Eros Academy – Version 2.01 – Update

Release date: 2 April 2018
Genre: 3DCG, Erotic Exercise, Exhibitionism, Bondage, Oral Sex, Lesbian, Group Sex, Intercourse
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 859 MB


Eros Academy is a Adult Game planning to cover a very wide variety of kinks/fetishes. The basic idea of the game is that, some years in the future, a new company founds an institution called Eros Academy. This academy offers both a place for people to learn about their sexuality, and a safe haven to practice that sexuality.​

Changelog 2.01:

– 114 new renders

– 10 New Naomi scenes, all for after you ask her to be your girlfriend. New scenes were created with variety in mind. Included is new Dom/Sub, content TF content, Pet Play content, Fluffy content, and probably some regular sex in there too…

-New Mechanic: Ask Naomi to be your girlfriend to unlock (requires 100 relationship points) not only new scenes all over the academy but the next mechanic in this list!

– New Mechanic: Set rules for Naomi. For now there is only one, but it’s a big one that effects both new AND old content, creating minor changes throughout the game. 

– New Mechanic: Challenge Board. Ask Naomi to go to her apartment to get the details! This feature has been added to give me a good place to expand Naomi in the newer, smaller update model. 

– Money: Money has been in the game since pretty much the beginning, but it didn’t do anything. It was always intended that there be ways to both earn and spend it. For the first time it has been activated (don’t worry, at the moment you have a fairly ridiculous amount of starting money). There are currently two ways to earn money (work at the Exhibitionist Bar and Naomi’s Challenge Board), and only one thing that requires it (Naomi’s new scenario). Eventually, the dates will also require money, as will any advanced scenarios. However, I’m holding off on activating the code for those until I get more ways to earn money into the game, several of which are planned to fit into the new update cycle.

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