Karmasutra – Version 1.4 – Update

Release date: 3 January 2017
Genre: Visual Novel, Action, Adventure, RPG, Anime, Fantasy, Big tits, All sex, Monster Girls
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 1.4 GB


As our protagonist awakes in this strange land, he’s quickly introduced to concept of Samsara; the journey across Tattva that all “Wanderers” must undergo to cleanse themselves of sin. Confused by this sudden pitch, our Wanderer also learns that this so-called “call of Nirvana” is not absolute; in fact, there are some Wanderers that choose to ignore the call in exchange for the infinite sexual & material pleasures – and dangers – that this mysterious afterlife seems to offer.
In this foreign realm however, Wanderers are not the only residents. From the sacred gurus who guide Wanderers and the demonic Asurian tricksters to the monstrous manifestations of sin and the Gods themselves, Tattva is never truly what it seems. But in this mysterious world, where both the path of Sin and the path Merit seem to lead to their own rewards and consequences, which path is truly correct? And more importantly, which path will you, the Wanderer, choose?

Inspired by the likes of Dark Souls, Earthbound, and various tabletop RPGs, Karmasutra is an intense, erotic hybrid RPG & Visual Novel taking place in a rich, detailed, open world.
• 25+ Explorable Locations
• 13 Unique Girls to Encounter & 7 Monster Girls to Seduce
• 20+ Uncensored Scenes
• Unique Gameplay inspired by Dungeons & Dragons
• Deep Reaching Exploration & Choice System
• Visual Novel Style Interactions
• No DRM


-Added Content Pack Selection
-Added h-scenes for all enemies
-Added an extra h-scene at the end of Einya’s Hidden/Alternative Ending
-Added new interaction scenes between Saanvi and Lydria
-Added a new NPC, Vari, who has a new route, 2 new game endings, and a conversation feature to converse with inhabitants as they move to Vatika. Also has a new h-scene.
-Fixed various smaller bugs throughout the game that may have caused annoyances to players


10 thoughts on “Karmasutra – Version 1.4 – Update

  1. This page says version 2.1.0 but the file says it is version 1.0

    Which is it?

  2. Hey, a bug fix patch for this was released recently, and I don’t think that this version has it. Any chance you could update it, or just add the patch separately? Please and thank you!

      1. So any luck? Not trying to be pushy, this is just one of the better games I’ve seen. Or it would be if it wasn’t so bug ridden.

  3. Man, for all the nice art and “visual novel style”, the fighting, which is the only way to progress the story in this game, sure is vapid. You get one “Hit’em with a fokin sword” button, one shield button that reduces damage, I guess? And some shitty magic abilities, including such gems like “Hit’em with a fokin sword, but hard!”.
    Dialogues with enemies are also 100% random. You won’t know which option will do what, it’s just shooting into the dark.

    Sorry I’m writing this here, but the authors apparently were too ashamed to fuck up this badly and didn’t even leave any trace of who made the game. “Unique Gameplay inspired by Dungeons & Dragons” my ass.

  4. Man, people are really fucking mean to you Alexis112…

    THANK YOU for all your hard work and constant updates. Always great pictures and description.

    Really, thank you so much for all your sharing <3

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