Re:maid – Version 1.82

Release date: July 2016
Genre: Vn, All sex, sexy, nude, uncensored
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 85 MB

About :

Suppose you arrive at the big city for university. Your meager scholarship won’t pay for a dorm, so you look on the internet for a place to rent and you find a decent-ish hovel to make your home. It turns out you’ll have to split it with a roommate though, and as you find out to either your joy or deep regret, that roommate is a very strong-willed girl.

Everything added together, this visual novel contains some 110K words. To read every single line would take your average reader more than 7 hours..! Each single play-through is much shorter though, meaning the game is fun to replay and there’s lots to explore. It also features incredible beautiful graphics and sex scenes (directed by artist LASTERK) constantly accompanying the story, so you don’t have to be big on reading to get into it.…rsion.1.82.rar

2 thoughts on “Re:maid – Version 1.82

  1. Do you have to have something else downloaded or move something in the folders? I get “Script Error, script missing or malformed, did you extract all files?” I’m pretty sure I did.

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