Big Brother – Version – Cracked + Mod – Update

Release date: 2 September 2017 
Genre: Adventure, ADV, RPG, 3DCG, Seduction, Corruption, Big Tits, Incest, Sex, Bath, Oral, Masturbate, Voyeur, Mom-Son, Brother-Sister 
Censorship: No
Language : English, Russian
Size: 1.08 GB



Main character – Max, young guy who is living in poor family with mother and two sisters. However, Alex’s father gifted them a wonderful house! Even with pool! But money shortage problem is not solved yet. Can Max earn some money? Can he seduce all his relatives? Can he reach anything in his life? Only player can help him. 

– Quality rendered graphics (original images 1920×1080)
– It’s a sandbox, so there is not hard guideline. Many ways to achieve different goals.
– Variated dialogues: almost every answer at every stage produces different outcome.
– Interesting story full of family sex, voyeurism, punishments and different family joys of life.
– Support almost all resolutions from 1024×768 up to 4k+


Version Changelog: 

* New Job opportunity continuation: a new movie with Max and his mom.
* Max gets to punish his sisters after dinner privately. To unlock this you need to punish both sisters several times. Private punishments have three variations: Alice, Alice and Kate, Lisa.
* Lisa will learn something about herself which will lead to special lesson with Kira and several new events. Also, you’ll see some hints about possible future of relationship with Lisa.
* And some other things.


Version 0.8 CG Images


Sorry! FORBIDDEN INCEST CONTENT!…_0.8.0.005.rar

368 thoughts on “Big Brother – Version – Cracked + Mod – Update

    1. I need real help in the game I just can not continue can someone please help me?

    1. I did by altering the saved games. I had to write a little tool for it, which does a byte by byte comparison. In this pack, there’s 5 savegames. For ultimate money, stealth, persuade, some extra stats with the sisters. I’m not sure sharing link is allowed, will see soon enough (or just re-upload it yourself Alexis112):
      h t t p s : / / – Remove the spaces

        1. Thanks. I like to mention that the more the savegames has, the further you are in game. It’s only matter of few days but still. I had to catch the differences between 2 savegames. So in one savegame for example, I did not ask mom for money yet. While in the other I did. The first time you can ask your mom for money is first day in the evening. Then as for ultimate stealth, I peeked once on the second day I believe. And persuade skill, I just learned 1 lesson from computer.
          Also this time I hope the files are correct. Last time I shared a link, turned out it only contained a regular savegame. Guess I mixed them up. *hits me with a hammer*
          You can find the file in Quick saves menu btw. Unless you change the name to save0.sav.

          1. can someone upload the cheat again?the file has expired

        2. Please tell me exactly what to do with the Mod Text file in order to get this cheat menu to give me max stats and stuff in the game. And also tell me how to just straight up kick Eric out of the house the earliest I can in game please.

        1. I wrote my own little program in C#. A simple console window, that shows which bytes has changed in 2 saved files of the same size. So it’s not a very advanced program at all. And when the save games aren’t the same size, then the byte to byte comparison no longer works. There are some programs on the net that allows to search changes within 2 files, but those are mostly text files. And the save games aren’t text files. So when you save such file, then data may be lost.

          1. Ok nice work, i try in the game with cheatengine but dont works

        2. Yeah I tried CheatEngine too. I also couldn’t figure it out. So then I went on by writing my own program.

          From what I’ve seen editing the save files, the stored value goes down while the actual number goes up. But there is some weird formula going on with it. Like if you gain 15 dollar, it’s not like the number goes down by 15. It was 41 or 51 if I remember correctly. It didn’t make any sense to me. Also the number seems larger than 4-byte integer, so maybe float, or double. Well I gave up with CheatEngine, as I successfully cheated by changing the save file. But this information may help you or anyone looking to exploit the game some more.

  1. Well they made it impossible to actually stop ur mom from having sex with some other guy, and you can’t build up a relationship with her. At least from what I read off the patreon and trying the game out. It seemed like a good game but with this being the case it just annoys me since I was aiming for the mom. Hopefully, the creator fixes this or I just don’t even want to play this game again.

    1. actually he will fix this in next version but getting mother will be the hardest thing to do since this version you have only one camera to install i believe he rushed a lil bit on introducing Eric but if you want to have more scence after he buy clothes for sisters do this buy the swimsuit + try to find cigaretes + spider which you should look at 10 – 11.
      this is for now next update i believe will be on 2 or 3rd of march

    2. Imo, these will change. The game is only at v0.2. Theres a lot of time for improvements and changes.
      For money you have to buy some website/blog related book for $100, read it to the end, read Alice’s book which is in her wardrobe, than buy a website and promote it. After these you will have enough money for everything.
      From what ive read on pateron you cant have sex yet (only from v3) but whats the most you can do here? Here’s what ive achieved:
      Liza: showed boob while studying
      Alice: massage without pants at 22:00, get to show boob because of spider in her room and while tanning (first get her bra untied) and in the shower, showed boob while somkeing, slapped her ass and groped her boob after somkeing (fully clothed), getting her panties off doesnt really do anything (as she only takes it of while she is wearing pants)
      Mom: nothing really

      Is there anything else you can do in 0.2.1? On the first week (i think) Liza was about to say some secret from Alice but finally she didnt say it to me because it was as random to tell the player as many other things in the game except i could only ask it twice and both failed.

        1. Got it now, she told me the secret but i cant find out how to get the benefit of it. I guessed i have to knock on the bathroom door when Alice comes back from the party on friday but she dont let me in.

      1. I asked the creator and he said in the later versions you cant stop their relationship initially but over time you can get her. Though I preferred that you could stop the relationship happening from the very beginning.

        1. The rushed relationship with Eric don’t really fit how the mother is established in the first few days. It seems like the creator made Eric as the antagonist (which works fine for the game) but rushed the relationship way too much. I mean, the mother doesn’t allow the elder (20 year old or something) daughter to go onto a party and choose her own dresses, the younger (16-17 year old!) daughter doesn’t know anything about sex but on the second date she blows her boss. Even in porn game logic that is weird and comes off as the mother being a giant hypocrite. Maybe keeping the characters consistent would be better. We’ll see how it changes out in the future.

  2. next version 0.3
    It’s time to share some details about 0.3. As you know, this version will bring DRM and you’ll need to enter your e-mail and password to play. You’ll get your generated password via email. If you’ll be our patron in April – you will get 0.3, In May – 0.4, and so on. If you cancel your subscribtion you will keep your ability to play the version you already paid for even after cancellation

    Now let me tell you about some content plans for 0.3:

    Confrontation between Eric and Max will continue. Higher stakes, higher rewards.

    Two new characters: Kira and Olivia

    Olivia will be episodic, but Kira will quickly become Max’s best friend.

    All character’s clothes will become a bit skimpier. Second tier of clothes 🙂

    Punishments will be more revealing.

    Max will be able to achieve next level of relationships with his sisters.

    Many opportunities will get updates. Couple of new ones will be added.

    Max will be able to install webcams in every room, so money problems will go away.

    New items, new gifts.

    Max will be able to help Alice with her blog.

    Mother’s patience system will be removed. Eric’s influence will be added. Game over will be more predictable and you’ll be able to counter it.

    Max will lose his virginity!

