Love and Submission – Version 0.06.1 – Update

Release date: 18 June 2018
Genre: big breasts, adventure, 3dcg, visual novel
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 726 MB


After traveling through Asia you finally arrive back home to your family. Having no access to the internet you see your family the first time after 2 years. A lot has changed: There are new neighbors now, your mom started dating and your old friends have changed.
As the title implies, there are two paths you can go for, you either build up a romantic loving relationship or approach a “different” kind of relationship. 
My goal is to create a game where the impact of your decision is big enough to decide what you are going to see, experience and even who you meet.

Changelog 0.06.1:

– Fixed Amy’s diary key mechanic
– Fixed still active Love stats after starting the harem path

13 thoughts on “Love and Submission – Version 0.06.1 – Update

  1. Think I played the first verision and can surely say this one stands out. Seemes to be written by someone who speaks proper english. When I played it was just first or second day(At the point where old gf gets raped). How far has it progressed since?

          1. Jeezz… Look in the corner by the fence in the garden. And you’ll get access to the basement of you just follow the mothers story.

          2. i already got access to the basement long time ago there is nothin n there and the garden light is broken where is the fucking switch for fuck sake

    1. on the top floor there is a blueprint of the house with the hints
      1 is in the basement you have to tidy it up and you will find it
      2 is behind a picture with a face if you go into the room before the basement you have to pick up a kitchen knife to get it
      3 in the garen there is a really small lamp on the ground near the fence you have to dig it up with a shovel from the garage

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