The Family Secret – Episode 2 – Version – Update

Release date: 28 July 2018
Genre: 3DCG, Visual Novel, Renpy, Incest, Big Boobs, Family Sex, Adventure, Fantasy, Seduction, Romance, Vaginal Sex
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 2.5 GB


This is a Visual Novel about a young man who, together with his mother, moves to another city. 
A new college, a new home, a new life. And new stories.

41 thoughts on “The Family Secret – Episode 2 – Version – Update

  1. how much gameplay does this have? is it a starting version, because for 1.6 gb it should have a lot, but the pictures look like are taken just from one scene

    1. Basically Airplane episode…. but there is plenty of sex and voyeur scenes as no real work to get it….. size i would say is huge mainly due to images being high res.

      I do find it kinda funny to get caught by a BF to launch you into another path for sex with another lol…. basically explore your paths may only be two girls at first and couple voyuer scences but how and what you do depends on ya choices

  2. Better render is nothing without great (enought long) story… sometimes 300mb enaught for intense story for few hours.

    1. Totally agree.

      Fucking in the ass a complete stranger in a small plane toilet next to her boyfriend and your mother, get knocked by said boyfriend, then fucking the air hostess, is not something that can happen at all.

  3. I am sure this game is gonna be excellent,but maybe I will need an empty drive to place it.
    It has great scenes but ridiculous size.

  4. pretty good, but I feel that it is very short the different decisions that are made are good yet leaves you wanting more and keeps you trapped the plot is good enough outside as others as tested and I hope they get another update with more content.

    aaa! and if it weighs a lot but the images are very good quality …

  5. doesnt worth downloading and digging through the tons of meaningless text. 1 day only

  6. Yeah not enough content. After you go to sleep, no other character will show up. The dev could at least end the game there, so we don’t waist time looking around for nothing.

  7. Why I can’t extract the content of the game? said that any archives have been inside. I have winrar with what program you compress the game? Please answer the game sorry for my english I’m from Spain.

  8. Yep,after 1st episode and Christmas special ,its been 3 months so was expecting something great here , was a total waist of time 🙁

          1. Yep, same here for Version

            I downloaded Version two times and it was not possible, to unzip the file (damaged Archive)
            When i downloaded Version yesterday, the file was extracted but the Game was full of Bugs.

            Now the same Problem for Version (damaged Archive)^^

            Hope, u can fix this :o)

  9. use another fileformat if theres a problem, zip kinda sucks, rar or 7zip formats should not break in the same way as zip. and if you zip using winzip it uses its own zip format if you dont change it.

  10. For the second day is the match making for your job only a one time thing and trial and error before time runs out?

  11. For the second day is the match making for your job only a one time thing and not the trial and error game it was introduced as before time runs out?

  12. Version adds Day 2. But i think i’ll wait 3 months, so there is enough content.

  13. After spending the first day in chapter 2 it does not move forward and I’ve searched many times and nothing, if you give it 3 times where the map is you see an error and it weighs you out so much for nothing has disappointed me I hope you can solve it or at least explain what happens.

  14. Guys, there’s a hooker just outside your workplace, you can only find her at nights and once a week for what i’ve experienced. Now, your first coversation with her, she’ll tell you to find a place to fuck, then you must talk to your mom’s driver in the same place you meet with the hooker but in the morning or afternoon. If anyone knows anything to make progress with another character, let us know please. Just for the mom, i did all the short scenes with her all around the apartment, but the most i got from all of this was watching her covered in a towel while i’d wank in front of her. I also got the number of that fat girl but nothing happened then.

  15. in episode 2 ,how to see mary (mom in the game) tits in bathroom ???
    how to have sex mary ??

  16. yea me too got on the part cant get anything and no one is asking for any just on one place but didnt know that with the hooker

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