    I hope to implement all of this in 0.3 and maybe something else…


    1. I really hope that you all can play the game even if you are not a patreon on his page.

      1. Just upload the version anyway, there may be some way to breach the DRM.

  3. How can i save this game or load the cheat savegames?
    in the game i can click on save, but nothing happend, und load game, autosaves, quick saves are empty…. 🙁

    1. i had the same problem create a folder named save and save it in there

    1. You will see it when the developer will release it, anyway he added pass to the game..I think only patreons will be able to play it, but maybe somehow there are users who will hack it.

  4. Its up and said to be cracked on [—–] however its 2 more hours for me to download and test (i dont have acc on download sites)

    1. I replace the link with another so you can download it again and cheats are activated I also update a link with crack+cheats+stats so if you don’t want to download it again you can overwrite the files in game folder.
      Enjoy and sorry for the inconvenient!

    1. I replace the link with another so you can download it again and cheats are activated I also update a link with crack+cheats+stats so if you don’t want to download it again you can overwrite the files in game folder.
      Enjoy and sorry for the inconvenient!

  5. I did exact same things but its impossible to buy both dress for sisters. Money is coming slower than before. That’s so nonsense

  6. Is the money patch only suppose to give 50? What file do you have to alter to increase that?

      1. Then the patch isn’t working for some reason I have tried both skipping tutorial and not skipping tutorial and both only give 50 starting for me.

        1. I replace the link with another so you can download it again and cheats are activated I also update a link with crack+cheats+stats so if you don’t want to download it again you can overwrite the files in game folder.
          Enjoy and sorry for the inconvenient!

    1. I replace the link with another so you can download it again and cheats are activated I also update a link with crack+cheats+stats so if you don’t want to download it again you can overwrite the files in game folder.
      Enjoy and sorry for the inconvenient!

  7. Use what cheats? If you are referring to somedude’s files the old saves no longer work with this version.

    1. Money and Stats are high now, money you have from start 50000$ I think, Enjoy.

      1. Do we have to download it again or is there just something you have to do? I downloaded it earlier but all I get is 50 starting when skipping tutorial and when not skipping.

  8. Could you help me pls?
    Background is not changing while playing, just staying at main menu…

    1. I don’t know what you did wrong, maybe you click on the login menu, you enter game and wait some seconds and voila the game will work.

  9. thx for up!!!!

    i have a question alice screenshot situation never came up in game

    is there any walkthrough? this game so funny but so senstive and complicated.

    1. Which Alice screenshot? If are referring to the top 2 ones those are done when you find out from the other sister that Alice gets drunk easy then alcoholic chocolates will appear in the online store to buy once you buy them you must give them to her before she goes to the club by knocking on her door once inside the room you give them to her then wait till she comes back club and is in the bathroom. The other screenshot of her on the couch getting massaged you must buy the chocolates again and have high talking ability and high massage skills then before you start the massage offer her a piece of chocolate which will help you in your quest.

      1. oh,thx for your reply!
        i heard drunken alice story from lisa. but alcoholic chocolates never shown up yet.
        and how i get to lisa’s materbation scene?

      2. i found progress of opportunities in game state.
        “mentor”,”schoolmate ” how do i get this scens?
        after 5hours playing, i mastered all skills and her feeling is good.
        but never show up :/

        1. Not sure haven’t played the game yet as I’m still waiting to be able to download the stupid cheats from fboom as I have to wait a hour before I can download the cheats and there is no point playing till I have the cheats.

          I would guess one of them would be from causing her to mess up on her homework when doing the homework yourself for her so that she gets punished much like how you can set up Alice by finding her cigarettes and making her get caught and then punished which will give Max some authority over them when they get punished.

          The other one might be when you help her get the boy that she likes at school by trying to get the boy’s girlfriend to cheat on him with Max.

          1. thanks!!!! i unlocked all cgs for your words. this game so hard to play.

      3. thx again!!! for your advice i just got all alice scenes in game. only lisa scenes remains!!!

      1. To get Her to tell you the secret you need to get your online communication level high enough so that you will be able to convince her to tell you the secret.

  10. over 18 hours and still cant get that bj scenes in bathroom plus some help

    1. 1) You need to learn the secret from the younger sister stating that Alice gets drunk easy next buy the alcoholic chocolates from the store on the internet when she is getting ready to do to the club knock on the door and ask to come in give her the chocolates then wait around till Alice appears in the bathroom. Go knock on door.

  11. One thing I noticed that should be added to the cheat and skill level is a cheat to stop Eric the dickless wonders influence or drop it and keep it at 0%.

  12. guys 1st why my save from v 2 doesnt work at v3 and second why the cheats are working?I am starting with default stats and money…but thanks for make it work at all other aspects. 🙂

    1. Idk mate I played last night to check if cheats work I had 50000$ money try again. Copy the cheat files in game folder and try again.

    2. Probably changed too many things from one build to the next plus changed how somethings are done.

      1. Hey do u know how to progress further into the class mate opportunity. Its says that lisa will take couple of days to make a decision and that it will depend on me progressing through the mentor opportunity which I have maxed out as it says it’s the end of the opportunity. I’ve waited a week and Lisa doesn’t say anything . Help pls ?

    1. Did you download the new cheat file that comes separate it’s found above the group of 4 screenshots?

  13. hmm, it seems the lisa conversation never wants to happen at all. I have full 100 percent persuation and online communication, shes warm towards me and respects me. As for alice, shes flirty with me and respects me, and yet I can never trigger the scene where lisa tells me about alice’s secret. It just never comes up at all, hence i’m completely locked out from progressing with alice more. I have done literally everything else except for alice material as I cannot gain access to it because the conversation never comes up. For someone who successfully managed to get it in their version from that file, how did you do it? Did you have to do a different order of events than from 0.2? as I recall in 0.2 she started to look weird after I gifted her the robe which opened the conversation, here, the lead up is there with her at breakfast saying alice didn’t want to tell her something, but it never progressed to where I got the opportunity to convince her to tell me the secret she discovered. Any help here would be great As at this point, i’m completely lost. If someone has a save file from after they unlocked it that would also be good

    1. You need to get her relationship level to 4 (shift + ctrl + d to see numbers in character menu). Now you get 2 points by presents (the coat and swimsuit). You get 1 by doing her homework about 5 times. There is another point to gain, it’s when you offer her to help her. This is at the beginning of the game. During this conversation, you need to tell her that you will help her but DO NOT want anything in return. That conversation can lead a certain way where you do not get any relationship point, I had this happen to me the first time I played the new version.

      1. I see, that is probably what went wrong, as that should not have been worth a point before. Right now she is locked on lvl 3 it seems, even though i have alice at lvl 5 (flirting), shes at lvl 3 (warm), but both of them respect me. Sigh….problem is the only way to fix that (other than hacking the game) is by restarting from the beginning of the game once again and grinding once again….sigh. And if that doesnt work again, it will be rather annoying. Which option did you do with lisa in terms of the boy she liked? I went the olivia route and when i re-played i made her my girlfriend (and even though the opportunities say there is still more to it, it seems to be done as two weeks have gone by with the status quo). Another thing i don’t like is after you offered to help alice get lingerie, she still gets it from eric. every other week, shes still modelling lingerie for him while we dont have the option to buy it first. I heard there was supposed to be a scene of eric outside her door where you can get mom, but havent run into that in both my playthroughs. Seems there is almost no way of preventing the eric shows now, which is disappointing in a free-choice game. I want to beat the bad guy, not be forced to watch him do whatever, and than have to bring down his whopping 25 percent he just influenced her with (i mean come on, one show, shes influenced by him 25 percent…takes me like 5 foot massages to get that back down to 0 only to see it at 25 again next week when he does it again). must be missing something here, but is there any way to stop that?

