Life – Version 0.11.05 – Update

Release date: 6 February 2019
Genre: Incest, Big Boobs, Romance, Brother-Sister
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 1.6 GB [Win/Mac]


Life is about Mark living his day to day life.​


##Added 146 new renders.
##Implemented a notification system for increases and decreases in stats and affection.
##You can no longer be caught while peeking at Sarah in the shower.
##Renamed story mode to “Fast(er) mode”.
##Implemented a skip day button, click the day display to skip to the next day.
##Added two scenes in the gym with Jenna and Jenny.
##Added a scene with Jenna, Jenny and Sarah in the kitchen.
##Added a scene with Jenny in the living room.
##Mark will now get paid on Fridays.
##Added two scenes with Sarah by the pool.
##Added a scene with Sarah in the bathroom.
##Added a scene with Jenna and Jenny in the gym.
##Added a scene with Jenna, Jenny and Sarah in the gym.
##Added a scene with Jenna and Jenny in J&J’s Bedroom.
##Added a scene with Jenna and Jenny in the bathroom.
##Removed a few optional achievements from showing as <unknown>.
##Added a short scene with Jenna and Jenny in the bathroom.
##Fixed an inconsistency related to the thesis if you were using storymode.
##Fixed some scientific inaccuracies relating to quantum mechanics.



5 thoughts on “Life – Version 0.11.05 – Update

  1. Is there any way of leaving the house?
    Need to go to college to get job, but there appears to be no exit from the home…

  2. So, I take a networking class with a teacher who has no clue what he’s doing , and this game has already taught me more than he has.

  3. Encouraging the player to learn something real (such as networking) is a great thing to include in a porn game as long as it’s not too tedious. If the player wants the best result he’ll reload until he gets it right and will thereby learn the right answer.

    I like the bodies and the story development so far, but the grinding to score is too tedious without any compensation along the way. A porn-watcher can easily find a free online movie without having to grind a game for hours to get a sex scene. Playing a game to score can be a fun difference to just watching an online movie but there needs to be compensation while working towards scoring with the main targets. One possibility is to have sex scenes along the way either with or without the main targets. If this seems too unreal (eg. having your teacher or a student give you a blow job the first day of class) putting the scene in a dream sequence is an easy solution.

    Also the name of the game is too general. It should be something that a google search will bring up at the top of the list.

    1. My comment is basically irrelevant and should be deleted. The game does not promise any sex.

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