House Party – Version 0.12.3 – Update

Release: 15 December 2018
Genre: ADV, SLG, 3D, Striptease, Animation, Flash, Simulator, All sex
Censorship: No 
Language: English
Size: 1.5 GB



The House Party game is similar to a lot of the browser-based games where your choices influence your success as you progress in the game, but it plays like a first-person RPG with interactive game models, characters, and physics, like the aforementioned Leisure Suit Larry. My inclination is to take these games in a much more raunchy direction than the LSL series however. The games will be ripe with foul language, nudity, and sex. There isn’t much of a story to play though right now, just a few objectives to complete while I work on the gameplay mechanics. There are multiple story-paths though and different outcomes based on your decisions.


Added Background Chatter System
Small tweaks to Navigation
Improved hair and textures on most characters
Improved “End of Sex” animations and nuances transitioning out
Fixed an issue where dialogue audio would sometimes stop working when you pause the game
Fixed an issue where GameEvent timers would get cut short when saving the game
Auto-Save now saves to memory so it does not interrupt gameplay FPS
Disabled Auto-Save for the time being. Still some issues to work out that we will address next cycle
Save games not save roaming allow and prohibit locations correctly
Added new dialog avatars for all characters
Fixed character lighting artifacts in main menu
Improved menu environmental effects
Fixed an issue that could cause Save Games to appear without a timestamp
Saved games are now sorted in the Load Game interface in descending order
Fixed an issue that could cause Saved Games to not load if they contained a specific set of non-alphanumeric characters
Fixed an issue that could cause the washer and/or dryer to clip into/against the Player when running and enter a new plane of existence
Periodic Event Triggers will now also be logged into the Debug Log, just before their associated child events attempt to execute and log. Repeated, short-delay Periodics will not be logged multiple times in a row in, order to avoid spam
The Debug Log will now show the number of events that an Event Trigger is attempting to execute as part of its log entry
The Debug Log will now more accurately log story event-based NPC Change Locations, and will now also log character movements that are triggered by a ChangeLocation-based “Invite To Hang” (when characters change location they can invite other NPCs they have relationship values with to come with them)
Addressed a few model references that were preventing the ‘bodypart’ console command from adjusting the size of certain male parts
The Player can now use the command console (via the bodypart command) to adjust the general size of the ejaculate particle. Get yer buckets
Talking to Madison in the middle of Like a French Girl now results in the reaction you need, but perhaps not the reaction you deserve
Madison will no longer keep her Shoo Others state should the player decide to side with Derek and not sleep with her
Restored a temporarily available line from Ashley where she will comment on the Player being topless, but added some randomness to it so it wouldn’t be spammed
Fixed an issue that would allow the Player to throw the voice recorder out the window for High and Dry, and then reach Derek to trigger the special Muse “Ending”/failure
Fixed an issue that would make Derek seem happy to see the Player during The Muse, despite the competition going on between Derek and the Player
Fixed an issue that could occur if the Player called Madison out for painting by numbers if Madison’s “art show” was already underway
Addressed another issue that could cause Derek’s warp in during a potential High and Dry failure to not work as intended
Fixed an issue that allowed the Player to push Derek around during the very beginning of High and Dry, even though Derek should be having none of that
Fixed an issue that allowed the Player to escape Frank a bit too easily during a special “ending”/failure of The Muse
Tweaks and presentation improvements to special “ending”/failure of The Muse
Fixed a few additional issues related to the success or failure (and the timings of associated dialogues) of the “stamina test” near the finale of Like a French Girl in order to reduce the chance of some confusing pairings feedback from Madison
Fixed an issue that could cause Ashley to wander around naked and become generally unresponsive to conversation attempts or attempts to give her her clean/dry clothes back, if the Player had failed to lock one of the bathroom doors as part of Humiliate Ashley
Fixed an issue where duplicate thought bubbles could occur during Magnum Opus if the Player re-mounts the Penguin to the Dresser
Fixed an issue that could cause conflicting game messages to appear when the Player tries to use the coffee in the cup with the kettle while the kettle is on the stove
Fixed an issue that could cause Derek’s boxers/underwear to stay on after the end of Sibling Warfare
Resolved another issue that could cause Derek to not be kneeling if the Player saved/loaded the game at a certain moment
Fixed an issue that could cause Ashley to stay in a Running state permanently if the Player had failed to lock one of the bathroom doors during Humiliate Ashley
The Player will no longer be able to trick Stephanie into going to Madison by turning off one of the speakers, if the Player is currently pursuing some of the more involved scenes of The Muse
The Player can no longer give items to Madison at highly inopportune times during a select few key points of The Muse
Added the Event Trigger “MadsEnableSimonSays” for command console use and tweaked a few old story events
Tweaks to a few Shoo Other event timings or add/remove delays for characters that used it in the Original Story
Removed all instances of SetInspectText events to prepare for event deprecation
Fixed additional small issues with value settings should the Player fail Humiliate Ashley by leaving a door unlocked
Fixed an issue in the special ending/failure of The Muse that could cause THE DOOD, THE FISTER, THE GAME ENDING MISTER (hey I tried, are you even reading all these?), to walk away from the Player mid-dialogue, as if re-evaluating every life choice that brought him to the party
Fixed an issue that could prevent Derek from Roaming again after the special ending/failure of The Muse
Fixed an issue with Amy during her intimacy scene that would allow the Player to start multiple rounds of oral at once. Sorry, you only have a limited number phalli…phalluses? Pharoahs?
Player will now automatically undress prior to engaging in maximum intimacy with Amy if they are not already undressed, preventing the need to back out of dialogue with her to see the option. You leave your shoes and wizard hat on out of sheer excitement
Amy will no longer wander around naked after intimacy with the Player at the finale of Chasing Amy; this is to contrast the intimacy reward against her heightened sense of exhibitionism at the end of the Scavenger Hunt opportunity
Player can no longer ask Amy to get dressed, etc. while already in the middle of certain intimacy acts
Fixed some of the issues with Amy’s available responses during/transitions between intimacy states, and the availability of those responses when other characters are nearby
Fixed an issue that could cause Derek to have two nearly identical response options available to the Player that would explain how to get on Ashley’s good side under certain circumstances
The Player can obtain the Penguin item a bit earlier in The Muse…you know, for fun
Added some protections into the Original Story to prevent Vickie from ceasing her pose and getting dressed again if the player saves and loads between her offering her panties and being intimate with her
Slight timing tweaks to the “paint and pose” scene in Like a French Girl to help prevent against niche bugs with the Opportunity failure that is possible here
Sprinkled a few additional emote usages throughout the story
Added a mechanic that allows the player to ask Vickie to go back to the hot tub as long as the Scavenger Hunt finale is not active, and that Vickie is not currently involved in certain parts of the Ashley vs. Madison prank
NPCs will clear the area more reliably before the Player and Madison get their art on in Like a French Girl
Vickie will not be as aggressive when commenting on the Player’s lack of stamina after her first “test” in the hot tub