        1. Yes, the first time I played the new version, she was also locked at 3. As I didn’t get the point at the beginning of the game. So I started over just to get the secret of her, and use it against Alice.
          As for what did I do with Lisa. I took her all for myself. Meaning I told her that it’s bad to break a relationship between the boy she liked and Olivia. So I didn’t meet Olivia in game. I’m not so interested in that part. Kinda wanted to focus on the characters I knew already.
          As for Alice and lingerie, and Eric’s influence. I didn’t pay too much attention to it. She got lingerie just once or twice, after that you can give Alice money every day, and by giving $100 a day, I stopped it completely. Maybe it’s possible to stop it before, as I said, I haven’t paid attention to what increases or decreases the influence.
          By checking out the script. I can see that hiding the spider in her bedroom, and killing the spider will reduce the influence by 15. Gifting her with the first dress reduces influence by 50. Of course that can be done just once. Yes, I see massage in the evening also reduces influence. The other dress also reduces influence. And then there’s the money option. Giving her 20 dollars will reduce influence by 5. Giving 50 will reduce by 10. 100 by 15. 300 by 25. And 500 by 40.
          As for the moment, where you can catch Erik spying on Alice. This will happen now and then in the night, around 2:00. In my last game, it was on a Thursday that it happened.

          1. @somedude

            With Lisa are you not suppose to do the work for her so that she can fail or win or are you suppose to help her so that she passes? I don’t think I asked for anything from her so she should be good. I started first by doing the work for her wrong so that Max would gain authority over her. I have her at 3 mood awesome (422) authority respect (500). She still hasn’t told me Alice’s secret yet. Alice is at 2 awesome (450) authority (599)
            What other dress are you referring to I have only given her one and haven’t see where I can buy another one? Right now the aunt is coming does that mean that something was messed up with Lisa?

            I have already see Eric the dickless wonder giving Alice lingerie 2 times but have never seen the option to give her money.

            Well with Eric the dickless wonder if you catch him outside Alice’s balcony you can 1) force him to stop turning Max’s family against him and he’ll think about i.t or 2) make enough noise that the brain dead mother comes. I call her brain dead because even though you successfully pass all items needed when telling what he is doing she will side with Eric the dickless wonder even though the fucker is outside on Alice’s balcony naked and jerking off and they will turn it around so that it looks like Max is the one that did wrong. (His influence might affect it not sure.)

            So don’t waste time trying to get the idiot mom to come out it’s a waste of time. I will test and see if getting him to stop turning the family against Max will lower his influence.

            Has anyone altered the new cheat files to remove Eric’s influence? If so could you upload the file? Thanks.

          2. Never mind about the dress I just saw it on the internet and bought it.

          3. Seems I wasn’t far enough for the giving Alice money part so disregard that part too..

          4. @someone
            About Lisa’s homework: You can do both. Make mistakes, so she get punished and your authority over her rises. And you can do her homework, 5 or 7 times is all it takes, this will increase your relationship with her (only once). Resulting in 4 points in relationship with Lisa. And then she will tell you a secret about Alice.

            You can give Lisa 2 things. The night robe, and the swim suit. Both will increase relationship level. The night robe is available from the start. And the swim suit becomes available after Eric tells Lisa that he will buy her a swimsuit (and at the same time he tells Alice that he will buy her a black dress for when she goes out).

            For Alice, you can buy few more things. The black dress that I mentioned earlier. Then after Kira arrived, you can buy a new dress for her, and 2 lingerie if I remember correctly. Last one she’ll be topless.

            As for that moment in the night, where you caught Erik spying on Alice. There’s not much you can do. Telling mom is indeed useless. Taking a photo is somewhat useless. From what I gather in the script, you can blackmail Erik with it, getting some money from him, or if you choose ‘Stop setting my family against me’, you reduce his influence over your entire family. But nothing groundbreaking like progression in the story.

          5. Yeah I already bought both the black dress and lingerie and just gave the lingerie to her.

            They should have the option to say mom Eric has a hardon if he’s not out here on Alice’s balcony jerking off then he must be gay and is getting off looking at me your son instead. Using the stop turning his family against him will probably help with reducing his influence over the mother as she is the only one blinded by his gayness so that eventually you will be able to get rid of his ass.

          6. How can you take a photo? I think I see how you can use that when catching Eric the dickless wonder outside Alice’s balcony. Right now I have stopped talking to the aunt in the pool because she asks if Max’s mom is acting weird or not. You can tell her the truth but she thinks Max is exaggerated maybe you can use the photo and show it to her so that she has proof otherwise if she talks to Eric the dickless wonder she’s going to get hit with his stupid influence.

          7. @somedude

            With Alice and Eric the dickless wonder you actually didn’t stop it. I am doing the same thing I had seen them together 2 times giving her lingerie I have her now as friend I have been giving her 100 everyday since it came up I have given her 2 lingerie sets a black dress. Eric the dickless wonders influence is down to 15% and the fucker is still coming to her room as I just saw them in her room AGAIN giving her a pink outfit and he was looking at her when her top was off and she caught him. When this shit is happening this when you should be able to go get the mom go surprise mother fucker not some rigged ass spot on the roof where he can lie his ass off. Giving money doesn’t seem to affect it at all.

          8. Also every time he is in her room giving her shit is when he will be on her balcony.

          9. Once you see him in Alice’s room on a Wednesday he will be in her room every Wednesday after that. The stupid thing is that you can’t take a photo there but you can take a photo of him on the balcony.

        2. Some nights Eric spies on Alice, just don’t go to sleep at midnight. Stay awake till 2 or 3 am. then you can catch him

  14. Guys anyone know any other scenes to unlock
    I’ve got Lisa’s scenes of her master baiting and not wearing panties
    I’ve got Alice’s scenes from the screenshot above
    Mom I haven’t any new scene for
    And I’ve got the sex scenes with aunt
    Any thing else ?

  15. Hi i played the game with cheat so i couldnt fail spying on mom. Does it have more scene since version 2 ? And more importantly for the masturbation scene with lisa the 3rd time u get the choice to “continues” or “propose her to get in her bed” (or smthing like that) is there a difference if u choose “continues” ? I just cant find how i did get these scene (played again 4time day 20-50 where i give her sex ed book, the mag then the sim card then make her sleep in panties but didnt get the masturbation scene again).

    1. If you say: “You can lie next to me, if you want”
      She will respond with: “Max, you’ve ruined everything. I told you to be quiet … Okay, enough for today. Go to sleep.”.

      If you just ‘Continue’, you’ll think: “My sister is so hot … She’s taking her panties off! I think it’s safe to assume her shyness is dealt with … Is she cumming? I … I’m cuming too….”

      This is taken directly from the dialog text. Both choices lead to the same outcome. You may get to see a new image, not sure about that.

  16. as for the talk with kira, you have to talk with her at the pool a couple of times, after which she will say mom has a secret, but talk to her. talk to mom, she won’t tell you, go back, talk to kira, if your persuation is high enough, she will tell you moms secret as to why guys like eric are affecting her. Hint: its nothing eric is doing.

