Daddy’s Goodnight Kiss – Version 0.043 – Update

Release date: 6 January 2017 
Genre: Visual Novel, Erotic Adventure, Corruption, Incest, Family Sex, Dad-Daughter, Sex, Blowjob, Big Boobs, All Sex, Animation
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 274 MB


Daddy’s Goodnight Kiss is a corruption style visual novel where you play as a bad daddy on a quest to corrupt and pervert your demure, innocent daughter. That’s gonna take a while, so there’s also a few other ladies you can taint with your terrible taboo hungers, including your wife and her secretary (and more in future releases). 

It’s early in the process. At current there are two groping scenes (with the daughter) to unlock and three sex scenes with other women.

9 thoughts on “Daddy’s Goodnight Kiss – Version 0.043 – Update

  1. Art updated to digital models. Granted a lil simplistic looking, but a huge improvement over newspaper caricatures.

  2. The models are just terrible. The only character that is attractive is the protagonist’s wife, but her appearance is still ruined by totally bad posing (seriously, when kissing she looks hideous) and bad lighting (looks like a corpse in the bedroom).
    The daughter is creepy looking and her teeth look like a row of tic tacs pounded into her jaws.
    Judging from the comments, I guess I was lucky I didn’t see the original art.

  3. I have a problem with this release, I checked out the douche’s (boss) anti-social media page on day 21 and now that’s the only thing that shows when I click on any other area! It’s freaking maddening after all the time I wasted just to be met with a bug like this. 🙁

    1. Anyone else have this problem, yet?

    I had to start over because the game would not load my old save and now the new save is fucked as well???

    2. What is with these games not being able to use the last game versions save files? 🙁

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