36 thoughts on “House Party – Version 0.12.3 – Update

  1. It’s pity to download the game and when start to run it, you realize that’s not for your pc!!!
    I got win 7 / 32 bit. Probably it’s for 64 bit.
    Somebody has to write it so everyone knows what to do!!!

    1. Why would you be running 32bit? 64bit will be faster in most instances due to the instruction set and addressing.

      1. He said he’s got win7 32bit. It’s not a choice, he can’t run 64bit programs on a 32bit system.

        The game should have two .exe’s: One says 64bit the other doesn’t, the one that doesn’t is for 32bit and should work for you.

  2. Great game so far, buggy as hell but it’s got kind of a real feel to it. It’s nice to have to work for the sexual content instead of every girl being desperate for it constantly.

    There’s a few mods for it if you look at the forum, some let you pretty much control everyone if you don’t want to play through the quests.

    Can’t wait to see what the finished product is like, thanks for uploading!

  3. Can you post the Walkthrough for 0.5x version. It’s on their patreon. thx for the game btw <3

  4. This is a corrupt version. I get errors on extracting the game. Please re-upload.

  5. while in sex scene(getting scked) .. can i change the view/zoomout or like 3rd side view to see whats going on .. instead of looking at her hair while getting scked ? cuz no enjoying moment there…

  6. Version 0.6.2 has been released for BETA testers.
    Please update if possible.

  7. Any plans for putting it on fboom? I have premium for that so it makes a difference. Thanks of course for bring these to us.

        1. No.
          They had to censor it for steam (and only steam, other versions are not affected), but they offer a patch so the option to remove the censor bar is also avaiable on steam.

  8. 7.6 all the alcohol is locked behind a cabniet you aren’t able to open/touch so it stops many quests, no rachael, no katherine, no oral with stephanie, no vickie vixson, no 420 with ashley…unless i’m missing something but have done all the quests leading to alcohol with frank and nothing when you put the arrow on the items no names making all the stuff inactive/background items plus madisons diary is the same you place the arrow on it and nothing ending ashley’s and madison’s but the rearanging of stuff and new paint look great

  9. After extracting the .rar file I clicked on the HouseParty executable file but an error appears saying:

    “HouseParty has encountered an unknown error and must close. ”

    Can anyone please help me to solve this?


    1. Honestly don’t bother with this version I got it from elsewhere and saving is broken which means you have to do every route perfectly and it’s fucking annoying

      Also the screen tear on it is ridiculous and makes the game look horrible, slightest movement and it breaks in to a pixelly mess

      I’d skip this one or wait for a hotfix, it’s super broken

      Just spent like two hours playing it then I made one poor choice and derailed all the quests I was doing…it’s supposed to autosave but it just doesn’t

    1. if you use commands, warp to vickie then warp derek to you, then warp back to any charcter still in the house

    2. There are some MODS out there which remove male characters, leaving you with only horny gals!

  10. U must make house party like an online game and please answer me ( can i paly house party game with android phone?)

  11. I cannot talk to anybody. I left click on them, the menu pops up, I click on talk, and nothing happens.

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