Urban Demons – Version 0.9 Demo 2 + Chilly 2.5 – Update


Release date: 1 April 2018
Genre: All Sex, Big Ass, Big Tits, Blowjob, Brother-Sister, Doggystyle, Erotic Adventure, Family Sex, Milf, Mother-Son, Public Sex, RPG, Sexy Girls, Spy, Titsjob, Voyeur
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 181 MB


Take control of 2 characters, one male, one female, who both have near death experiences in this rpg maker game. However it wasn’t a divine miracle that saved them from an early grave, no it was something much more sinister. Now with seemingly new powers, they set out to fulfill their goals of domination. For the male simple domination of the women he lusts over, but for the female domination over her surroundings and eventually revenge upon the bitch who put her in this situation.

The artist behind the works of Urban Demons is GlassFish

Changelog 0.9 Beta 2.5

*Removed files unintentionally left in from editing
*Bug fixes for babysitting and gallery
*Fan art gallery now has 102 images instead of previous 49
*All test and memory room only scenes should be labelled as such
*New Raven BJ scene in Test and Memory Room
0.9-demo.2 bug fixes:
* Moved Starting location to correct place
* Mrs Jennings now shouts that older characters SHOULDN’T BE INTERACTED WITH
* Mrs Jennings now gives the demon powers at the start (instead of the hexagram)
* Mrs Jennings Pre Level 3 dialogue at the bar no longer breaks the game
* Mrs Jennings can now be asked “What do you like to do?” giving you hints on where to look for her during the week
* Fixed a bug where if the first HJ attempt fails (didn’t have all dialogue on non-quick progress mode, or failed the mini game) future attempts would fail
* If you are playing non-quick progression, you will no longer have to play the mini game if you haven’t unlocked all the dialogue. Instead it will fail before hand and warn you you need to unlock more.
* Fixed a bug where the persuade mini game would sometimes crash due to going from 10 or above to below 10.
* Can no longer take Mrs Jennings causing some players to get stuck
* If interacting with Mrs Jennings at night while she sleeps, she will respond properly (unlikely as key has been removed)
* Mr Jennings is no longer too drunk that he calls you “n[1]” in the bar
* Game no longer freezes at comic book store with a progression level of 4
* Peter no longer has a brain fart and says “Hi [Own Character name]!” when speaking to Mrs Jennings in the store
* HJ build up no longer fires mini game (check) twice if failed the first time
* Reduced progression popup sounds
* Fixed the journal so it correctly displays non-quick progression dialogue requirement
* BM route now does not get blocked when playing on Long Progression
* Fixed the weird transition around the TF and detention work
* Added a dialogue selector in the debug area. Can play any dialogue, at any level, in any variant – this will form the pre-cursor of the new memory room
* Loads of bug fixes (too many to list)

Also because I realised I hadn’t officially stated before, here is a check list of everything to do in 0.9:

* Gym outfit
* Changing in changing rooms
* HJ
* TF
* BJ
* Store TF
* School Toilet Ride/ Storeroom Fuck
* Park Toilet Ride / Outside Fuck
* Bar Toilet Ride * Mrs Jennings Home BJ
* Mrs Jennings Home Fuck
* Sex Ed Fuck
* Mrs Jennings Cosplay Coding/Graphical
* New Journal System
* New Progression UI/System
* New persuade mini game
* New Investment System (comic book currently only)
* New Text Message System (code change only)
* New Animation Player (code change only)

This game is a EXCEPTION from the used filehosts by me [Fboom

I post it with Filejoker because I can’t post it with them.

Only this game along with “Zombie’s Life” will be posted with FileJoker.


37 thoughts on “Urban Demons – Version 0.9 Demo 2 + Chilly 2.5 – Update

  1. Buddy u can use it….

    Because some game u can upload with k2s and fboom…

    post that all game with filejokerrrrrrrrrrr

    1. Buddy u can use it….

      Because some game u can *not* upload with k2s and fboom…

      post that all game with filejokerrrrrrrrrrr

      1. No way, I won’t change fboom and k2s with filejoker. I use them on my website from 2 years.
        Just think about at thousands people who bought a premium on them.. I can’t do that.

        1. I m saying not change to filejoker..

          Just upload game like my sister mia, urban demons, A Zombie’s life ……..game with it…

          i m not saying to chANge it to FJ..lol….xdxd

  2. I need helps with error “unable to find VL Gothic font”. I’m using win 10 and I can’t instal font even I had download on the Internet. Please are there anyone could help me solve this error :/

  3. So how does this game play work? It sounds like you switch play between the male and female.

    1. Not quite. In its first few builds (until about 0.3, I think) there was a mechanic where you could choose between Peter or Neala for the following day. But not enough content was being developed for Neala, so the mechanic was scrapped and she became a secondary main character.

  4. yoo, @Alexis112, i just want to tell you, there’s a hot game, called Sunvalley school. It’s still demo version but it has a lot sex scene.

    1. dear frnd adi gunawan plz provide the full name or the link of the game

    1. Mrs Amos?
      I’m assuming you mean the Store scene.
      Try going to the store straight after school.

  5. Can i decrease the size of the game, my game screen always pops up at the top of my screen and i cant put it down

    1. This happens because Nergal has different screen real-estate than most of his player base.
      But there is a way to rectify it.
      It’s a little convoluted, so I’ll break it down into small, easy steps.

      1: Launch the game as normal.
      2: Right-click the taskbar and then select properties.
      3: Place a check beside “Auto-Hide taskbar” then click apply and close the property window.
      4: Now when you move the mouse away, the taskbar will hide and the game window will get dragged down JUST ENOUGH to allow you to see your inventory.

      If you close the game and decide to re-open it, you’ll have to first disable Auto-Hide and follow the steps through again.

  6. when i extracted this it said i needed a password to the files. What is the password . PLZ help.

  7. Apparently Nergal is abandoning the game until further notice, it is unkown wether or not he will continue this game

    1. Abandoning and pausing his patreon due to RL issues that he declines to go into as they’re quite personal.
      He’s retained his patreon not for money (paused, no more payments are to be made or get processed) but so someone else can’t come along claiming to be him.

      He’s said he’s going to release unencrypted files sometime so anyone can mod them as they wish.

  8. hey people I really need help … when I downloaded that and tried to play a small black box appears on where it says it has any “runing problem” or something like that is the problem? and I really want to play this …

    1. Buddy, this type of game needs the Rgt(what it says in your pic) download it and u will can play.
      My english is bad btw, good luck

      1. Hey pal, thanks for the answer, but what’s that rgt? Is that an abbreviation for what?

        1. Come on now buddy, just download “RPGVX Ace RTP” as it says in the error message!

  9. Is there another program than RPGmaker that can be used to play this game? I changed some setting in it to play in fullscreen and now it will no longer play at all. Cannot even switch the setting back because the program need to be running properly to change settings.

  10. it seem don’t do anything and just tour around anyway when it release complete game? I miss the old version game it there i can download old version game. I want to play so bad and can you add more woman in this game for example artist, prinpical, gym teacher, lifeguard in the pool, and aunt. Also more mini puzzle game too. Sorry my grammer is so-so english.

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