Fall:Out – Version 0.1g Beta – Update

Release date: 11 October 2017 
Genre: 2DCG, RPG, Female Protagonist, Animated, Corruption, Lesbians, Masturbation, Monsters, Parody
Censorship: No
Language : English/Russian
Size: 358 MB


This game centers around the adventures of Nathasha in a world devastated by war, where she will face marvellous encounters, interesting stories, artful enemies, fearful dangers, loyal friends and… other different things.​

Changelog 0.1g Beta:

– Full mouse support.

– Actual WinXP support.

– Linux support.

– No WebGL machines support.

– Windows long path fix.

– Other technical improvements.




3 thoughts on “Fall:Out – Version 0.1g Beta – Update

  1. Looks pretty neat, there’s not enough Fallout porn games!

    I’m still sad that A Girl And Her Dog is dead that was shaping up to be awesome, should have marketed the Fallout side more.

    Hopefully the art is good, I dislike it when there’s stupidly oversized dicks in porn games. Hard to find something so ridiculous sexy, a 25 inch dick would likely kill a woman…
    Same with ridiculously big tits.

    This chick looks nice, not ridiculously oversexualized either.

    Just I hope there’s some customization stuff to come later since that’s a big thing in Fallout.

    1. Okay yeah this game is GREAT so far, awesome art, some actual RPG options, some sprite sex stuff and general sexy content.
      A particularly good shower scene…

      I don’t want to say too much about it but put it this way, I’m about to search for their Patreon if they have one.

  2. Cant play the game, i get a message saying that “WebGL is required to play the demo, please update video drivers”… and my drivers are up to date

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