EdenSin Games – Valkyrie Chronicle – Version 0.67

Release Date : July 2016
Genre: interactive simulator, adv, sexy girls, big tits, all sex, blowjob, romance
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 108 MB


Your father the Duke of Mistral is dead. Now it is your turn, to build up your village and the castle. Decades of war have shattered the country. Many different factions fighting for the power of the kingdom. The prophecy speaks of a sprout that brings even the gods to fall. Maybe it is you?!

Version 0.67:

Gameplay Tip:
First of all, you should build up your village and all the stores and shops.
It does not matter how long that takes, there is no time limit and actual no Bad Events
After that you should rise you Fighting Stats in the castle (Training).
You can not die, but the battle is not to easy.

Current Status:
Game Version 0.67

– Base game is implemented and works
– some chars implementet, but actual with no story
– Battle System integrated and works
– Sex Scene System implemented and works
– 2 Battle (Tutorial and after the Bridge)
– Lady Courtney in Istral has a short Story and a sex scene
– After the Alchemist has build, there a short Tutorial abour potions
– a short Story round about the bridge


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