The Academy : Part 4

Release date: 22 April 2017
Genre: ADV, SLG, 3DCG, Classic Sex, Oral sex, HTML, Flash, Date-Sim
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 887 MB


The New Characters:

So first up is Governor Ramsey; He is there to oversee an inspection of the Goodhead Academy. You don’t know much about his background, characteristics or his motivations. You also don’t know where his allegiances lie. But maybe you will find out. Accompanying Governor Ramsey is Miss Goodhead. She is the daughter of Mr Goodhead, the founder of the institution that bears his name. Just like Governor Ramsey, Miss Goodhead is difficult to read. Will she be an ally or will she be a foe?

Of course after part three, you need to decide whether or not you will help Bridgette and Didi in their attempt to challenge to Principal Valentine’s authority. Along with all this their will be plenty of opportunity to get to know a few more of the girls there too. More on that next time.

In terms of the production schedule, I’m currently at just over 1350 images. I’ve completed 17 of about 25 scenes so I guess I’ve got about another 500-650 images to create in order to complete this one.

6 thoughts on “The Academy : Part 4

    1. Honestly i suggest you to play through the whole thing with same code so you get a whole story 🙂 I personally think is funnier to play it that way. But i don’t know any code sorry xD

  1. Having problem with trying to catch Principal in the storage room. And my clock shows wrong time. Not to mention that after Diddy tells me about 2:30 meeting its 2:30 immediately. Pls help

  2. Hey Alexis – can I suggest you start tagging full/complete games (such as this one), so they can be found among all the demos and in progress games?

  3. Any chance you can upload the walkthroughs for these games as well? They are particularly useful for The Academy series.

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