    I will try that other stuff later. I actually managed to bring eric’s average influence down to 0%, even 0 with the mother, and yet that night conversation still ends with me as the bad guy 😛 its probably something he will work into a future build as a way you can fight him and is unfinished right now, which is why you will always be the bad guy. but probably in the future, it will give you a persuade option to have her join your side (maybe not the first time you catch him, but the next time as proof)

    1. Does that happen before or after the photoshoot with Kira? I don’t think I have seen that yet. Other then when she asks Max if he thinks she is acting strange and her stating that she could get the mom to do things but she wouldn’t say anything else. Right now I have her where I can find a spot to do the photo shoot.

      1. Also how do you get Lisa not to be mad when you tell her to remove something to fight her shyness?

        1. You cant stop her from getting mad. She will get mad the first time every time. Just the normal process. Talk to her a couple of more times, and wait some days and you will be able to progress further

      2. I believe it happened after the photoshoot. In that conversation when she says she can make mom do stuff, you ask what stuff, and go from there. After I believe the second or first photoshoot (really long two playthroughs, don’t remember exactly when it happened), in one of your conversations, a new option will come up to ask about mom again. That will open up the possibilities of what I mentioned above. Also make sure you are always checking on her at night a couple of times in the pool, lounge and bathroom. Before first photo shoot, after, and after second photoshoot are various different scenes that can be unlocked there. Once you get the bj from her in the lounge tho that is the last scene you can unlock with her current possibilities and she will not have any more conversation options at the pool.

        1. Ok thanks for the info I ‘m pretty sure I went the top options when talking to the aunt as that is where the *what stuff,* option is at for the sister internet part I’ll just go back a little ways to where the option first appeared. I have something like 6 different save folders containing 19 saves each per folder so it’ll be easy to go back if I didn’t do something right. I made sure to name some of the save files for easier telling where I was at in the game. I just did the first photo shoot and made the time to do the next one but it’s late and i’ll try it tomorrow. Thanks again

          Also with Eric the dickless wonder his influence will never stay gone even at 0 because once she gets in bed with him or sleeps at his place it starts going back up. I took a picture and then blackmailed him to stop turning the family against Maz which dropped everything to 0 but it’s now back up to 10 or so

          1. Oh i know, every where it goes back up, but I can bring it down rather easily by doing chores for mom (only thing that seems to bring it down). I’ve seen a photo of naked yoga with mom though and have not unlocked that. Is that currently in the game and I just missed it or just a random photo he did?

          2. I think it’s in the game it might be blocked because the mother has one more opportunity but you can’t get it because of the cheats.

            From post below you have to spy on Eric and mom when they are doing it in her bedroom. But you need to get yourself caught and there are some other conditions, which from what I read here, you need to be in good relationship with Eric. As the last opportunity is probably bondage as I have seen screenshots of the mother and Eric the dickless wonder on the bed with and the mother was hand cuffed and had a gag in their mouth. It looks like it’ll open more content with the aunt as well as I have seen a screenshot of her and Max hand cuffed on a bed and her wearing some bondage outfit.

          3. That 2nd photo shoot was awesome and you got to do all kinds of fun stuff. 🙂

  17. I’ve got only 12 out of 13 opportunities; here is the list:
    hidden cams
    special books
    cigarette smoke
    party girl
    favorite aunt.

    can someone tell me how do i get the 13’th one?

    1. From what I see, you will get it when you spy on Eric and mom when they are doing it in her bedroom. But you need to get yourself caught and there are some other conditions, which from what I read here, you need to be in good relationship with Eric. This is the text I am reading:
      Eric: Wait, Ann. Max is a teenager and he’s just curious. You know, the forbidden fruit is the sweetest. I think you shouldn’t punish him for this, okay?
      Mom: Well, all right, Eric. If you think so. But he should leave, I can’t do it in front of him … Attention: New “opportunity” is available!

      1. The last one is probably bondage as I have see screenshots of the mother and Eric the dickless wonder on the bed with and the mother was hand cuffed and had a gag in their mouth. It looks like it’ll open more content with the aunt as well as I have seen a screenshot of her and Max hand cuffed on a bed and her wearing some bondage outfit.

        They will have to make it to where this opportunity actives whenever the game is loaded otherwise you will never see it as the cheats will prevent it from happening.

  18. PLEASE
    How do I save the game? I try to do it with this version ( but it is not saved

      1. For some reason the game did not create the “Save” folder in the video game folder. It occurred to me to try and miraculously in the option of “Load” I appeared the game I had created

  19. What really annoys me about the game is the following: It is was too difficult to get Mom/Sisters. Eric shows up and think’s he owns the house, plus the smug way he sits on the couch and looks like he can do anything he likes. Ahhhhhhhhhh, man i just wan’t to kick his face in…. The Mother is a utter complete hypocrite, it is ok for her to suck dick in the lounge on the sofa with that worm infested piece of shit Eric. And then he makes her come up with a new punishment, to spank her son/ daughters arse with their pants down, and she does it too! I mean come on man FFS. I know that Eric want’s to get his dirty hands on mum and daughters, and he want’s Max out of the way in order to do it. And then there’s the abuse poor Max has to put up with, with that cheeky older Bitch of a sister plus the mother gets on his cause too. There should be an option where he can either knock that thick ignorant bitch of a sister out, and the mother too, or tell them both to fuck off. I mean Max spends a few hundred Dollars on dresses and underwear for the older sister, and yet he gets no thanks for it, then she shakes her slutty ass for Eric cause he buy’s a few things for her. Look it’s perfectly simple: can the player get to fuck the mom yes/no, if so how? No2: Can you fuck either of the two sisters yes/no, if so how? And can i please beat that useless Dickhead Eric to death with a baseball bat?

    1. why soo hype xD ? ..
      im still playing it .. reached fcking the aunt .. BJ big sis .. naked sleepy little sis .. mom nothing yet ,, idk when .. still going on… 😀

  20. hey guys.
    i have all of the opportunities except the schoolmate
    how do i get it

  21. Blog path- Eric and Alicia.
    I think everyone is frustrated about Eric gifting Lingerie.I think its a glitch.
    I may have found the solution.

    Here is what you have to do:
    1.Never click on Alicia’s room on Wed(between 20 pm and 22pm) during Eric visits .(just to be sure)
    2. Once you have spoken to Alicia about trying lingerie for blog publicity , never ever click on Alicia’s room on Wed(btw 20pm and 22pm).[Very important- even if Eric is shown in mom’s room on that day , if you click on Alicia’s Room it automatically triggered. Be careful on Wed’s ].
    3. Don’t bring Lisa sex education (mentor path- if you want Lisa all to yourself and not want to give her to fcking Eric) talk before you buy Lingerie , 2nd dress , Black body(one without top) lingerie and Last book in ‘secret book series’ after aunt Arrival.
    4. Don’t give Alice any money before you get Her relation to flirty.

    some tips:
    Buy 2nd dress and Lingerie as soon as Aunt arrive. Buy ‘Black Body’ lingerie once you have given lingerie to Alicia.Buy last book in Secret Book path.
    Wait one week (dont give any money) , ask how her Blog going , wait a few days and then convince Alicia to go topless for blog. Flirty status achieved.

    Remember dont click on Alicia’s room on Weds between 20pm and 22pm.

