you need the public build. This was only for paying patreons to test out whats upcoming.

    Source: I’m a paying Patreon.
    Future notes. Labled TEST BUILD : will bug out and crash, only for testing a certain aspect.
    Labled PUBLIC BUILD: all current function parts have been implemented game can be played normally.

    1. If you hadn’t noticed, I already called morons out on that.
      Shouting at the moajority of people here doesn’t appear to work too well.

      I, for one, am well aware of the Early, Test and Public Builds and the differences between them.
      I also know how easy it is to lump everybody on sites like this into one category, but not everybody is like that.

      I have 0.610A installed on my system. And the only reason I pop by this thread is to repeatedly tell people whether it’s an Early Build (which shouldn’t be downloaded by pirates), a Test Build (which shouldn’t be downloaded by pirates) or a Public Build… which anyone can download.

      I don’t dl this game through here. I found the whole siter by accident. I’m more than happy to wait until DH is satisfied enough to release a Public Build. If I had the readies, DH would be getting mine, too.

  12. In case you’re too stupid to check his patreon:

    II T S A A T E S T B B U U II L D D
    II T S A A T E S T B B U U II L D D

    This means there’s more than likely still bugs.
    Do not post bugs. His patons will do that.
    Do not call this a prank game, it clearly is not.
    I’m not a patron and am more than happy to wait for the next public build.

      1. Bugy bugy bugy bugy ……….. I never see this way nice looking bug before 😀 . Im waiting for version 256.012.001 .
        Alexis112 is doing ingratituding work in this case . Still one BIG thanks for his time spent here and rest games.

  13. When is the new stable version coming up? I see the character customization is implemented very well. I hope the dev release the update soon.

  14. does 0.633 alpha work? or is it as unstable as nitroglycerin? previous test or alpha release the game crapped out on char creation screen…

    and no need to throw a fit and give grand speeches about “the meaning of alpha” Squark.

    1. It’s about as stable as you’d expect an Alpha to be. It might work, but it might not.
      Bugs are to be expected. I think we’re all better off waiting until the next Public Build to drop, which I believe will be 0.635.

      I don’t always rant on and on about it. It’s just a lot of people here don’t listen.

  15. I cant get on to the game as it says that I am missing the globalshadercache-pcd3d_SM4.bin any suggestions

  16. Hey, I want to know how this game works, because after I go in, there’s no NPC in my eye range

    1. And after entering the game, I can only control the moving WSAD, other keys no matter how the press does not respond

      1. When I entered the game, I couldn’t see anything that could be caught, either in volcanoes or on the sea, without any creatures

  17. Updates without patchnotes are pretty damn annoying. All the more so when the patchnotes are behind paywalls on the artist page…

  18. Hi. I just downloaded this to see if it was any good, and I was wondering how to open it up to play? When I unzipped it, It gave me two folders. Engine and Radiant. I can’t find anything that I can click on to actually play the game, though. Any help would be hot. Thanks.

  19. Update: Hotfix Build 0.6441
    Fixed: Crash when selling last Nephelym.
    Fixed: Crash with clothing hotkeys during creation.
    Fixed: Male shoulders using wrong transform space.
    Fixed: Stretched dick during first breeding phase.
    New Additions (Since 0.640)
    5 New color schemes for each variant.
    Breeding system now lets you choose the “giver” and “receiver”.
    Doggy sex position now supports large giver with normal receiver.
    Far superior UI with moveable/resizable windows.
    Adjustable dicks/dick system improvement.
    Real physics simulation rework.
    Camera settings.
    Feral Foxen.
    Butterfly sex position.
    First basic pass on traits system.
    New NPC Camilla.
    Fixes and Improvements
    Fixed: Futanari option doesn’t function.
    Fixed: Can harvest and breed without lust.
    Fixed: Inventory list UI sticks between game loads.
    Fixed: Inventory UI can be accessed at inappropriate times.
    Fixed: Male breeder uses female motion animations.
    Fixed: Weird item trade behavior.
    Fixed: Crashes related to offspring and futa options.
    Any amount of lust greater than 0 is enough to perform tasks.
    Lust cost reduced.
    Camera zoom speed for breeder creation and breeding sessions increased.
    Fixed: Crashes related to trading and breeding.
    Fixed: UI does not scale to anything not 16:9.
    Fixed: Duplicate Butt entry in character editor.
    Fixed: Can “buy” barn without it being added.
    Added: UI will now auto select the first entry in a list.
    Fixed: Crashes during breeding/trading/activating world nodes.
    Fixed: Auto cycle dialogue option interferes with trading.
    Current Development
    More color schemes.
    Blessed Nephelym.
    Better hair, more styles.
    More clothing.
    More feral variants.
    Randomized body shapes/faces.
    Better early game.
    More NPCs.
    Bug fixes and stability.

  20. how can i find a game that can be played on Android ???
    please make a game place that can be played on Android

  21. hello good night could help me it turns out that the game to initiate it throws me a mistake something about cooked and that instead downloads the uncooked version could help me or explain how to fix it

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