Teacher’s Pets – Version 1.632 – Update

Release date: 27 September 2017
Genre: Visual Novel, Interactive, Erotic Adventure, Sexy Girls, Small Tits, Beautiful Ass, Blowjob, Incest, Family Sex, Father-Daughter, Mom-Daughter, Mind-Control, Corruption, Blackmail
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 251 MB [Windows], 250 [Mac], 253 MB [Linux]



Teacher’s Pets is an adult game. You play as a teacher starting out at a new school. There are schoolgirls, there is your wife, there is your beautiful daughter. How you interact with each of them is up to you but, yes, there will be sex.




52 thoughts on “Teacher’s Pets – Version 1.632 – Update

    1. No its not. ill say is a 0.0.3 version. some scenes are missing but the story and the interaction between the narrator and the Mc are quite hilarious.

    1. – Sex with wife.
      – Peeking at the shower wife/daughter.
      – 2 wet Dreams with 2 students.
      – Uncover daughter while sleeping.
      – Play with daughter pussy why she sleep.

      The models of the game the’re not best, the premise, story so far is quite good. I’ll keep an eye on this tittle.

        1. You can’t. The best you can do is “get a better view” while she is asleep. Otherwise, with the latest update (v1.51) you can play with her pussy during the shower scene. Though if you’ve gone that far she will wrap a towel around herself and leave the bathroom (if you decide to help wash her in shower) angry.

  1. Just FYI, there are (many?) bugs being reported to the author atm, which they’re working on.

  2. It seems like, version 1.25 was ok. Then version 1.26 has many bugs and version 1.27 repeats scenes over and over again and I had 5 horny point and from evening to night I was down to 0 again. Version 1.27 is buggier then this game has been ever before!
    Are these real updates or just bullshit … put some real time and effort in this game and it could be great.

    1. There is only one cheat in the Game so far; Which allows you to have Max Depravity; Lots of Money, and Unlimited* Item Usage.

      *during certain interactions where you need more than one pill you need to have another pill in your Inventory for it to work And they may be used up.

      When starting a new game, it asks for your Credit Card Number; Type this in: 0073735963

      1. If you get all the achievements, is that it? I keep seeing the same thing over and over, so I was just wondering before I spent any more time on this.

  3. Has anyone made progress with anyone, or do you just keep seeing the same scenes over and over?

    1. A couple. But it’s still buggy and still very repetitive, with the same result, over and over.

  4. He was supposed to fix achieves I guess, but they won’t stick. Much less buggy, otherwise.

  5. Anyone get anywhere with the other teacher, Anne?

    The only thing I get with her is asking her about her day to which she talks about the girls that got in a fight. And I can also say I have a problem with a student but that doesn’t seem to make any difference either, no matter which student I pick.

    Bug? Or just missing something?

    1. Early on in a new save two patches ago, I somehow got a scenario with her in which you attend a staff meeting, get drinking with her, then skip out to give her a creampie. Nothing else since then.

      1. I restarted the game just after I posted this and I did end up getting that scene as well. But then after just the same two questions.

        On the bright side, now don’t need the pills to do the wife.

  6. How do I use my cell phone icon in my daughter’s room image?
    I can’t use it

    1. Are you referring to the cell phone that your daughter asked for? You’ll have to be in the same room with her in order to give her the phone.

    1. you loose a point after sleeping, not sure if it’s supposed to be like that, but it’s constant for me.
      plus a point when you take a shower.

  7. in the bug fixes it is mentioned movie night “pills”, so does that mean that you can trigger the event more than once? if so, how?

  8. how do i put pills in the girls? and how do i increase the corruption in general? i’m able to put pills in Sara’s drink. but the cheerleader i can only blackmail and it doesn’t increase her corruption. and I can’t find Meghan anywhere… i told her the boys are right for the jacket, maybe that screw things up between us?

    and how do i travel to other locations? i go only to home, school, store and that drug dude.

    1. You may have to start from the beginning in order to talk to the wife. The only problem is, unless an event is triggered (such as having sex with the wife or walking in on her while she is showering), you can only talk to her once per day.

  9. How do you get the third piece of evidence against Kaitlyn? I have her with the guy in the locker room and I have her drinking in the locker room, but I can’t get a third.

    1. yeah. I want to know also. Same things everyday I do. And how I can get 80 romance with daughter?Still -10..

    2. i don’t know about drinking…. i had an episode where she smoked weed, and i went to the dude and bought drugs and “planted” them in her locker.
      about romance with daughter – pills. buy the pills from the dude and give it to her. this will brake her and start accumulating romance.
      i bought her clothes before that, though, i’m not sure if you can continue if you haven’t, because she tries them on when you give her the pill

      1. IckoBicko – Kaitlyn is smoking a cigarette when you first walk into the girls locker room. The drug dealer doesn’t sell weed. Only the mind control pill and tar heroin.

  10. File “game/3 action.rpy”, line 63, in script
    File “C:\Users\pauly d\Desktop\TP-1.62-win\renpy\ast.py”, line 1656, in execute
    if renpy.python.py_eval(condition):
    File “C:\Users\pauly d\Desktop\TP-1.62-win\renpy\python.py”, line 1749, in py_eval
    return py_eval_bytecode(code, globals, locals)
    File “C:\Users\pauly d\Desktop\TP-1.62-win\renpy\python.py”, line 1743, in py_eval_bytecode
    return eval(bytecode, globals, locals)
    File “game/3 action.rpy”, line 63, in
    NameError: name ‘toilet_fixed’ is not defined
    this bug happens when trying to continue the daughter changing scene.

    1. You may have to delete your saves and start a new game.

      They should be located in C:\users\\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\bts4-1492222560
      You should also have version 1.632 as well.

      BTW, I am using Win7 Ultimate (x64). So your directory structure may or may not be different from mine depending on what OS you’re using.

      Hope that helps.

  11. how could u guys shower with daughter? she keep telling me that i need play my cards right

  12. So, what’s new about this update….. cause it looks like just a small update from v.1.631 to v.1.632.

    Please the explanation

      1. in what update we can play with daughter puss* other than “nice view”??

        and how to get the change to see the wife’s body in the shower, and play with daughter in shower too??

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