Squire Quest – Demo Version 0.1

Release date: 20 March 2017
Genre: Visual Novel, Quest, Blonde, Sexy Girl, Nice Boobies, Sexy Ass
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 32 MB


The game’s plot as it stands is about a boy named Olric.

Olric is from a kingdom far far away known as Edriël. He is squire to the Prince of Edriël by day and quite the playboy at night! The game’s main story focuses on Olric and his life of being a squire.


● Detailed crafting system
● Better combat system
● New inventory system
● Better shop system
● Random events
● More characters of which include: merchants, dock workers, elves in forest, wild huntress, queen, other princesses, king, king’s mistress, brothel girls, tavern girls, aunt, cousin, monks, blacksmith, armor smith, soldiers, slave master at arena and many more
● Proper equipment system
● Arena system
● Perhaps in the far future the possibility of traveling to another kingdom…
● Maybe some slave trainer element but haven’t decided yet
● Bigger forests
● Possibility of farming and fishing
● Expressions
● Skill tree system
● More quests
● Leveling system
● And many more


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