The Artifact : Part 1 – Version 1.0 – Update

Release date: 8 February 2017
Genre: RPG, 3DCG, Incest, Big tits, Big breasts, Oral, Adventure, Sexy Girls, Big Tits, Milf, All sex
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 1.33 GB


A family of five (Son, Older Sister, Younger Sister, Mom and Dad) have just moved to a new town to start a new life. The player stumbles upon an ancient artifact. Accidentally infusing himself with it, and unleashes monsters into a world between worlds. These beings will stop at nothing to destroy the artifact’s host to gain entry into the real world.
This artifact has uncontrollable powers, but feeds off of sexual energy to survive. The player will need to feed onto his own desires to prevent the artifact from killing it’s host and bringing terrible monster’s into this world.
These powers may provide scenes with invisibility, instantly making people horny, Increase Penis Size, etc.
The player will still need to find natural ways to get into his family’s pants.

Part 1 Changelog :

– 1 New Scene
Author Words:
“I’ve now finished with the last scene of V0.5b. With this scene marks the end of “Part 1.” “Part 2″ will begin with the next update in a new game file. This is to keep the game from getting too large in size.”

0.5b Save File Start:


30 thoughts on “The Artifact : Part 1 – Version 1.0 – Update

  1. can’t you post only the savegame for the 0.4? I downloaded the entire game before the fix, so I don’t want to download it again just because of a tiny file. thanks!

  2. Could you upload The Artifact Part 1? It is obviously only one new Scene, bu I would like to know it?


  3. I am stuck at Aunt’s house/neighbor’s house with no instructions how to get pass either of them.

    1. 1) wait for the first guard or parent let her/him come.
      2) If he goes back then go to near the wardrobe(right to the corridor) and hide.
      3) If he comes and turn to left then go throught the corridor and hide on the right side.
      4) wait the until the first guard come closer and the if he goes to the towards the entrance turn on the tv
      5) the second guard will come, hide under the couch and wait until he passes by
      6) go to the second floor

      7) go down and near the bed pick up the key
      8) go up and turn on the music
      9) lock the door

      The AI of the game if “intresting”, sometimes they only see you if you are in front of them and closer than 3 units.

  4. how the heck do you get stealth mode to work i cant find out how and i hit every key on my keyboard.

  5. Hello anyone could help me please? After the text says that ” absorb the Inuit’s essence to activate the gate! I had picked up all the 4 blue flame but notthing happens. What I need to do?

  6. How do you finish the neighbor sidequest? I’m finished with everything but that and can’t find a way to finish the game.

  7. i couldn’t get to bed on first day.. is there something wrong or any missing file?
    please help

    1. color corresponds to position on a clock, 4 pillars green red blue yellow, change the button to the position it would be as if it were the clock. I seem to remember green being at 12 o’clock. hope this helps

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