Heroines Perilous World – The Imposter – Version 0.2

Release date: 24 March 2018 
Genre: renpy, visual novel, big breasts, fantasy, supergirl
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 118 MB


You are a supervillain with mind control powers who is pretending to be a newly arrived superhero in Megatropolis. The story opens with Archbaroness welcoming you to the city and from there you need to put her under your mental control so that you can, of course, fuck her!

Changelog 0.2:

– Typos and misspelled words from V1 fixed.

– Added dissolves to each “scene change” for a smoother visual transition.

– “end” screen added.

– As requested, expanded the intro.

– Added to Archbaroness’ section. Blow job while clothed, can get info on teammates, can make herself cum till she passes out with scenes after that event, interactions with Psychia (and then Lab Rat) through Archbaroness.

Previous Lines of code: about 400 

New lines of code: 1292

Previous unique images in game: 32

New unique images in game: 93


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