The Last Weekend (DEMO)

Release Year: 2016
Genre: ADV, Comedy, Tiny tits, Mystic, Blowjob, Striptease, Softcore
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 215 MB


A bunch of friends (2 boys and 2 girls) come to the country-house near the lake for a weekend.The house is situated deep in the forest, mobile phone signal is poor. There is no telephone line, any rain would make the dirt-roads impassable. The hostess – a modest skinny girls – greets the friends. The guests swim in the lake and have fun. It starts to rain. The guests go to the house where they have an chat sprinkled with alcohol. The hostess is with them. The chat proceeds to a question “If you were a supernatural being, what kind of being would you chose?” The hostess claims she wants to be Death, the others are confused. They have a drink for fulfillment of wishes.

The hostess has a drink and falls to the floor in a fit of cough. The guests don’t know what to do and she dies. A call to the police is made but they cannot come immediately because of the heavy rain.

A series of murders initiates. The hostess haunts the main characters and starts to kill them one by one.

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