SummertimeSaga – Version 0.12.10 Alpha – Update

Release date: 22 May 2017
Genre: Visual Novel, Big tits, Dating Sim, Humor, Incest, VN, Voyeurism, Humor, RPG, SLG, Milf, Brother-Sister, Mom-Son, Aunt-Cousin
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 559 MB [Windows], 557 MB [Mac], 575 MB [Andoird]


After his father died leaving his mother, sister and him behind, there fathers death though was suspicious and police investigated it . He also left the family a huge debt to some shady people. So now he has to look after them both plus find the people that caused his fathers death, save for college and find a girl for prom.

– Visual Novel story progression
– Dating sim stat and quest progression
– Enhanced experience through cut scenes and mini games
– Powered by Renpy Engine

Version 0.12.10 Changelog :

* Added sister story, quests and dialogues
* Sister H-scenes (various locations)
* New shower scenes
* New telescope scenes
* New home layout and rooms
* New locations on map (Church, Police station…)
* Multiple new BGs
* New Somrak quests
* New punching bag minigame moves and art
* All minigame mechanics improved
* Many new characters
* New Mom dialogues and new H-scene
* New Aunt Diane H-scene
* 2 New Aunt Diane dialogue scenes
* Mom story flow rework
* Sister computer improvements and new content
* Library layout modified for future content
* New Mall stores
* New items
* New cut-scenes (and dream sequence)
* Menu VFX
* New music and SFX
* Android build more compatible with minigames
* Bug fixes





70 thoughts on “SummertimeSaga – Version 0.12.10 Alpha – Update

  1. um… i have done the homework, but i can’t give it to the teacher.
    is this a bug, or it’s not complete?

    1. 1.You will not find the 0.10 version for free there.
      2.Here on my website the game is free, nobody will charge you for downloading it.

  2. Basically this version is unplayable after a hour playing there is too many bug so skip this one till v0.11.5 released
    btw if u want to play prev version you can search in this web or go to darkcookies patreon page
    0.10c are public released now

  3. this version full of bugs. so don’t download it. wait for bugs fixed version. its going to be released in a hour or two

  4. There’s a picture here where mom is about to give a blowjob, how can i play this scene? Found everything already except this one.

  5. There’s a picture here where mom is about to give a blowjob. How can i play this scene? Found everything so far except this one.

  6. Okay. I’ve tried every possible thing I can think of for the sisters password. Has anyone figured it out? And if so, could you please share it with me? Thanks!

  7. Why cant I use the bug spray that I bought? I have them all. Does someone else have this problem?

  8. I’ve got:
    – mom hj/bj in the shower
    – mom sex in her bedroom
    – mom bj while sleeping
    – friend hj in the stall
    – lifeguard bj in the pool
    – girl at the store

    Am I missing something? There’s several screens with the aunt but they don’t let us buy the cow suit at the store…

  9. Save files from older version doesnt work. As in when I click “map” it shows error. do I have to play from the start again ?!

  10. After i download the apk and installing it. I cant install it its says apk not installed but i have enough space more than 1gb ,someone help me plss

    1. The android phones are a little shitty at storage they said you have 1 gb free but they didn’t let you to install nothing, I left the android to a ios.

      1. The last version of summertime saga(11.10) i already installed it last week but the (11.60) i cant installed and even in the mega link i cant download the apk after it reach the 411mb it go back and start again on the main page of the SS. Are you sure your file is not corrupted?? Can you test the file plss if it work in your android maybe my phone have some issues not the file

          1. I think your apk is corrupted that’s why I cant install it

  11. I install the apk on my android phone and i dont understand the first mission with master?
    I give it the sisters panties, after they show some arrows I dont understand?
    How to do that??
    Please help me.

  12. I can’t install it.. its says the app not installed.. should i root my phone..? Do you guys who use android and can install it had root your phone..?

  13. Sorry i have a questione, why when i press ENTER at the computer password and with master at gym it doesn’t work?

  14. Hey,
    thanks for the new update!

    Is it compatible with the old saves?

      1. I don’t think there is a lot off bugs With older saves. When i tryed to use them the game sens an error message

  15. version 12.0..when you invite the auntie to dinner … when they go to the table the problem appears … does not let go.

  16. Hello.
    Has anyone got a problem with save?
    When I save the game and try to load it I have a crash!!!!
    Is it a bug or it’s my pc’s problem?

    1. I can’t load saved game too – game crashes and kicks out to desktop 🙁

  17. Can you upload a save file ?? the game is way to delicit and any mistake could ruin the entire timeline

  18. Warning! Only play if your not interested in saving the game. All new saves will not work. Game crashes and you get an exception error message. Wish I was aware of this before I invested 5 hours of play time.

    1. Same. I got pretty far, only to discover I need to start over. Will wait for new version before I bother, if I bother.

  19. When I try to load the game (ver. 0.12.10 alpha) it closes and aparace a TXT saying “I’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.”

  20. Which item do i have to buy to progress with the sister quest?. I skip the text like a retard and now when i talk with her i just can say that i dont have the item, i already buy half of the sex shop and nothing happends

      1. u need to go on the roof. To do this u ll need small key that is placed next to home entrance and chair from the basement or garage.

  21. how can i buy cheerleader girl costume in summertime saga///

    help plz

    1. You don’t. It’s in the attick. Key is hanging on a hook at the bottom of the stairs.

  22. I have the Cheerleader costume, but it won’t let me give it to her?! Only options are talk(and she kicks me out of room), trade for panties(then it says “Not Yet”), and make a deal (where she takes $500 and just lets me suck her tits)


      1. Actually, you have to keep training in Muai Thai, and eventually you get to. Even if you cheated and are maxed out. I just wish you could advance with Roxxy or Miss Bissett or the Principal. I can’t do anything at school anymore. Can’t recruit other poker players or get any closer to scoring prom date. Mia goes no where.

  23. How to open the articc so that I can get the cheerleader outfit for my sister’s cam show

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