Mario is Missing – Version 3.43 – Update

Release date: 30 October 2017 
Genre: RPG, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Monster Girl, Sex, Mario, Arcade, Flash, Princess, Blonde, Big tits
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 37 MB



Mario takes Peach out on a train, while the two are away from the castle, airships invade Mushroom Kingdom and Kamek curses the inhabitants of the castle with a perverse pheromone.
Bowser kidnaps Mario. In order to rescue him Peach must exhaust Bower’s army with the only weapons available to her.

Changelog 3.43:

 Please reload an external XML (english or other) to refresh the language of the game! Use the ones in my GITHUB. Or you can just click RESET SAVES in the first screen if you dont have saved games and you dont want to mess around the XML files (English only!) 
– NEW: Bowser Jr scene! To see it, you have to lose all of your lives, then go to the prison for at least 2 times. He might appear in future ‘gameovers’ there. This scene is also in the Bowser gallery 
– NEW: Now you can zoom in the gallery! Just select a given scene, then click in any area of the scene. There are 4 zoom modes. If you click more than 3 times, it will go back to default zoom. 
– ADDED Bobomb Buddy and Luigi scenes to the Friends gallery 
– ADDED Luma scene 3 to the game (it had only two in the game, but all three in the gallery). Just talk to Lumas and select option 3. 
– Rule change: Bowser scene in the prison will now happen if you visit there three times. He might appear in future visits there. 
– Glitch Fix: Bowser gallery scene was not working anymore 
– Glitch Fix: Music in 1-5 sometimes is duplicated with another song when the princess loses a life or went underwater 
– Glitch Fix: sometimes in the worldmap, the princess with a chainball was locking herself up (not being possible to move anymore) 
– Glitch Fix: the checkpoint in levels like 1-1 was not working as a checkpoint (the princess was returning to the start of the level upon losing a lie) 
– Glitch Fix: when going to bonus toad house level, a blueprint was being shown in the level loading screen, but there isnt any in that level! 
– Glitch Fix: certain koopalings (bosses) not advancing during scenes, like Ludwig and Wendy, as well as certain enemy scenes like the 5th chuck scene. 
– Glitch Fix: certain Anuboos and ‘laid goombas’ are with reversed text balloons.



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  1. Does anyone know how to access your inventory in this game? It says its full but i can’t find a key to open it.

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