Sex Zombie – Version 0.5.1 – Update

Release date: 2 June 2017
Genre: RPG, Action, Erotic Adventure, Sexy Girls, Big Tits, All Sex, Blowjob, Deepthroat, Doggystyle, Hardcore Sex, Horror, Survival, Zombies
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 376 MB


SEX ZOMBIE is a survival horror game set in a post-apocalyptic modern world, made using the RPGMaker MV engine but utilizing unique “retro”-style graphics. It is meant to be a sexualized parody of popular survival horror games like Resident Evil and The Last Of Us – but being a parody doesn’t mean it compromises on the story in any way.
In this game, you take the role of Juno, a survivor of the apocalypse and a trained engineer (a shout-out to Isaac from Dead Space), trying to navigate between a failing human society cloistered in fortified sanctuaries and an outside world ravaged by the infection.

Version 0.5.1 Changelog:

* There is a new ‘struggle system’ that’s been added to the combat part of the game. Basically, if a zombie catches Juno, it’s not immediately forced sex time. She can button mash “A” and if she succeeds, she pushes away and stuns the zombie for some time. If the zombie is backed up against a wall or something, it will just be stunned, but not pushed away. Struggle works differently depending on the different types of enemies. Regardless of enemy type, however, struggle always takes 30 seconds to recharge, and so should be used as a last-ditch measure.
* Added the Cold Pines area, which advances the story forward a little. This is an ‘outside’, or countryside series of maps, which introduce our new enemy type to the game…
*… Hounds. As per the popular vote, hounds have now been added to 0.5. At the moment they’re text-only in terms of scenes, but have full combat functionality and will have their CG added for the next Sex Zombie update! Expect some doggystyle loving coming for next month! Hounds can be found in outdoorsy-type areas. They move extremely fast compared to the walkers, but are far weaker, and can be killed by Juno with struggling alone. I’m particularly interested to know how players fare dealing with hounds because I personally am quite scared of my own creation. Seriously, when I was playtesting they moved so fast and juking them is so hard ;_;
* Added the CG for the walker attack scene. The walker bad end scene still doesn’t have CG.
* Added the CG for the swarm in the high school toilets. This is my favourite personal scene in-game thus far, and I’d love to do more swarms in the future. Maybe one for each area, I’m thinking?
* The ABS has been overhauled, and combat should work properly now. In particular, the GUI on the top left displaying weapons should now correctly correspond to your weapons + ammo. The “clip” indicates your currently-loaded weapon + how much is loaded, while “rounds” is what you have in reserve. It works quite quickly at the moment thus posing no real risk management, but we’re going to add reload times in future updates. For example, pistols will load fastest, but shotguns will load the slowest.
* The gamebreaking save glitch is over, thankfully. You should now be able to save and – more importantly – load the game without issue. No more hard mode where you can’t save the game at all in your playthrough! (Unless you guys… wanted a hard mode?) Enemies should no longer flash and disappear and jam the whole map once you load a save.
* Items randomly appearing and disappearing in saves/loads has been dealt with. Appeared to be a problem linked to the saves glitching out.


6 thoughts on “Sex Zombie – Version 0.5.1 – Update

    1. The zombie horror tile set and sprites are commercially available to anyone making games with RPG Maker MV.

      A Zombie’s Life is just the most famous game to use it thus far.

  1. if i load my save file i cant go throw doors until i get “cought” by zombies it´s just annoying if the MP r 0 and with every other save i get the same problem

    any1 have same problems?

    1. That games have child porn, so I don’t post them because I will have problems with k2s/fboom.

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