Tlaero and Mortze – Redemption for Jessika

[Image: QVyV2JhX.jpg] [Image: xkLraVF2.jpg]

25 JANUARY 2016
Genre: Games, adv, simulator , 3d game
Censorship: No
Language: Eng
Size: 116 MB

This is a new game, with more than 1300 pages, and more than 1550 pictures. It is the biggest game we have done so far and it has some new gameplay features. We’re very excited about this.

[Image: sME4YQ2E.jpg] [Image: ozFdramh.jpg] [Image: 7bZuuKuS.jpg] [Image: c1Kl3ZrL.jpg] [Image: o6KVdUbN.jpg] [Image: YAu6tefS.jpg]

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