      1. no she will not be topless, it might be in future updates where you will be able to stream her shows.[i think so]

        it will continue no mater what you do if you click on Alice room on Wends.[its a bug]

    1. Here is a trick to get Lisa while being friend with Eric.

      1. Caught Eric jerking to Alice on Thursday or Tuesday at 2 a.m .Make a noise and for reward ask him to raise your money or stop turning your family against you.
      2. Caught Eric again, , offend Eric by choosing’ Let everybody see…’. then choose ‘Eric caught me spying on Alice’ and get your reward .

      2. Purchase Camera after aunt arrival(need to have 2 or more conversion with Aunt at pool, she will offer photo-shoot if u get camera.
      3. Caught Eric again, if “try to take a photo” appear take a photo [u need high stealth skill]. If option didn’t appear, offend Eric by choosing’ Let everybody see…’. then choose ‘Eric caught me spying on Alice’ and get your reward .

      4. Once you have Taken Photo , ask Lisa about Sex education. Eric will confront you , Give up Lisa to him.
      5. On Eric’s next visit , while he his in Mom’s room at 20 pm , extra option will be available ” We need to talk ‘- choose I have some conditions and then I want to teach Lisa.

  22. Uhm…. it doesn’t work, i don’t login, but the screen stuck at the background pic

    1. forget it, i was doing it in a 1280×768 windowed and i didn’t saw the menu cause it was blocked by the windows taskbar

  23. I’m sorry to say this, but Max is an unlikable character. He needs to be a little shit to make any progress. I mean, to get a blow job from Alice he has to ruffie her and in order to convince Lisa to bring her friend Olivia over he has to deliberately make mistakes in her homework. Eric is even worse: the only reason why he is upset about Max kissing his sister is because Max’s moves on his sister will make it harder for him to get in there. Does he want Lisa because she’s a virgin? Ew. And how about Aunt Kira? Did she ever ask Max if he was over 18 before she started sucking his dick? I mean, I know it says in the disclaimer that Lisa and Max are over 18 but they really look 16 and 17. I can imagine all those people watching on Max’s website thinking “Is she sucking off an under aged boy? Somebody call the cops!”

    One thing I find odd is how the number of viewers jumped from 100 to 700 when Aunt Kira showed up without Max having to buy advertising again. How did that happen? Did Aunt Kira spot the camera? That would be an interesting twist. For a long time the cameras weren’t making any money and then suddenly they are a source of revenue. So how famous in the porn industry is Aunt Kira? Famous enough that she would avoid making eye contact with Eric? Eric strikes me as the kind of guy who would watch porn. Would he recognize Aunt KIra? That’s another potential twist.

  24. I just get a white screen with dialogue at the bottom when I start a new game. Anybody have any advice to help me please?

  25. You can stay on good terms with Eric. Given him Lisa. Then take a picture of him spying Alice. Go see him in the mother’s room made him blackmail with the photo, ask him to return you Lisa.

  26. it is reqware some code the game?or is free?cuz i think need some patreon sub?if anyone knows respond me pls

  27. Any idea if there will be a update to v0.4 which is released today? Thanks!

        1. I know its released on patreon, I wait for someone to crack it!

          1. Are there any chances of today being downloaded?

        1. Hey alexis! Everything okay? I know its not the right game but is there any update fot game of boners available?

      1. The author put some nasty DRM in the game so it takes more time than usual to remove all of that.

  28. Hello, can you at least please us with some kind of news to the game? Is there no longer a hacked version or even it is not there? And how much is there still to wait?) Thank you in advance

  29. The cheat menu doesn’t work for me…I copy all the files to the game folder but the cheat menu doesn’t shows up in the computer

        1. ok so here is what I did….. first I just copied the two folders…..and did not copy the text file…… as soon as I placed the text file into the main folder ( where the bigbrother.exe file is) then I got the cheat options

  30. Hey,
    I don’t really understand how the cheats work this time. Do I have to change somefiles or do I do something in the game?

    1. Copy the Cheat menu files to game main folder,replace it.
      then use the laptop in the game

      1. I did that….but I see no special options on the laptop….. and when I buy something it takes the 150 I have…… so where do you find the cheat options??

      2. Extracting the Cheat zip file, I have two folders: BigBrother_Data (1) and Data (2).
        I opened (1) and opened the folder withtin, named Managed. Within this folder I found two files:
        Assembly-CSharp.bak and

        I copied these two files into the Managed folder of the game. I also copied the files I found in (2) into the Data folder of the game.

        I loaded my saves from 0.03 but have found no way to make use of any cheats?!

        Please help!

  31. thx!!! i love this game so much!!!! thx,again for your upload!!!!

  32. in the version 4.0, finally do eric fucks three sisters? i wanna see that eric fuck or rape them 😀

  33. Version 4 does not work with me. I can choose between English and Russian, but the game doesn’t start.

  34. Sorry, the problem was not the config.cfg. I had to copy the game to drive c:, doesn’t run on drive d:. …I don’t know why

  35. there is a bug in this version 4.0

    i can’t go further in massege online course.

    for massege course needs for 100 massege point and i got 812 point already.

    but can go through this course.

    there must be a bug in game

    1. No, you just have to keep plaing, till your aunt comes up with a plan to seduce your mother. She then tells you to learn sensual amssage and only then you can buy the online course

      1. thx for your reply. but i can’t know how to provoke that aunt wanna planning seduce mother by max.
        what do i do for that plan???

        1. It starts when Kate (Alice’s lesbian friend) begins to visit. You talk to her. She always has to sneak in or can only come for visits when your mother is not at home. You propose to talk to your mother about it.
          If you ask your mother about homosexual realtionships she shows no tollerance what so ever. So you talk to your aunt afterwards and ask her, whether she can somehow change her mind about gays.
          Thus begins the sensual massage path 😉

  36. Hey guys! I have overwriten the cheat files and yet i start with 150$! Any ideas on what i might be doing wrong?

        1. ok so here is what I did….. first I just copied the two folders…..and did not copy the text file…… as soon as I placed the text file into the main folder ( where the bigbrother.exe file is) then I got the cheat options

  37. The cheat money seems to be bugged…I access the online shop and the amount of money turns to zero

    1. ok so here is what I did….. first I just copied the two folders…..and did not copy the text file…… as soon as I placed the text file into the main folder ( where the bigbrother.exe file is) then I got the cheat options

      1. Exactly what I did but the money cheat still bugged for me 🙁

        1. it spends….. you have to go into cheat menu under max cheat and click add 10000 dollars

  38. So guys to use the cheat you just need to extract the folder and you can activate the cheat with the computer.

    If your lang Russian and you cant change you just need to open the config.cfg with text document and change lang=0 to lang=1 and your game language English.

    If you cant save you just need to create a -> Save <- folder to the main game folder. (where is the exe and ect.) and then you can save the game. 🙂
    Sorry for my bad English!

  39. hello
    has anyone take the “Eric route”? are there many sex scenes as on the route where you are against Eric?

    also pls info about the scenes with Lisa – I’m stuck to the homework scene, where I can persuade her to show me her tits. Are there any more scenes?

    many 10xs

  40. is it possible to find erics wallet or do you have to pay the money?

    1. yes. you can find the wallet. first you must enter ur mom’s room after 22.00, when she is with Erick and they are sleeping. You have the option to search for the wallet. You will be caught. After that talk with aunt and she will tell u about the sleeping pills… this is the path for finding the wallet… and there will be more option after that 🙂

      1. Impossible to mother and eric to be sleeping this schedule, in the bedroom of the mother, she is doing an oral in eric, and in the living room of the house is the sister waiting for a massage. Only the 23 hours that are sleeping, but I’ve done the week 5 times and there is never any wallet or option of anything.

