Urban Demons – Version 0.7 beta 5 – Update


Release date: 22 July 2017
Genre: All Sex, Big Ass, Big Tits, Blowjob, Brother-Sister, Doggystyle, Erotic Adventure, Family Sex, Milf, Mother-Son, Public Sex, RPG, Sexy Girls, Spy, Titsjob, Voyeur
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 567 MB


Take control of 2 characters, one male, one female, who both have near death experiences in this rpg maker game. However it wasn’t a divine miracle that saved them from an early grave, no it was something much more sinister. Now with seemingly new powers, they set out to fulfill their goals of domination. For the male simple domination of the women he lusts over, but for the female domination over her surroundings and eventually revenge upon the bitch who put her in this situation.

The artist behind the works of Urban Demons is GlassFish

Version 0.7 Changelog:

New Art:
== Complete:
* Neala Fuck (Corrupt)
* Neala Ride (Purity)
* Mrs Jennings 10 Heart Scene
* Mrs Jennings Babysitting Scene
* Donna TF
* Donna Fuck
* Sis Couch Anal Fuck
* Kimberly Babysitting
* Mrs Jennings Sleeping V1/2 (Stills)
* Kimberly Sleeping V/2 (Stills)
* Dizzy Sleeping V1/2 (Stills)
* Mom Showering (Still – becomes photo)

Alternative Scenes:
* Neala House Fuck
* Neala House Ride
* Neala Babysitting Fuck
* Neala Babysitting Ride
* Ms Amos Store Grope
* Ms Amos Store BJ
* Dizzy Fuck, Her House
* Dizzy Fuck, (Outside) Her House (available when Heart > 8)
* Mrs Jennings Home BJ (Her house)
* Mrs Jennings Home Ride (Her House)
* Mrs Jennings Home Titfuck (while she babysits you)

– If you wish to play any of Mrs Jennings scenes, you will have to re-do the first HJ scene before you can

Major Changes:
* New babysitters available: (Each has at least 1 scene)
– Mrs Jennings
– Neala
– Kimberly
* Mrs Jennings Purity Route added
– Those following the purity route will likely have to re-do a lot of the scenes, due to previously poor eventing (follow the guide for help)
* You can now go to Dizzy’s apartment and bang her
* You can use the corruption power on Dizzy while she sleeps (she will masturbate when you do – no artwork for it yet though :()
* Added a cut scene after you go back to the teleport room after getting the ruby
– Can Visit Neala’s apartment after
– Can use corrupt power on her, but no art yet
* Changed up the phone situation a bit
– Removed the Crappy Phone (you’ll get a refund and the item removed if it’s in your inventory)
– You now get the uPhone from the start of the game
– It’s left on the kitchen counter, you can’t leave until you have it
– Also hints to take a picture of Mom in the shower
– Sort of a mini tutorial (sort of)
* True Corruption only gives one big boost on first use (+30 to corrupt and purity)
– Afterwhich it gives 1-5 to both stats
– True Corruption is needed to unlock all 10 Heart Scenes
* New area added to the North District – the residential area
– Mrs Jennings & Kimberly live here (as will Sarah & Lisa eventually)
– The area is automatically unlocked once you have the North District unlocked
– To unlock their houses you need to get them to babysit you
– Your mom will ask them for their address, which she will note down in her phone
– You can now interact with mom’s phone at night, but you must be invisible
– Once you have their address you can visit their home in the new residential area
* After you get the TF scene from Donna you can visit her every day
* PayMeOn is now available from the computer!
– After fixing the computer, give 3 pictures to Larry
– He will give you the idea of setting up a PayMeOn
– Use the computer to set it up
– You can upload pictures you have taken to gain pledgers at the end of every day
* Can now enter cheatcodes at the computer
– Cheat codes are from other games, have fun trying different ones ;)
* You can get someone to babysit everyday, instead of just Friday
– Speaking to Mom in the afternoon will trigger it that evening
* You trigger Sydney watching TV at night whenever you look at her through the peephole at night
– Before this could only be triggered on Fridays

Minor Changes:

* Mom now doesn’t visit every night after giving her the chilli
– You can compliment/tease her at dinner
– You can also ignore her at the shower
* Mrs J now uses different dialogue for all purity scene (as well as the barfuck plays different dialogue over the park/school fuck)
* Kaylee Barfuck now uses different dialogue
* Slightly refactored Kimberly’s dialogue pending on hiding or seeking
* Allowed player to show Kaylee pic of Mom even if pursuing pure route
* Can return the medicine cabinet key and Sydney’s bedroom key to save inventory space
* Mrs Jennings can now be taken to the toilets on Sunday
* Move the switches into the coffin room (to reduce confusion)
* Added some more text to the plant bridge puzzle to make it more obvious what is happening
* Kimberly and Amanda now no longer appear in every hiding place
* Modified Dizzy blackmail quest very slightly (she is no longer awake at night by the microwave, but on the bed)
* Removed the Crappy Phone from the game (was causing confusion and had no real use)
– You should be refunded the money if you had one in your inventory
* Removed the buy option from the fisherman
* Replace Fred’s tip about money to mention Larry instead of the fisherman
* Re-wrote some of Larry’s dialogue
* Otherworld is now skippable during the night
* Place a few error traps around the scene player, so now it should catch the error and return you back to the game and report the error to you (screen shot and send it back to me)
* THe Hall of Memory has been updated
* All photos should now be sellable to either Larry or Fred in school

This game is a EXCEPTION from the used filehosts by me [Fboom/K2S

I post it with Filejoker because I can’t post it with them.

Only this game along with “Zombie’s Life” will be posted with FileJoker.


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  1. Buddy u can use it….

    Because some game u can upload with k2s and fboom…

    post that all game with filejokerrrrrrrrrrr

    1. Buddy u can use it….

      Because some game u can *not* upload with k2s and fboom…

      post that all game with filejokerrrrrrrrrrr

      1. No way, I won’t change fboom and k2s with filejoker. I use them on my website from 2 years.
        Just think about at thousands people who bought a premium on them.. I can’t do that.

        1. I m saying not change to filejoker..

          Just upload game like my sister mia, urban demons, A Zombie’s life ……..game with it…

          i m not saying to chANge it to FJ..lol….xdxd

  2. I need helps with error “unable to find VL Gothic font”. I’m using win 10 and I can’t instal font even I had download on the Internet. Please are there anyone could help me solve this error :/

  3. So how does this game play work? It sounds like you switch play between the male and female.

    1. Not quite. In its first few builds (until about 0.3, I think) there was a mechanic where you could choose between Peter or Neala for the following day. But not enough content was being developed for Neala, so the mechanic was scrapped and she became a secondary main character.

  4. yoo, @Alexis112, i just want to tell you, there’s a hot game, called Sunvalley school. It’s still demo version but it has a lot sex scene.

    1. dear frnd adi gunawan plz provide the full name or the link of the game

    1. Mrs Amos?
      I’m assuming you mean the Store scene.
      Try going to the store straight after school.

  5. Can i decrease the size of the game, my game screen always pops up at the top of my screen and i cant put it down

    1. This happens because Nergal has different screen real-estate than most of his player base.
      But there is a way to rectify it.
      It’s a little convoluted, so I’ll break it down into small, easy steps.

      1: Launch the game as normal.
      2: Right-click the taskbar and then select properties.
      3: Place a check beside “Auto-Hide taskbar” then click apply and close the property window.
      4: Now when you move the mouse away, the taskbar will hide and the game window will get dragged down JUST ENOUGH to allow you to see your inventory.

      If you close the game and decide to re-open it, you’ll have to first disable Auto-Hide and follow the steps through again.

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