Research into Corruption – Version 0.6.5 Fixed – Update

Release date: 8 October 2018
Genre: RPG, 3DCG, Erotic Adventure, Sexy Girls, Big Tits, Beautiful Ass, Erotic Content, Family Sex, Mother-Son, Brother-Sister, Seduction, Corruption, Voyeur, Incest
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 1.3 GB 


This is a Modded RPGMV Game to simulate a type of Visual Novel Exploration Corruption game.
Note : This is not your ordinary RPG Maker Game!
You need to corrupt the people around you to help you with your new line of work.


– Loop when in Effie’s home and you don’t have her key;
– Disappearing icons for the apps;
– Skipping animations no longer freezes the game.

– Black screen when getting Effie’s number and 1st message (controls are still there, try to click the ‘Go to Map’ button on the right hand side of the screen);
– Repeating of transition, this appears to be so much work that I won’t fix it because it’s only temporarily.




63 thoughts on “Research into Corruption – Version 0.6.5 Fixed – Update

  1. Can’t type in a character name. Screen advances when you click anything and says “Type Error: Undefined is not a Function.” Totally frozen at that point.

    1. If you hit the ‘X’ key, you can delete the text present in the box (learned this from another game using same system).

      1. It’s not that you can’t type… the whole type input box (with alphabet and all) does not appear so you have no other choice but to click and then because you can’t input a name the error is displayed Type Error: Undefined is not a Function. what to do? and why others don’t have this problem? I have only RPG Maker VX Ace RTP installed.

  2. Alexis, can you put the author names somewhere in the information please. Some of these games have names titles that are really hard to look up.

    1. ask me for them, for a moment i will not put the names.
      This one is Boomatica.

    1. I agree, I felt it was much better before. Was really no need to completely rework it. Not having control over things and making it all random just doesn’t work in my mind.

    2. Yeah. I first thought it was a bug….. Cant say I like the way it plays now

      1. I also thought it was a bug. And even though I know it is not a bug, it still just feels like one, like it shouldn’t work that way or something.

        Plus saves from the last version didn’t work which kind of sucks as well.

  3. This revamp is completely screwy what the heck. Go back to the old corruption way this feels weird and just to off

    1. I have to agree. It’s more a random generator than controlling which character you interact with.

      1. I liked the original before they changed the name of game the first time just to much changing

        1. I didn’t like either way but ya the very first way was best esp when the cell phone worked, I would go with another corruption way if sister is greater than or = to x corruption and mom is knocking on the door and suspects you are doing something her level will rise if it is greater than x also, idk figure I’ll wait it out but this random event aspect is the worst, I can’t time who or what I’m doing at and last patch I half of the new stuff was broken.. then again I just kept repeating the hand job from sister over and over again because hehe..

  4. Anyone manage to get the cheerleader outfit scene to work? I have both the mom and sister corrupt enough but every time I try it, the game just says I should wait for her to be home. Problem is it says that every time even when she is home.

  5. The outfit change does not work I bought the cheerleading outfit and tried to use it even when they are home it keeps saying wait until they are home

  6. Hi Alexis ! Hallo to the community of fans of this game (or at least interested in it) !
    I must confess that I found the previous conception better than this one and a little bit more logical and easier to follow the action. But nevertheless, the game has a certain potential. Full respect to the developers, but I hope that they’ll keep in mind the critics and comments made in the community.

    And now my problem : I do not suceed to work and earn money. ( In former versions one has had to click on computer in sister’s room). HOW DOES IT WORKS NOW ??
    Many thanks in advance for your hints!

    Warm regards to all !

    1. I agree that I preferred the previous iteration. I liked the character bubbles in the house letting you know where they were.

      1. overlooking the crappy interface change, i for one cant believe the patrons requested a fucking rng to decide what scenes they get to see, if i was a patron i would have dropped out after this change

    2. It’s a button on the side in city view. you will see it every time you get kicked back out of the house 😛 snicker, use it while they are at work/school

      1. it’s on the left side and says patron, I know if every other game it would be a link to the patron page but no not in his games..

  7. while ı am extracting the files ”/www/audio/bgm/dungeon2.ogg. the file is corrupt”
    anyone knows??

    1. Looks like you’ll have to do some “research into corruption” huehuehue

  8. It says auntie content but yet you can not corrupt her and it states coming soon the heck.

    1. In 0.4.9e it says “Auntie content NOT yet”. It’s planned but not ready for implementation yet.
      Same for the twins.

      0.4.9f spews out so many errors the game won’t load.
      He’s working on this. Expect it to work again in the next build.

  9. I actually kind of like this game.
    The sister is adorable, but the mom’s art is almost straight-lifted from Glassix (which uses SBPR, by the way). It’s Ms. Saiko the teacher, and her face portrait doesn’t match her AT ALL.

    My main crticism of this game is that it’s RPG Maker MV.
    And the poor optimisation of the code leads to game freezing for up to 10 seconds after a movie has finished playing.
    The interface is awkward. I didn’t know it before, but it’s VERY unintuitive.

    Instead of using the Patreon symbol (which they could actually have him on, I think… Unless he has permission to use it) he could have gone with either a picture of a wallet, a $, £ or € instead.
    And using Google Maps icon for the town view without permission is actually theft of intellectual property.

    Still there’s room for improvement and a lot still to go in. It has potential and I hope someone has mentioned all this to him on his Patreon.

  10. can same one find out on the patreon why there is to verseen of this game there are research into corruption 0.5.1 and subiminal corruption 0.2.2 same woman oh and were the hell is the bl;;;;;ly BROTHEL

  11. The dev needs to add some aunt content and the phone messaging system should update. This updat seems the same

  12. That’s only one purpose of updates. The other one is to fix bugs.

    The most up to date version is 0.5.2.
    He’ll add more content when it’s ready. I think he just wants the game to run smoothly first.

  13. does not work I downloaded twice it keeps telling me it can not open as archive and I have latest 7zip and winzip. Please reupload

    1. I downloaded it on 2 different devices now and it works with winrar and 7zip so it must be you.

      1. I don’t know what the problem is I tried again and gives the same error that it is not an archive. I even tried renaming the downloan to just ridc instead of the ridc compressed zip they give you

          1. I still can’t find the cheat I clicked the bear and just about everywhere around the tv where the heck is it?

      1. The original developer received a communiqué from Patreon.
        Kind of like “change it or remove this from our site” Patreon sends this out to a lot of incest based games (which is why MrDots moved DmD). Boom was unwilling to change it to suit a faceless company so he ceased development of it and gave the green light to anyone else that wanted to take up the reins. Someone stepped up and is still trying to understand how the system Boom wrote works.
        I think, given time, he’ll be able to release something quite close to Boom’s vision.

  14. Fun game. I hope someone is/will continue it. Looking forward to corrupting Auntie.

  15. Nice graphics. Plus, I love the games like these. I’ve played games like “A Mother & A Wife” and “Linda’s Special Day”, and it’s the incest corruption games like these I find very hot and erotic. I always fantasy about my mother.

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