        1. correct.. 23hours. Fist Eric must accuse you for stealing the wallet and after that, the “find wallet” option will be available!

  41. has anyone try to open the picture from the “Images” folder?

    1. YES please someone tell .. how to extract/view the .img format .. i surfed the net for this but fail to solve it…

    2. I have decrypted the .img file. But I don’t know if admin allows it or not.
      Sorry for bad English.

  42. so if i don’t manage to buy the dress before the other guy, i can’t give it to her after that?

  43. It seems like i have a money bugged. Whenever i access the online shop from the computer, it instantly turns into “0”, even after i added the money again using the cheats that has given with it. Not only that but the max “skill” is also kinda bugged too, especially the dex (peek), social skill and the massage skill. Now in details, after i added the max skill for dex (peek), it still shown me 90%. Not only that but the social skill turns into 90% for persuade too and instantly gone from the cheat menu after it has been click on, same goes with the massage skill. In conclusion, am i do something wrong here or does my files are corrupted? Anyone got a solution, please let me know! Overall, it’s a great game and fascinating point of views from each story. Looking forward to every update of this game 🙂

  44. To get rid of the money bug while using the cheat, try to obtain a bit of money in a “legal way” (without the cheat – like with the cameras for exemple or by doing tasks) and then your money won’t drop to 0 anymore while in the online shop.

    1. how bout the max “skill” bugged then? should i obtain in a legal way too? cause i want to have persuade and peeking skill to max

  45. Someone knows how active or unlocking Olivia ??? needs her to continue with Lisa, because since earlier versions Lisa is stopped, she does not go out of her way to go to school, what the hell. Crazy game, Eric eats everyone to get drunk to Max, and Max lives begging and the maximum he earns is a pacifier. This sucks to play this.

    1. in this version you can’t do anything else with Olivia. You don’t need her to continue with Lisa!

      1. Some hint of what to do with it, because I can not see anything to do, and nothing I do seems to go somewhere, always the same thing into nothing. Although kira is another eric fucks her, but with me there is not even talk.

  46. Does anyone know how to maxed out the persuade and peeking skill? The cheats seems to be bugged. it only shows 90% only. Also how to get the sensual massage? i’ve done anything on the social and massage course. oh and i still getting the money bugged from online show even if i earn it in legal way. Any suggestion?

    1. for the sensual massage : you must first talk with ur aunt you must talk with Katie and tell her that you will help in persuade ur mother to accept Katie & Alice relation. After that ask Kira for help and her will lead you to a plan to convince your mother which will make the sensual massage course available.

  47. I have a problem….
    Everytime I caught the aunt having sex with Eric or caught Eric jerking off to the sister, I got send to the military camp immediately and going back to the past just makes a loop….
    And spotting the aunt having sex is supposed to be a part of the story…

    1. go back further and try working on reducing Eric’s influence or give him 500$ when he is alone in mom’s bedroom.

        1. Eric and Kira appears in the hall @ 2 a.m on Wed, if Max is awake at this moment and ignores them – Eric’s influence on Kira starts increasing by 25 each Wednesday. If Max goes to check , Sacrifice opportunity is started.

          best way to play is Wallet and Sacrifice,
          1.Wallet opportunity: Eric accuses you of being thief if Max is in war with Eric. Wallet opp. activated. Talk to Kira about accusation. Get caught while stealing Eric’s wallet at night. Talk to Kira and get pills and alcohol.
          2. Visit Eric- offer alcohol and steal his Wallet @ night.
          Do not tell him about Wallet in his subsequent visits until you reach Decision Stage(see below). Offer $500 dollars to Eric to get extra week to return his money (one extra week is sufficient or just offer $500 as many times as Max wants , if Max have lot of money ) .

          3. Sacrifice opportunity:Visit hall on wed at 2 am. and see what is Eric doing with Kira–> Triggers sacrifice opportunity.[ Do not activate this unless Wallet opportunity is activated. If Max just goes to sleep on Wed before 2am it wont trigger.]
          4. Talk to Eric about Eric+Kira incident during his next visit. then go and talk to Kira.

          Visit Eric (in mom’s room) n talk about Kira. He offers Kira in return of Alice.
          A. choose Is there any option?
          -I will think about it [ If Max does not want to sacrifice Alice] . Continue to step B.
          – Give Alice [if Max wants to sacrifice Alice] n take back Kira. Proceed to step B.
          B. Now talk about money. Say you have his wallet , now two Endings available.

          – Give him his Wallet and take back sisters and Aunt. [ if Max didn’t give up Alice in step A].
          -Make a deal or keep wallet or give him his money [ If Max has given up Alice to Eric or Let him fuck Kira by not sacrificing Alice].

          *Getting back Kira and sisters is the best option. Coz, Eric stops giving ling. to Alice and stop fcking Max’s aunt. Max only have to worried about his influence on mom. Eric wont have any influence on sisters and aunt after this.The best part is, if Max decided, he wont let Eric fuck his mom again with the help of Kira and sisters.

          For reducing his influence you can do this :
          Asking mom for money. I can do some work in order to not just beg for money…
          -Maybe I can clean the pool?
          -Well, I can order products
          -Maybe you need some cosmetics?
          (asking and completing have own reduction (i think is 5%))
          -Completing any money tasks.
          -Ordering food.
          -Cleaning pool.
          -Taking a photo of Eric jerking off and trying to blackmail him.
          I have a demand! -> Stop setting my family against me! (all family)
          -Doing yoga with her (only possible you pushed Lisa away from Alex.)
          -Giving money to mom (private punishment, unlocked by doing a certain amount of money quests –not sure yet–) (more money more reduction)
          -All options lead to Eric’s influence even Oh, sorry, I just remembered something … Another time (might not be intended, seems weird)
          Thinks that boost his influence are :
          -Asking mom for money. I am ashamed, but I really needed money…
          -Asking for money when not possible (yoga, pool, watching tv, …)
          -and make love with mom

          -Taking a photo of Eric jerking off and trying to blackmail him or success on persuasion.
          I have a demand! -> Stop setting my family against me! (all family)
          -Spider (night) – release or kill-
          – Watch TV
          -Giving her money : Why so gloomy, Alice? influence bonus increase with money.
          note: Eric’s influence increase by 25% on wednesday 20:00 (Eric in her room if you did blog opportunity)

          -Taking a photo of Eric jerking off and trying to blackmail him or success on persuasion.
          I have a demand! -> Stop setting my family against me! (all family)
          -Helping with homework (any options, even mistakes)
          Boost hi influence
          -Send her on mom & Eric watching TV
          -You’re letting Eric & mom do Lisa sex ed (when she’s in mom’s room, can’t spy)

          I hope i help. And sorry on bed ENG it’s not may main lang.

          1. Wow thanks man… I eventually chose to sacrifice Alice
            Another question..
            Is there any progression for the mom massage to frontal massage? I seem can only max out at ass massage b4 getting kicked out..

  48. Hi guys, I was tired to read posts above so I’m gonna direct: I’m stuck in level 3 with Lisa’s relationship. I couldn’t buy her swimsuit but at least could teach her about sex. She masturbated in front of me (Max indeed) at night, but it hadn’t forwarded any further. Would you guys any advice to increase Lisa’s relationship level? Thanks in advance.

