MoGi Origins – [Beta] [Version 1.170]

Release Date: 05 MAY 2016
Genre: eroge, quest, sex, interactive, erotic
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 104 MB

What’s New? (V1.17)
Rudy is playable! (press C+R to switch with Voms. Beware of small glitches)
2 new Mogi! (RockGirls Stone and Gold)
Toadstool got new attacks and cum scene! (she is no longer an Amanita clone)
Voms gets his first upgrade/new move! (Ground Smash)
A new area is added, the Tunnels!
New music in the Farms!

Other changes include:
A new map system – press Enter to view the map (Do not delete map.ini)
The city had a few major fixes (more to come!)
Voms’ Orbs have changed fundamentally.
Updated running animation for Voms.
Some new NPCs and conversations.
Enemy AI made slightly different.…ta_1.17%29.rar

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