The Proteus Effect – Version 0.7.1 – Update

Release date: 2 February 2019
Genre: 3DCG, RPG, Female Protagonist, Fantasy, Masturbation, Transformation
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 777 MB


The Proteus Effect is a lighthearted roleplaying adventure game where you take on the role of a down-on-his-luck guy who lands the job of his dreams as a playtester at a virtual-reality game company. Things don’t turn out quite as he plans, however, and he soon finds himself both trapped in the virtual world and stuck in the body of a nubile young woman.

Join the hero and his companions on their adventures through the fantasy-themed worlds as they try to figure out what’s behind the game’s strange malfunctions and ultimately find a way home.​

5 thoughts on “The Proteus Effect – Version 0.7.1 – Update

  1. Hi!
    Great game, in story and in gameplay too. But when i have quest in Hospital to healt elfs, this game is very lagging and i slow to healt everyone, before he or she is sick again. It is bug, or i must make something else?

  2. somebody please help me.
    i don’t know waht should i do after beating stone king!
    apparently i should find 3 books, which i cant find the third one
    i should gain the bunnies support for voting to kill dragon
    and i also don’t know how should i do it.
    please help me

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