    1. The swimsuit option should actually arise before the masturbation scene. You must have missed something at the beginning.
      You also get relationship points for helping her with her homework and doing them yourself.
      I don’t know what else you could do, but I am sure you missed out on the swimsuit thing

      1. yes. swimsuit is need to be given before Eric do it. I really don’t know what is relationship level 3 is but for friend you need to do next :

        1: After Lisa’s first spanking (or when you avoided her a spanking if you helped), during the conversation starting with As for educational achievement … offer to help for nothing in return. ( you can do with demands)
        2: Give swimsuit before Eric.
        3: Offer bathrobe
        4: Help her at least 6 times with homework Let me do it by myself! (without errors)
        help with demands i think don’t give reoutation.

        After that you need “Mentor” opportunity and “Schoolmate” opportunity.
        For “Schoolmate” opportunity don’t know is any of tree route faster then other.

      2. Hi, yes as I said I couldn’t buy swimsuit to Lisa (Eric did), I couldn’t afford. But I couldn’t buy the dress to Alice neither, and my relationship with her is better than Lisa’s. That’s what I’m talking about…

  49. how to replace text file “Dia.txt” in root folder same location as game executable can anyone help me ?

  50. I played this game many hours and unlocked all routes but never seen Olivia in the game, what i have to do?

  51. Dood the cheat r fucked.
    when i open onlineshop the all money becomes 0…..

    plz help me gyz

  52. Hello, how can you have all the opportunities and have it on the olivia in the game?

  53. She will move on to her mother’s massage or it will be after the next update, just like the eric pills I gave him more days in a row and nothing happens

  54. I Stuck at a part of game…

    my realation with eric is bad..

    and i m giving seed to kate..

    help me i think i m stuck//

  55. Maybe someone can help me out. For some reason the mother isn’t doing the exercises so I can’t do the Lisa path at all.

  56. good sir please reupload the cheats whe i try to extract it errors popup

  57. I just copied the two folders into main folder, but when i play, still dont see cheat menu in laptop, help me, please!

    1. Copy all the file don’t forget to paste cheat txt it is the main file…

  58. Thanks for the response I actually figured it out after posting. But now unless I’m missing something I’m not getting to talk to Lisa anymore about exercising after doing it with mom. I’m I right into thinking that part will be in the next release?

  59. I have one unfinished opportunity with Alice “Party girl”. Does anyone know how to deal with this? Thank you !!!

  60. I need walkthrough for this game and the cheats aren’t working!! Help

    1. PLZ if any one have walkthrough
      plz give us…

      Or the master player who finished the game plz help us and give us walkthrough or make a walkthrough for us…

      plz brothers

      1. [no download links allowed]

        i found this walkthrought but it seems wired……

        not all suggestions but most main thing and how to do told here so cheak this out.

  61. Someone try to see the images that are in the folder, its is IMG format, is there any program to view them?

    1. DTLite501-0406 serch this on google it is Best for .img file.

      1. i tried but says .img file currpted or something… u sure u “opened” it with this? is there another way?

  62. in mentor opportunity it says i need to do classmate opportunity to continue but i dont have that one. Is it just a glitch and it means to say schoolmate opportunity? or am i just bad and missing this opportunity?

  63. Hi. Does any one have the full saved game with all 17 opportunities? Because I have my save but I miss 1 and I do not want to play it all back, could someone spend my saved game with all the opportunities? Regards…

    1. Go and get it then, sorry for delay I was tired and slept a little.

  64. Bro i want walkthrought to get rid of erick alexis112 helppppppppp

  65. Images file for Big Brother [removed link] I will post the images later, please ask me before you share a link.

        1. pls Alexis, don’t forget to post the images 🙂
          many 10xs for ur work

          1. Man but I post them you have a download link there.

  66. LOL How am I supposed to ask Lisa to jerk me for practice after the first lesson with aunt…. No option to do so even I help her with her homework every night = =

    1. there should be and option when u help her with her homework:
      > Do you want some help with your homework?
      > Let’s take a look
      > I’ll do everything perfectly if you’ll do something for me….
      > You have to give me a Hand.
      > Dont u remenber our quid-pro-quo deal?
      > Yeah its a great Idea!
      > Deal
      > Do Homework
      > Of Course
      > Finish.

      1. Is that also possible if I chose to helpher getting a boyfriend?

        1. If you help her befriend Oliva and help her get with Alex, you cannot.

    1. Depends on your approach, just a reminder that u can declare war to Eric any time.

  67. A previous save file from the finish version 4.0 link please? I lost my save… 🙁

    1. The mod is the text file. Put the file in the game directory. The mod menu is accessed through the laptop.

  68. Hey,
    I’ve seen pictures where your aunt is with you and your younger sister. They give blowjobs and eventually even fuck I think. Which decisions do I have to make, to get to these scenes?
    Also, is it possible todo yoga and have sex with the mother?


    1. For any sex with the younger sister, Im pretty sure you have to tell her to forget about he love interest in school.
      This is very early in the game so if you chose to help her there, you need to start over. you cannot have both the younger sister and the girl from her school.

    2. what tom said is true u need to make Lisa to forget about the boy on school, so olivia Route shut down. but u can make Lisa ur girlfriend at the beginning shill not accept it but eventually she’ll accept with some conditions, after that it will come the part to make Lisa know about Sex Education, u start with the kissing part, so u have to make you aunt Kira to teach u how to kiss, then Lisa wants to know more about sex so eventually u will buy her a magazine and a book through the online shop after that u will try to go further but she is too shy to move on, so max will come with the idea to get a Sex Teacher (Aunt Kira).

  69. I’m not really good in computer, wich file is the “game directory” where we have to put “the mod” to get access to the cheats?

      1. I did that, but all it gave me was access to the laptop in every room, which is not how the cheat should work

  70. anyone know how to extract/view the .img? tried some but fail with currupt msg show…

    1. I have the decrypter tool, but I do not know if the admin (Alexis) allows it or not.

  71. I an unable to play big brother 0.5
    It shows game is crahsed …..
    Halp me how to install

  72. what should i do to make Alex “leave this house forever”?
    i really don’t want that ass in my game. (max is an ass as well, having two is too much)

    and what is the difference between “leave this house forever”and “leave my family alone”?

    I asked him both, but he refused.

    1. ops, i mean Eric. I don’t know I always call him alex…
      so how do i kick Eric out?

  73. In the “Mentor” quest . Lisa gives the first blowjob after I get punished for her , what now? I keep taking blame but nothing is happening , is this a bug?

  74. I’m stuck in the “Mentor” quest too…I keep taking blame several times but nothing new happens.
    It’s the end of the quest in this version or a bug?

  75. “The game now has two ways to get rid of Eric.”
    HOW? i want to kick this shit out, what should I do to make it happen?

  76. Alexis, do you mind if I share a link about images updates for version 0.6 ?
    Or will you reupload it to fboom ?

  77. Hi

    I can’t reach the end of cunning plan……. I stop in the part tha mother do the handjob…. and can’t go further.

