My Lovely Sara – Version 0.5 + Walkthrough – Update

Release date: 18 October 2018
Genre: POV, BDSM, Toys, Anal, Blowjob, Public Sex
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 393 MB [Win] 393 MB [Mac]


What is MLD about?
MLD simulate a type of “Visual Novel” and “Corruption”.
Im using: TyranoBuilder, Daz3D, Photoshop.​




10 thoughts on “My Lovely Sara – Version 0.5 + Walkthrough – Update

  1. “Release date: 15 February 20178”

    We’ve got to wait 18 millennia to download it? Holy Crap!! 🙂

      1. No worries. But I wondered if after waking up on day 2 if that was the end of the dialogue until the next update? Or am I missing something I didn’t do?

  2. Incredibly limited content. This is just day 1 and is basically “Hi, I’m your dad” ” oh, that’s cool” *The End*. Skip it until more is developed.

  3. No saved games listed from the previous (v0.2) version? Thank the deities the previous version was short..

    1. I juts found a way around that. What you need to do is copy the file “My_Lovely_Daughter_tyrano_data.sav” to the new game folder and then load your save.

  4. Important information! Recently, the author appealed that he can not fully implement the project due to strong financial problems. It is not possible to get the right amount. Who would be interested in the project or who is already a patron, please help with finances. New versions will come out much faster!
    Link to the project page and to the author’s post:

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