    Not the Yoga class and the scene in the shower

  78. I might be dumb but I am stuck where you choose the language between russian and english, what am I supposed to do ?

  79. can’t save a game i tried to disable the read only but nothing

  80. yoo can i get help identifying some of the girls (mostly which games they’re in) from the gallery on the right side?? here are the ones i know
    > Dating my Daughter
    > My Little Princess
    > ?
    > ?
    > Zoe’s Temptations
    > Abyss
    > Big Brother
    > Innocent Witches (I think,,,? or maybe Witch Trainer)
    > ?
    > ?
    > ?
    > Princess Trainer

    1. I complete your missing
      -Perv Adventures
      -My Darling Sister [or some art from that game author]
      -Innocent WItches you are right
      -the 3 ones could be from Something Unlimited but are surely some DC heroes or something like that.. I liked the art and put them there
      -The last one its from Jinniys Adventures not from Princess Trainer but JA artist copies Akabur’s Princess trainer so you can be right.

      1. What’s the name of the game with the girl on top of the site with the teddybear?

  81. Hi everybody in the fan-community!
    Hi Alexis 112 !
    As money govern the world, I prefere to play the cheated version (tu support mom with enough money, lol) but I cannot get the cheats. I downloaded Big_Brother- (as above), I got also the .txt form, but I do not succeed to install it.
    In the game itself as downloaded initialy there are several folders :
    -B (Big Brother) to play

    In which of them do I have to put the Cheats ( in .txt form after extracting)?
    I have tried all possibilities, but no results: on the laptop I have the standard possibilities and only 150 dollars.
    Can somebody tell me very detailed what do I have to do? I am a dumb, so I need a step-by-step explanation.

    Or maybe there is an already cheated version to download ( as I found for the previous version).
    Many thanks in advance for your friendly suggestions and support.

    1. Just replace the Mod.txt file with the one present in your game root directory
      just put the mod file in the folder where “BigBrother.exe” is.

      1. Thanks brother! I knew that I count on you and that’s why I am gratefull to you.
        I downloaded the game again and followed the instructions. It worked !
        Now I can enjoy the game.
        I whish you all the best!

  82. Hello every one. I have a problem downloading the game, the folder “images” had a problem and I can’t see the new scenes of the 0.6. Could someone be so nice and give me a link to download just the “images” folder please?

  83. Just wondering if there is a good walkthrough for this version of the game available. Google didn’t give me much luck and I’m kinda lost as some actions like doing the dishes seem completely pointless along with giving Alice money.

  84. I can’t buy weed for Kate when she need it to make the evening with Alice

  85. it says i need to have 100 to do sensual massage and aunt kira said you have to learn the first massages so she will teach you but i already learnt it and nothing is happening

    1. Sadly ist stilling missing Lisa and her Nudist Friend from School.

      PS: Is there a way to view your stats? (Control over Lisa, Massage Skill, …)?

  86. 1 week with the wallet gone have passed by and he wanted 9k…. what? i had just 8k 😀

  87. Having a real problem with getting the cheat to work on the laptop, Have the current game file. Ive downloaded the 2 mods files linked above, extracted the cheats only rar into the folder where the exe file is.
    Yet whenever i start the game and use the laptop, no options to use the cheats.

    What am i doing wrong, can anyone help please?

  88. Hi everyone I have a issue with the game I can’t seem to save any game i have played and can’t find the save files (if the saved in the fist place). Anyone know how to fix this? any help would be appreciated.

  89. Is the only way to get rid of eric through cheats or you can do it naturally through stoy progression?

    1. You can make him leave through the story. It involves finding “his” ID and then going from there. Basically a little bit of your aunt and a hacker. I would have to look up a walkthrough or something to remember in more detail, but it is certainly doable.

      He has been gone a long time in my game. Never liked him, but then again I generally hate douche bags like that in my games.

  90. When taking a look at all the images of the game, there is one scene where it looks like the PC is fucking Lisa in the kitchen from behind. Is that scene part of the Lisa and PC lovers route? How do I get there?

  91. Does anyone know if the mom porn job is the only path if you remove eric now? Like are there only two options now, share with eric, or mom goes into porn?

    1. Yeah,it’s the only way if you want to get rid of eric,but the producer also said mom won’t have to sleep with other men,so don’t worry.And could you tell me how to share mom with eric?I don’t know how to continue now

      1. I don’t know, i have not played it since version 3. Just keeping tabs on it for the future 😉
        TThanks for letting me know though!

  92. I can’t seem to open the rar file, says it wont open as an archive. I can’t seem to find a workaround to extracting the files.

    1. After doing a complete overhaul looking for the problem it was all on my end. Please disregard this comment above.

      If any have the same problem, try updating your extracting program.

      Please have at least one laugh, on me. But not two damn it!

  93. Did anyone know how to continue the Blog opportunity?I’m stuck in here,only have three options to make Alice take off her clothes

      1. Already got it,when you visit Alice site,first choose the third option(make Alice naked),then choose go on,until got an option”I don’t have time”,then you can get in Alice’s room and continue

  94. Guys this game is really boring and difficult…really the author do not understand how boring it is a so slow build up? i haven’t tried the mod yet but i think without the game is really unplayable…you can do few actions and you have to do them tons of times to just get a bit of money and you need lots of money to do things ….

  95. I cannot unblock everything even with cheats I do not understand aftr years of doing almost nothing i got candies but then i stopped really this game i s boring if you wanna do a game with this slow build up you should introduce a lot of things to do to keep it funny and enjoyable…but doing same action repeatdly it’s no fun at all…

  96. How can I get the scene of Eric’s groping Alice’s tits while massaging at Wednesday 8 p.m? I got 100% Eric’s influence on Alice but the scene is just massaging her back.
    Has anyone got a walkthrough of version 0.7 ?

      1. cool. coz plaing it over and over again is so booooring. gameplay is too repetative, but CG’s are good

  97. “Lisa will learn something about herself which will lead to special lesson with Kira and several new events. Also, you’ll see some hints about possible future of relationship with Lisa.”

    I got everything but this, anyone knows what it is/how to get it?

    1. “Kira will help Lisa with sorting out her feelings about new punishments. New lesson, new events and dialogs.”
      Its from the Progress report (0.8) on the Dark Silver Patreon , not sure its that yes because i’m still progressing but i think you have to punish Lisa in private a few times to triger it.

    1. you cant, its “Alice and Kate” click punish later and enter alice room wean both girls r inside

  98. Is the mod still working for anybody on the newest version? I copied the txt file into the folder with the .exe and the cheats aren’t showing up on the computer.

    1. I seem to have the same problem. Can’t seem to get the cheat option to pop up in the laptop. Tried many diffrent versions and tried multiple times

  99. The crack doesn’t work and also it seems you can’t get to punish the sisters for some reason

  100. Hi
    I downloaded game from [==Link censored==] but after installation when game starts, all icon and options are there but there is no picture or animation. even no words are visible just white screen with all icon showing places and options at the top of screen. i had downloaded mod but dont know what to do..plz help

  101. I’d like to know what I’m doing wrong please. I’ve download mod. Have tried use – extracting them to the game directory of version 0.5.1 and neither of them appear to give me anything in the ingame laptop.

    Not sure why it isn’t working for me. any body here to help me…………

  102. Just a quick question because I am dying due to this but, anyone know how to save cause no matter what I do nothing seems to work so would very much appreciate it if somebody has any idea how to save.

    1. Hi Not sure if it is too late to ask but the money mod thing is also not working for me on account of I don’t know where to put it being a computer dumb dumb.(or idiot, whichever people like.)

      1. I’ve tried renaming it and it also still doesn’t work so can anybody help me please?

  103. How to change language? There is option English and Russian Iguess but the English option cant be clicked.

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